January 27, 2013

Late January 20th Challenge Results

So I'm seven days late with posting the results...

but I did it.

over 100,000 words.

Though the final product is probably not going to have that many words. Chapters and characters and a lot of stuff are going to get cut. Other characters need a little more development. Fight scenes need redoing or complete nixing... it's a very rough draft.

But it's done.

I've been taking a break with the writing thing, but I'm a get back on it, likely in April, where Camp NaNoWriMo will challenge me to write 50,000 words in the month of April. By then, the plans should be laid for the next book.

In fact, I'm working on those plans sometime in the next three days.

Of course, I have other goals in mind as well... poetry book, among other things...

I can't be distracted... at least not for too long.

Well, that is all. Just wanted to post an update regarding the January 20th Challenge. It was a great success. :D

January 6, 2013

The January 20th Challenge

As of this moment, I have *something along the lines of* 20 chapters left to write for the first Marko Man book. Today is January 6th. Regardless, I want to be done with this book by January 20th. Why?

Because of the Challenge.

I didn't really get much writing done in December due to the chaos that month brought me, so now, I'm looking to more than make it up. I actually have some form of a writing schedule that I want to follow as closely as possible for the year, but that's another story in itself that I'll get into at a later date.

But as for right now? This day? This moment?

It's all about the Challenge. The January 20th Challenge.