July 31, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 9

Project, Jack, Ace, and all of the motorcyclists, bandits, and red bombers bowed down before their King and Queen. Meanwhile, Team Ultimate stayed on their feet, bowing to no one.

"Fools!" King said. "Why do you not bow before your King?"

"Because we don't have a king," Marko spoke.

"Disrespectful fools..."

"You haven't earned a lick of respect."

King looked at Team Ultimate with disgust, truly upset that they did not bow before him.

"It is clear that you do not know my power," King said. "If you did, you would kneel, and you would show respect, and for your heinous actions, you would beg for mercy."

"You sent a million mother fuckers to try and kill me... kill us, and they couldn't do it. And now you think we're supposed to fear and respect your 'power?' Please."

"Ahhh, I get it... you don't truly understand the full extend of my power. You don't even understand why 'a million mother fuckers' were sent to kill you. You probably don't even know why I was setting off explosions... you know nothing. And your ignorance will be your downfall."

"Oh really? Well save me, ol' great King! Save me from ignorance! Enlighten me! Please!"

Marko's sarcasm did not amuse King.

"Since it's way too late for you to do anything about anything and I'm going to kill you all anyway, I might as well tell you what's going on... you see... the explosions have two purposes... killing people to obtain their souls, and putting those who survive in panic. And what do I do with those souls? I control them. I manipulate them. I put them in whatever vessel I want for my own use. Some souls are stronger than others, hench is the case with Jack and Ace. And Project is a special case... a vessel that can hold more than one soul, and therefore strengthened with every added soul. Right now, he's at eight souls."

The story that King told Team Ultimate blew their minds.

"So that's why they called me in... but I had no idea..."

"Of course you had no idea!" King continued. "You weren't supposed to have an idea. You were supposed to die, simple as that. But apparently I have underestimated you. Your soul is not only stronger than I originally thought, but it is very resourceful... resourceful enough that you managed to bring four more souls for my consumption!"

"Wait a second," Convict said, stepping up, "you ain't consuming anymore souls busta."

"Still, you have no idea..."

King held his staff up into the air, and the top end of it revealed a white jewel that immediately started to glow.

"Queen, Jack, Ace, Project, and all of my subjects! Lend me your souls to crush these pathetic peasants and their souls to my collection!"

A white aura was generated from Queen, Jack, Ace, and Project. It seemed to seep out of them and into the white jewel, and then they fell lifelessly to the floor. White auras were also generated from all the motorcyclists, the bandits, and the red bombers from near and far, and they were all seeping out of them and finding their way into the King's staff. They were all falling to the floor as well. With each absorbed soul, King was growing more powerful, and Team Ultimate could tell.

"Ummm... perhaps we should try and stop this," RPJ suggested.

"Doesn't matter," Cyron said, "the soul absorption would continue until it is complete."

"Then perhaps we can still hurt him before he's finished," Convict said, charging at King. He jumped and punched King in the face, and it knocked him down, but he still had the staff in his hand, and it was still absorbing souls. He quickly got up with an evil grin on his face, and Convict once again charged at him. This time, King swung the staff at him and sent him to the ground, all the while still absorbing souls.

"You can't stop me, peons!" King said. "Kneel before your master and maybe I will show you mercy!"

"Fuck outta here," Marko said. "Bazooka Blast!"

Marko fired the attack at King, and he knocked it into the ground with a downward swing of his staff.

"You're powerless against me...ahhhh... almost complete!"

Convict got up, and he was ready to attack again, but King flashed. After the flash, he was even bigger, and his staff and his crown was different.

"On your knees, dog."

King swung the staff and sent Convict flying before he landed on his back. The rest of the team looked Convict, then at King. Marko also took time to notice all of the King's subjects that were lying down on the ground with no life in them.

"You coward..."

Marko stepped forward slowly.

"It's one thing to have a team, but you killed innocent lives for your own personal greed? And to what? To rule what?"

"To have complete and utter control of all souls!"

King fired a blast at Marko, but he jumped up to dodge it.

"Well, you're not getting my soul!"

Marko landed and ran towards King.

"And if I can do something about it, I'll let all of these people get their souls back! Mega Kick!"

Marko went for the Mega Kick, but King swung his staff and knocked him down to the ground.

"Bow down, or die!"

Marko was getting up, but RPJ and Cyron decided to get in some action, with RPJ running at King ready to attack while Cyron provided cover with a Bullet Cannon volley. RPJ jumped off of Marko's back, getting extra height than King expected him to get, and he took a drop kick to his face. This led to King getting hit with blasts from Cyron. As the shots were hitting him and kept King off balance, Keisha stepped up herself and had her hair wrap King's leg up. Convict was up by now, and he charged King, wrapping himself around the back of his neck to choke him out. Marko got up, and he started to charge up a Bazooka Blast.

"I'm sorry," King said, "but is this supposed to defeat me?"

King fired a blast at Marko before he could finish charging up his attack. He launched the Bazooka Blast early, but it lost easily to King's blast and hit him, hurting him and leaving on the ground. He then swung the staff to hit Convict off his back, then used the staff to pluck at Keisha's hair, which knocked her in the air then back to the ground. He spun around to ravel the hair around his legs and bring Keisha closer. Cyron saw this, so he charged in to try and save her, but Cyron took a blast from King's staff, knocking him out of the air and on the ground. Keisha decided to release her hair's grip, but by that point, she was too close and King smashed her to the ground with the staff.

RPJ decided to pull out his RPBat to content directly with King's staff. He ran at King, ready for any kind of attack from him. King fired a blast at him, and RPJ swung his bat to knock the blast back to King, but the blast exploded on contact, knocking him to the ground.

Marko and Convict got up around the same time, and Convict decided to charge in, albeit a bit more slowly this time so that he could see an attack coming. Marko ran behind him a bit before Blaze Dashing into King, but the attack wasn't very effective. King retaliated by swinging the staff at Marko, but he managed to duck under the swing, and this gave Convict the chance to grab King. Marko jumped up and connected a Mega Kick to King's face while Convict had him in his grasp. Convict jumped up and tried to slam King on the ground, but King took off flying, having Convict lose all control but still maintaining his hold.

Cyron looked up and saw King flying in the air with Convict holding on. King decided to smash his staff against Convict as hard as he could, but Convict was still holding on. Cyron took flight, hoping to try and give Convict help, but King saw him coming and changed the direction of his flight by going up. Cyron chased King, going up as high as he could.

Marko looked up, wondering why they were going so high.

"Keisha, mind giving me a boost?"

Keisha was pretty hurt, but she still had enough in her to use her hair to launch Marko up in the air, so she nodded. She grabbed him with her hair, then launched him up high to try and meet up with King, Convict, and Cyron. As Marko was launched, Cyron noticed Marko was going up, so he flew to catch him and give him a ride. He caught Marko and had him on his extended shoulders, and they flew towards King.

"What are you planning to do?" Cyron asked.

"Kill him," Marko responded.

"Yeah, but how?"

"I dunno yet... maybe beat his ass?"

"I have a good feeling that it won't be that simple."

"Shut up and get him."

Cyron increased the speed of his flight, catching up to King, who still had Convict on his back.

"Mega Kick!"

Marko jumped off of Cyron to fly at King and try to Mega Kick him. King was able to spin around and hit Marko, knocking him out of his Mega Kick and have him fall back to the earth from quite the height. Cyron dived down, knowing that he had to catch Marko or he would have been quite hurt from the impact of the fall, but King spun three more times before firing a blast at Cyron that he wasn't paying attention to. The blast hit Cyron, and now he was on the way to the ground via pain. King kept spinning, and Convict started to get dizzy, so he smashed the staff on his back on last time, and this hit knocked the dizzied Convict off of him and he started to fall as well.

RPJ and Keisha were looking up, and they saw that Marko, Cyron, and Convict were falling.

"Who catches who?" RPJ asked.

"You stick to the lightweight," Keisha said, "my hair should be able to catch Convict and Cyron pretty easily actually."


RPJ and Keisha waited as their teammate plummeted towards the ground. Suddenly, King appeared in between them using a teleport. He hit Keisha with the staff, knocking her down, and he blasted RPJ down with a powerful shot. With both RPJ and Keisha down, Marko, Cyron, and Convict hit the ground hard.

"HA!" King said. "You fools are feeling pain that you don't have to feel! Hail the king, and I will make great use of your souls!"

But Marko somehow managed to land on his feet.

"When we're done here, the souls that you have stolen will soon rest in peace," Marko determined. "Your soul, on the other hand, will burn in hell!"

"Interesting... you said 'we're,' implying you and some other people. But those 'other people' are down right now."

Marko looked and saw that his team was down and hurting at the moment.

"Okay, so I'll run interference. Megodoken!"

Marko fired a Megodoken at the King, and it was swiped away with the staff. King returned fire with a few blasts sent Marko's way, and he dodged all the blasts, making his moves towards the King. After the missed shots, Marko jogged towards King, and King tried to hit him with the staff. Marko ducked under the staff and countered with a jumping uppercut to King's chin. He landed and King tried to hit him with the staff once again. Marko jumped over the staff and connected a Mega Kick that knocked King back a bit, but King was still barely hurt. King teleported to the air, then he dived down trying to smash the staff over the top of Marko's head, but the attack was sidestepped and Marko jumped up to connect another Mega Kick, which was followed up immediately with a Bazooka Blast. The Bazooka Blast hit, but still, King wasn't hurt much at all. He immediately swiped at Marko and sent him flying before he hit a wall. King flew towards Marko, with the staff glowing, and he hit Marko again, this time sending him through the wall and into the building.

King flew up into the air, the staff still glowing.

"And it looks like the first soul I will taking is yours!" King announced. "All I have to do is crush you current vessel and it will be mine!"

"Negative. Charged Cannon!"

Cyron was up and he fired a charged up blast at King. It connected, but there was still very little damage done to King. He redirected his attention towards Cyron, and fired off the blast that he had ready for the building to crush Marko. Cyron dodged the attack, then he fired a few shots from the Bullet Cannon attack. These blasts hardly did anything as King fired off more blasts, forcing Cyron to stop firing and avoid the attacks.

Marko hopped out of the building with a look of determination. He saw that the rest of his team was coming to, so he ran to RPJ.

"Yo, I need you guys to run interference," he told him. "I have an idea."

"Okay, but dude. We're fucking hurt."

"So am I. But we're about to end this. Keisha, come with me."

RPJ and Convict rushed in to get King's attention by jumping towards him while Cyron had his undivided attention. Meanwhile, Marko led Keisha to a random, yet seemingly specific spot.

"Okay, after I fire a Bazooka Blast, I'm going to need to grab the staff."

"... yeah, that makes sense. Smart move. Okay. After the Bazooka Blast."


Marko moved once again as Cyron, RPJ, and Convict were dodging attacks from King, who was teleporting all over the place to try and hit the trio.

I'm going to need him to stop that, Marko thought.

Marko waited a bit, and when King found himself on the ground, Marko did a Blaze Dash, running into King, but it only stunned him for a moment. He turned around to try and hit Marko, but he dodged the attack  without trying to counter, just standing there. This led to Convict grabbing King from behind and tossing him into the air. Once he was airborne, Cyron launched a Heavy Bullet Cannon, hoping to do some kind of damage, but King soon gained control of his flight while still getting hit with the blasts.

"Fuck it," Marko said, "Bazooka Blast!"

Marko launched the Bazooka Blast. It connected, but all it really did was turn King around and further his frustration. That's when Keisha's hair went into action, flying up to grab King's staff. She had it, but King wasn't just going to let go of the staff. He pulled on it, but Marko jumped up to him and connected a Mega Kick to his hand, which almost loosened his grip enough. Convict immediately jumped afterwards and delivered a hard punch to the back of King's head, which was enough to knock the crown off of King's head as well as knock the staff out of his hand.

As Keisha reeled the staff in, King fell to the ground. Marko walked over to Keisha to hold the staff and smiled in victory.

"Annnnnd you're done," Marko announced. "Good shit guys. This is why we're Team Ultimate."

King got up off the ground, looking at Marko hold his staff while Cyron, RPJ, and Convict grouped around Marko and Keisha, standing before King in victory. King looked around and he saw his crown. He put the crown back on and he held his hand out. The staff started to glow, then it magically disappeared out of Marko's hand and back into his. This move blew Team Ultimate's mind.

"You guys are really, really good," King said. "I am really impressed with how you guys handle things. But now, I see I can no longer hold back..."

to be continued...


King is about to pull out all the stops.
August is right around the corner.
I think that it is time to end this... and there's only one way to end this... as epicly as possible.

July 26, 2012

200 Words

So from August 1st to October 31st and from December 1st and so on until October 31st of next year, I will challenge myself to write at least 200 words a day for the Marko Man series.

200 words doesn't sound like much until you realize...

and that's what I'm gunning on. The 200 words a day would lessen pressure on days that are ridiculously busy (I can put up 200 words on my phone in, like, 10 minutes if need be), and on days that yield a bit more free time and/or inspiration, I'll easily crush the 200 word goal because...

But why am I skipping November?

Well, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), so for that month, 50000 word will be in order. And I'll be dropping 50000 words whether I'm working on one book or in between two. The number is the goal for that month.

Inspiration tends to be the easy part. It's the discipline that needs work. And hopefully this will help that out, especilly with knocking out creative blackouts.

And that's that. I'll start writing the Marko Man series in August. Lets the story begin.

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 8

As Convict stood, ready to confront Project, Marko looked behind him, seeing the rest of the team fighting against the undying army of foes. He looked back ahead and he saw Project walking towards them, with a bloody Jack and a bruised Ace with him at his side. Project and Convict had made eye contact, and apparently from that they both took each other as a challenge, so they both started to run towards each other. Project's steps were rumbling the ground, and the tremors caught Convict off guard, forcing him to stop and gain his balance. Project smile, then he lunged towards Convict to grab him. Convict managed to avoid the grab with a side step, and Project landed on the ground on his stomach just in front of Marko. He fired a Bazooka Blast in his face, which hurt him quite a bit, but not enough that Project didn't try to smash Marko with his huge hands while still on the ground. Marko avoided the attack, and then Project was getting pulled away from Marko by Convict. He tried to hoist Project over his shoulders, but Project turned over on his back, sat up, and punched Convict in his face, knocking him back quite a distance.

Convict's movement stopped when he found himself up against the wall of a building, and he saw Project getting up. Convict took a few steps forward, but Project took off running. He tried to punch Convict, but he avoided the punch and grabbed his huge arm, swung himself up to Project's face, and kicked him in his nose.  The kick made Project stumble a bit, but he stayed on his feet. Convict landed and punched Project's knee, but still he was on his feet. Convict continued to punch Project in his knee, but Project was still not getting knocked anywhere, and he was starting to get used to Convict's punches.

"You might as well be as weak as your friend," Project taunted. "Try some real strength!"

Project grabbed Convict and tossed him up in the air. Project jumped towards the airborne Convict, but Marko launched another Bazooka Blast that hit, messing up Project's concentration. With that distraction, Convict was able to grab Project's head around his neck and landed doing a Death Sentence, landing while slamming Project's face into the ground.

"Not gonna let you ruin this!" Ace said, pulling out his club. "Take this!"

He started to fire his lasers at Convict, and a few of the shots hit. This made Marko launched another Bazooka Blast, which Ace had to avoid. Convict turned his attention to Ace once he stopped shooting, but Project was getting back up. Marko noticed that Convict's attention was diverted from the bigger threat, so he ran, jumped, and Mega Kicked Project in the back of his head. Project turned around and tried to punch Marko, but the punch was dodged as Marko ran past Convict to attack Ace.

"Get the big fuck," Marko said. "I'll handle this dude. Mega Kick!"

Marko jumped towards Ace and connected a Mega Kick that knocked him to the ground as Convict turned around and ran towards Project. He jumped at Project and lead in with a shoulder charge at Project's chest, but Project hardly budged. He tried to grab Convict, but he knocked his hands away, jumped up again, and punched Project in his face. The punch stunned Project for a moment, which was enough for Convict to grab Project's arm and try to do some harm to him. Project was able to recover, however, took control of his arm, grabbed Convict, and sent him flying.

As Keisha was fighting off a motorcyclist, she noticed Convict flying out the corner of her eye. She used her hair and turned Convict's flight back around towards Project without him losing much momentum. Convict was now flying towards Project as Keisha decided to run towards Project. Convict used the flight to connect a mean flying punch in Project's face, which almost knocked him down. Project recovered and saw Convict land, but he didn't notice Keisha coming up on him from behind, and she used her hair to tie Project up. Project saw that he was begin tied up and he tried to fight out of it, but Convict was able to rush in and punch him in his legs as hard as he could. One punch was able to make Project collapse to one knee, and this gave Keisha the ability to lift Project into the air, then slam him into the ground. She was able to lift and slam Project in the air with her hair three more times before Project managed to get one hand free. Keisha tried to retract her hair, but Project had already grabbed her hair and reeled her in a bit. He swung Keisha into Convict, knocking him down, then he slammed Keisha into the ground.

"Ha! How do you like a dose of your own medicine? Not very healthy, is it?"

Cyron was blasting enemies when he heard the impact and heard Project's taunt. He turned around and he saw that Keisha was at Project's mercy, and this made him quite angry. He immediately turned his attention to Project, firing Bullet Cannon blasts at Project. The shots bothered him a bit, but he decided to use Keisha as a shield. Cyron analyzed that move before Project could do it, so he timed his last shot just perfectly so that when Project used Keisha as a shield, there were no more shots.

Cyron jumped over Keisha and hit Project with a Cannon Punch while maintaining flight. Project tried to punch him, but he dodged the attack and managed to fly around and connect another Cannon Punch. Project retaliated by swinging Keisha around like a weapon, but Cyron avoided her and fired at him with the Bullet Cannon. Project braced himself and swung Keisha around once more. This time Cyron grabbed Keisha and ended up landing on the ground. He upgraded his attack into a Heavy Bullet Cannon attack, and the blasts were connecting and doing more damage. Project tried to reel Keisha in to use her as a shield, but Cyron wasn't letting her go, so it only brought Cyron closer, which made the blasts closer and more numerous, which resulted in more damage for Project.

Project once again braced himself against the blasts, then he unleashed a mean punch that hit both Cyron and Keisha, sending them into a building through a wall. RPJ was fighting the forces when he heard them go through the building. He looked and all he saw was the dust from the resulting damage of Project's attack.

He's fucking huge, RPJ thought. Heh, that's what she said.

RPJ saw Convict running towards Project to attack him again, but Project turned around and delivered a back hand, sending Convict back where he ran from, making RPJ laugh.

That guy is pure comedy.

Project heard RPJ's laughter and turned his attention to him. This made RPJ stop laughing.

"Dude, I'm a tell you right now," RPJ said, "don't even bother attacking me."

RPJ's warning caught Project off guard.

"Am I supposed to be scared of you?" Project asked.

"You might as well be, because I'm about to show you a bad time. A very. Bad. Time."

"You're probably just as weak as the rest of them."

RPJ nodded, put his RPBat away, and walked towards Project with a angry expression on his face.

"Gonna fucking question me-"

Project threw a punch at RPJ, but he somersaulted under his fist and ended up behind him. RPJ jumped and hit him with a drop kick that almost sent Project to the ground on his face but he caught his balance. He turned around and saw RPJ walking towards him. He tried to grab him, but RPJ jumped on his huge arms and jumped off of them to deliver a spinning drop kick to Project's face, making him fall back a bit. RPJ landed and he continued to walk towards Project, who was growing more and more frustrated with RPJ's attack. He decided that he wouldn't attack this time, and would just wait and countered whatever RPJ was going to do.

RPJ looked at Project, noticing that he wasn't attacking anymore, so he went for Project's leg. Project moved his leg and tried to grab RPJ. RPJ blocked the grab and went for Project's arm. Project used his other hand to try and punch RPJ for trying to grab his arm. RPJ moved and temporarily had both of Project's hands in his grasp. Project opened his arms up, sure that he was would leave RPJ stunned, but RPJ released his hands before he opened his arms, so he left himself wide open.


Out of the blue, RPJ stepped into a Static Shock had a whole lot of extra pop on it, knocking Project down on his back.

"Fucking idiot," RPJ said. "You don't challenge me to a wrestling match. I know all your moves muthafucka!"

Marko quickly ran into the scene after handling Ace and Jack on his own.

"Wow, you dropped him," Marko said. "That's gonna be a hard act to follow."

"He ain't shit," RPJ declared. "I'll do it again, no problem."

Project was getting up from his attack as the rest of the team had finally recovered from their attacks and regrouped with Marko and RPJ. Just as Project got up on both his feet, King and his Queen appeared between Project and Team Ultimate out of thin air.

"This?" King said, waving his staff aimlessly. "All of this? It comes to an end. And becomes mine. Now."

to be continued...


Hmmmm... ain't got much to say at this point. 
August is right around the corner, so I do need to bring this to an end. 
And I do need to make this mine. 
I'll go into slightly more detail on that between now and Sunday. 
For now... all I'm saying is... the end is near.

July 23, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 7

Marko landed from his flight, courtesy of Cyron, and he took off running. He felt as though he didn't have much time considering the huge numbers against him, and he really wanted to bring this fight to an end somehow, but he still have an idea much better than beat Jack and Ace up to the point that they'll stop the fighting. He was still going to go for it.

As he ran, he saw Jack and Ace sitting on a stairway that led into a random building. They looked and they noticed Marko coming, prompting them to get up on their feet.

"Whoa," Jack said. "How did you even get here?"

Marko came to a stop before the duo.

"I got to the top of the world, then I had some help coming back down."

"Dude. You left your team. Why? Plan on surrendering?"

"Actually, I was hoping that you guys would do the surrendering and stop this."

Jack and Ace looked at each other, then they bust out laughing. Marko already knew that the idea was ridiculous in context, but their laughter still angered him.

"Marko Man," Ace said after laughing, "you can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am. And I will gladly beat the both you into a bloody pulp until you call an end to all of this."

Jack and Ace saw that Marko was completely serious about trying to stop the massive fighting against his team, so the smiles disappeared.

"You're gonna beat us into a bloody pulp? I dare you to try."

"I didn't need to be dared."

Marko ran towards Jack. He threw a punch when he was close enough, which was blocked. Ace came in, trying to retaliate with a swing of his club, but Marko avoided the obvious attack by ducking, and Ace ended up hitting Jack in the face. Marko hit Jack with a Mega Kick, knocking him to the ground, then he moved towards him to stomp on him. Marko stomped on his face three times before Ace ran at him, trying to hit him with the club again. Marko took the club to the back, stumbling over Jack while turning around to face Ace. Ace jumped over Jack and tried to smash the club over the top of Marko's head as he landed. Marko side stepped the club and countered with a jab, that was followed up with five punches and two spin kicks, followed by an uppercut that knocked Ace into the air. He was about to jump into the air to continue his attack, but Jack grabbed his foot, messing up his balance and having him drop to the ground.

Jack got up, still with Marko's foot in his hand, then he took out his club. He was trying to hit Marko's leg, but his free leg kicked Jack away. Marko quickly got up and had to avoid attacks from Ace. As Marko avoided punches, kicks, and club swings from Ace, he noticed that Jack was aiming his club at Marko to fire lasers. Jack started firing, sure that he would hit Marko, but he grabbed Ace and pulled him into the line of fire while he moved out the way. The blast hit Ace, and Marko followed up with a punch, punch, Mega Kick combo, knocking Ace down.

Jack got angry at Marko's ability to avoid the attack, so he charged at him, firing more blasts from his club. Marko avoided the blasts while moving towards Jack. When they were close enough, Jack tried to hit Marko with the club, and he dodged it and countered with yet another Mega Kick, knocking him down.

Marko turned around and saw Ace rushing towards him, trying to get in a sneak attack. He quickly fired a Bazooka Blast at him, and it connected, sending him flying. Marko turned his attention back to Jack, who was in the process of getting back on his feet. Marko Blaze Dashed into him, knocking him back on the ground in a roll. Marko continued the pressure by jumping and landing an elbow drop on Jack's face, then he applied a headlock and started wailing on Jack's head. The whole time, he was watching Ace, who was running towards Marko again, and this time he was very angry.

Marko continued to punch Jack in his face until Ace was close enough, then he fired a Megodoken at him, adjusting his course. This gave Marko time to get up, but Ace was able to still get in the first move between them and get some offensive in. He kept his club swinging quick and precise, knowing that Marko would be able to avoid the majority of his attacks and not wanting him to be able to counter with ease. Marko dodged every attack, but Ace suddenly fired a blast at Marko and it connected, knocking him down to the ground.

Ace immediately rushed at the downed Marko, and he tried to slam the club into his legs. Marko moved his legs and kicked Ace in the face, and then got up in a spinning motion immediately after the kick. This gave Ace time to recover quickly enough to block the punches that Marko threw at him. As Marko kept throwing punches, Jack was able to get up.

"Marko Man!" Jack yelled.

That was just enough distraction to get him to stop throwing punches. Ace immediately swung the club and hit Marko in the face, knocking him down after a mean spin. Ace immediately grabbed Marko and picked him up so that Jack could get in free hits. Jack walked over towards him nonchalantly, believing that Marko was finished at this point.

"So you wanna stomp people out?" Jack taunted, pulling out his club. "You wanna try and beat people's face in? Well, trying implies failure, and you failed! Now here's your booby prize!"

"Mega Kick!"

Before Jack could even swing the club, Marko was able to get his foot up high enough to Mega Kick Jack in the face and knocking him into the air. As Jack was on his face down, Ace took Marko and tossed him towards the nearest building. Marko braced himself for the impact against the wall as Ace was charging towards him. Ace ran at him, elbow first, but Marko moved out of the way at the last minute, and Ace's elbow hit the wall and nothing else. Marko gave Ace a Mega Kick to his back, pinning him to the wall, then he followed up with a Bazooka Blast that sent Ace through the wall.

Marko immediately looked towards Jack, who was definitely hurt as evidenced by how long it was taking him to get up. Marko ran towards him and he Mega Kicked him in the side of his head. He rolled along the ground for a quite a distance before he stopped, but Marko ran to keep up with him. He grabbed Jack's leg and quickly dragged him towards another random building, then using his all his strength, he picked him up and flung him into a wall. Marko followed up the toss with a Bazooka Blast that connected for free and sent Jack into the building. Marko ran into the hole that he created with Jack and the Bazooka Blast and found Jack laying on top of a pile of rubble. Marko grabbed one of the bricks and tossed it at Jack's face as he got up. It smacked him with a sickening thud, and Marko immediately followed up the brick toss with a heavy punch to the face. The punch led him to find himself mounted on top of Jack, so he just wailed on him with punch after punch after punch.

"Hey... guy!" Marko taunted, with every word followed by a punch. "You... wanna... stop... this... fight... yet?"

Marko suddenly felt the ground tremble slightly. He delivered a few more punches, but the trembling was getting stronger with each pulse. He looked back and he saw someone big walking towards the hole. He hopped off of Jack and ran towards the hole, and he saw Project, who was bigger than ever, with Ace by his side.

"So Marko," Ace said, "remember when I said that this fight was unwinnable? Well guess what? It just got much more unwinnable!"

"Whoa," Marko said, "am I supposed to be scared or something?"

"Considering that you ran away from me and I wasn't even this big," Project said, "the answer is yes."

Inside, Marko was definitely quite worried about what could happen, because Project was definitely much bigger than the last time he saw him, and the last time he saw he had already grew from his original size.

"Fuck this," Marko said, running towards Project.

As Marko got close, Project stepped forward and tried to punch Marko in his face. Marko slid under his fist, ending up just under his chest and his chin, and he got up, jumped, and connected a Mega Kick to Project's big chin. It knocked him upright a bit, but hardly did damage enough to make Project worry. Ace stepped back, sure that Project would be able to handle Marko on his own since that's what he was designed to do.

Project tried to grab Marko, but Marko jumped up again to avoid the grab and Mega Kicked him in his chin in a backwards motion to try and create space. Project's chin was rocked a bit, but Project didn't even move. Marko continued to move backwards when he landed, and he fired a Bazooka Blast, which Project grabbed and crushed into nothingness. That ability surprised Marko, but he kept his eyes on Project as he rushed towards him. Project threw huge punches when he was close enough, but Marko was quick enough to dodge the punches without much problem. Marko was able to connect a few punches and kicks in between Project's attacks, but they were doing very little damage and they weren't keeping Project from attacking at all.

"Marko Man!" Ace yelled. "Take this!"

Marko took a split second to look at Ace, who was just standing there. Meanwhile, Marko took a huge punch from Project that sent him clear through a building and into the street on the other side of the building. He was down, wondering what kind of power just hit him. He felt the tremors in the ground, and he knew that Project was coming, so he quickly got up. Sure enough, Project was charging through the building, and he had a bunch of brick in his hands. He was tossing them at Marko while still running towards him, and Marko avoided the bricks, but wasn't even paying attenion to the fact that Project was coming towards him. When he was close enough, Project tried to smack him in the face with a brick, but Marko dodged it and countered with a Mega Kick out of desperation. The Mega Kick connected, but Marko was immediately sent down the street with a backhand from his left hand, flying down many blocks before skidding an incredible distance and then coming to a stop.

As Marko came to a stop, he found himself down near the rest of Team Ultimate, who was fending off the pressuring army of motorcyclists, bandits, and red bombers. His eyes met with Convict, and he quickly pulled him off the ground.

"Hey guys, look who I found."

Each member of the team took quick glimpses to see that Marko was located, and they continued to fight. They had come to the conclusion that they could locate Marko if they were able to get the large forces to pressure them into the general direction that Cyron had analyzed Marko would be in, and they ended up finding Marko early.

"What brought you in sliding on your ass anyway?" Convict asked after throwing a random bandit back into the crowd.

Marko looked at the battle ahead of Team Ultimate, then he looked back in the direction from which he came. The tremors were returning, which meant that Project was on his way down the street.


Marko pointed at Project, who was jogging down the street to catch back up to Marko Man. Convict looked and saw the sheer size of Project, and he nodded with a smirk on his face.

"Makes sense since you're only, like, a hundred pounds soaking wet," Convict said, stepping in front of Marko towards Project. "Step aside and watch a real heavyweight at work."

"I don't think he'll be coming by himself, fat ass."

"Well shit, I got back up too, right? Now stand aside and let me handle this juiced up jerk."

to be continued...


So I know it's been more than a week since the last time I wrote for this random adventure, but as you can see, I didn't forget about it. I've been busy. Life happens.

Anyway, as you can see, we have Team Ultimate back again, but all of the forces are about to collide. This probably isn't going to be pretty. Stay tuned.

July 20, 2012

When Inspiration Hits...

So I'm on FaceBook and I see the following:

NaNoWriMo: Friday writing prompt: the dialogue wars. Dun dun DUN. Our summer fund drive obviously took a little inspiration from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but there are so many epic contests and competitions in literature! Take your favorite character (your own creation or not!) and give us a sample of his best trash talk.

And this is what I come up with...


‎"Look at you," King said. "On your knees. Just like you're supposed to be when you're in my presence. You swore up and down that you would take me down, but now, here we are, in the moment, and the only that's down is you... pathetic."

Mark tried to get up, but King smacked him with his saber, keep him on the ground.

"Stay on the ground dog. You do not deserve to have feet. You are a peasant. Nothing more. Nothing less."

Mark turned his head towards King.

"A peasant?"

"Yes. I did not stutter. You are a peasant. Even if by some unlikely chance you were to defeat me, you'd still follow rules, you'd still do things under the influence of others. Ruled by rules, by law, by morals, by things you did not create, by things that you could become more than. I, on the other hand, am above all those things. I create the rules. I'm above the law. I don't care for morals. And that is why I am King."

Mark made another attempt to get up, and King swung his staff once again, but this time, Mark grabbed it before it could hit him.

"So that's what you think?" Mark said, continuing to get up his King's staff in his grasp. "You think I'm below the rules and the laws and the morals that I fight for? You think I don't know my power?"

King struggled to regain control of his staff from Mark.

"You're wrong! I know my power! I know where I stand! I can hurt and kill and rule people just like you, coward. But I'm not a coward. I choose to fight for the rules. I choose to fight for the law, for the morals. But was that your choice, coward? Did you choose to rise above the law, or was that a reaction based on fear?"

The word fear struck a nerve in King. He quickly yanked the staff out of Mark's hands and struck him in the face with it, knocking Mark back on the ground.

"Fear of what? Fear of these powerless peons that you choose to fight for?"

"Fear of what these 'powerless peons' represent! If they're so powerless, why bother killing them?"

King slammed the staff across Mark's back, dropping him flat on the ground.

"Because I can."


I'm not even sure this has anything to do with the prompt anymore lolol

July 19, 2012

Outdoor Paper and Pen Writing

So I've been doing some paper and pen writing recently.

It started with writing poetry at work in an attempt to cope with the fact that my job sucks. If I prolong the escape long enough, I pretty much consider myself getting paid to write (beating the system?). I then tried to write a story using paper and pen while at work, and while I was able to get in a few jokes, the overall product was garbage for unknown reasons, and I trashed the story before it could get going. Said prematurely ended story did give me an idea for a story that I will write soon, but in the end, it had to go.

But I wasn't ready to end the paper and pen writing for stories just yet, as even though the story sucked, the actual writing of the story with paper and pen felt good. So I had made a plan to do some more paper and pen writing for a story that will eventually show itself on this blog. The paper and pen writing is pretty much a "back to my roots" kind of thing, as that's where the story writing thing started for me (and probably every writer ever, but with today's technology, that absolute claim could have been negated last week for all I know), and as I said, it felt good, but I wanted to take it a step further.

I bought a fresh composition notebook, and I found a nice, outdoor location, and I started writing. And from that location came bits and pieces of environmental inspiration that I wouldn't have been able to get from being inside. I also had music going, which was getting me hyped to write, and then I came up with the idea of changing my location, which would also change the location of the fight scene I was writing, and therefore come up with more environmental inspiration.

The story isn't done yet because it started raining as I was writing (paper and water don't mix, fyi), but I will definitely return to the location I was writing to finish the scene. And I'm probably going to go for another location change too, to make the fight more epic.

Overall, I'm probably going to do some more paper and pen writing. And I'm going to do more writing outdoors as well. There is something about writing on the paper with a pen that you can't get with typing... obviously, in the grand scheme of things these days, it's a whole lot less time effective in a sense because I would probably end up having to retype everything I already wrote, but the feeling is definitely different and definitely something worth exploring every so often in my opinion. And the outdoor writing is definitely something I want to do more of (at least while it's still warm enough to do it) because I'll definitely see something and be like "Wow, I need to put that in the fight," and I get pure gold from it.

Overall, the best thing about this is that I'm at least in the swing of things when it comes to writing. It's been very good relaxation for me... Lord knows I need it.

July 13, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 6

 Jack and Ace didn't even mentally flinch at Team Ultimate's unified confidence, since they still had a much larger army. They smiled right along with the members of Team Ultimate, returning the confidence.

"You're toast," Ace said. "Attack! And kill!"

"No problem," Marko said.

Just as a red bomber jumped over Jack and Ace to attack Team Ultimate, Marko jumped at the red bomber to attack back. He was able to deliver the first attack with a Mega Kick that sent the red bomber back towards Jack and Ace, and they had to dodge the flying red bomber. Marko landed, and he continued forward as though he wanted to attack Jack and Ace, but a bunch of motorcyclists with clubs in hand charged in front of them to attack. Cyron flew into the air and provided cover with a Bullet Cannon attack, rapidly firing at the motorcyclists. This allowed RPJ, Convict, and Keisha to press forward and initiate their attacks.

Marko kept on attacking whoever got in his way with punches, kicks, Mega Kicks, and Megodokens. He was taking down motorcyclists and red bombers with no problem with his attacks. Soon, RPJ, Convict, and Keisha caught up with him to give him extra cover as Cyron landed in the middle of the fray and was blasting away at the hordes of enemies.

The enemies kept coming, and Team Ultimate kept knocking them down. As effective as Team Ultimate was at taking the enemies down, they really weren't actually doing anything in the grand scheme of things, but they didn't seem to notice this at first. They were having plenty of fun just taking out motorcyclists, bandits, and red bombers. Marko and RPJ were teaming up to taking down huge amounts of enemies with the Bazooka Blast-Solo Shot combination. Convict used Keisha's hair to swing her around like a large mace ball as she kicked multiple enemies in their face. Cyron kept blasting to keep enemies at bay, and when Convict released Keisha into the crowd, Cyron charged into the crowd that tried to surround her, blasting while their focus was diverted. Once he got to her, he sent blasts towards Keisha, while she used her hair to send the blasts in random direction, taking down a wide radius of enemies.

Marko and RPJ soon found themselves teaming up with Convict, as he would toss enemies towards them while they attacked them, either with Mega Kick or Solo Shots, respectively. When the enemies tried to overwhelm Convict from behind, Marko opened things up with a Blaze Dash while RPJ cleaned up with his Static Shock kick. More kept coming at them, so RPJ used his Impact Clothesline to clear out a bigger area with the explosion that the attack caused. Marko followed up with a Bazooka Blast to clear out even more space, giving Convict more than enough room to charge towards enemies and line up a punch powerful enough to take down quite the line of them.

Marko looked around and noticed that the attacks from Keisha and Cyron were no longer as explosive, so he ran in their direction. He saw that they had been separated by the sheer number of enemies, so he attacked enemies as he moved towards Cyron. When he got close enough to him, he pointed in the direction of Keisha, and they proceeded to smash enemies as they made their move. With a few good Cannon Punches and Mega Kicks, they were near Keisha, who was sending enemies away with her hair. Marko and Keisha made eye contact and he pointed up, so she nodded. With her hair, she grabbed Cyron and Marko, and launched them high into the air.

"Heavy Bullet Cannon!"

"Bazooka Blast!"

Both Cyron and Marko rained down heavy destruction upon the crowds of enemies as they were tossed into the air. Cyron maintained his altitude, while Marko fell back down towards the ground. He launched another Bazooka Blast as he landed, to clear some room, then he launched yet another Bazooka Blast, this time at Keisha. She caught the blast with her hair, and she swung it around a bit, but made sure that no one hit it. With all the extra momentum, she sent the Bazooka Blast at Convict, who caught it and compressed the attack into an energy ball the size of a baseball. He pitched the blast at RPJ, who hit the ball with the RPBat into the air at Cyron. The ball went directly into Cyron's cannon, and Cyron started to glow. With Cyron's glowing, the rest of Team Ultimate started to take cover by running in the opposite direction that Cyron was aiming. He was charging up a bit, then he fired that blast out towards the enemies. They all dodged it, so the blast hit the ground, but the blast was so juiced up with power that the explosion was huge and killed more than enough enemies.

Or so they thought.

After the smoke cleared, all the dead enemies were seemingly instantly replaced with live, fresh ones. Team Ultimate saw how the numbers were easily replaced, and it kind of depleted them a bit, as that was one of their best team attacks.

"So, yeah... this isn't working," Keisha said, breaking the ice.

Everyone heard her, but no one said anything. Marko looked around, seeing all the enemies, then he looked into the sky, which was practically nothing but smoke and flames due to the buildings that had exploded.

There's probably more bombs, Marko thought. Yeah, let's use some of their resources. 

Marko took off running into the crowd. The rest of the team looked at him go, still willing to fight, but wishing that they had a plan, not knowing that Marko had a plan of some type in his head. Marko pressed ahead with Mega Kicks, but he wasn't trying to take everyone out. He was simply trying to clear a path to get to a building that hadn't exploded yet. Cyron gave him cover from above with his Bullet Cannon, and the rest of them pressed forward to attack the enemies that Marko missed, but Marko's movement was definitely swift and with purpose, as he was leaving his team behind. They had no idea what Marko was doing or what he was going for, but it was clear that he was leaving the fight for something, so they decided to not focus on him and continue their attack against the enemies.

After many Mega Kicks, Marko finally got to the building that he was trying to get to. He Mega Kicked the door open, and a few bandits tried to chase him. Marko turned around and fired a Bazooka Blast at them as they tried to get through the door, and they all got hit in the bottleneck. Marko found the stairs and he ran up as fast as he could. As he sped up the stairs, he heard extra footsteps, and he just knew that someone was following him. He stopped at an unknown floor and saw that red bombers were chasing him, and to him, it seemed like they might have had an idea on what he was going for. Marko fought off the red bombers, knocking most of them back down the stairs with a Mega Kick and actually breaking one of their necks by tripping one of them up the stairs.

With the immediate wave of red bombers cleared, Marko continued his ascent up the stairs. Soon he got to the top floor and quickly looked around for roof access. He found nothing, so he climbed out of a window and carefully scaled to the top of the window, from which he double jumped to the roof's ledge. He grabbed it and climbed up, then he looked around. It didn't take him long to find the bomb so he ran to it and carefully grabbed it. He walked towards the ledge of the roof and looked down, seeing the sheer numbers of enemies that they had to deal with.

Wow, he was right. This was an unwinnable fight. Guess we just aren't going to win this one.

Marko tossed the bomb off the roof and towards the ground with all the enemies.

But perhaps I can make this a no contest...

Marko watched as the bomb fell, and when it made contact with the ground, it blew up and killed everyone with the blast radius. This made Marko smile, so he Blaze Dashed to the opposite side of the roof and jumped to get the maximum distance in his jump, then he double jumped to get to another roof. He looked around and he saw another bomb, so he grabbed it, ran to the edge, and flung it off the roof haphazardly. Once again, the bomb fell down, hit the ground, and killed everyone that was around.

You know, I'm almost sure that Cyron would be much more effective as this since he can fly and I can't... where is he?

Marko looked around and he saw Cyron in the air but in the distance, trying to analyze the explosions. Marko waved his hands in the air, trying to signal Cyron, and sure enough, Cyron started to fly towards him. Marko saw that some of the motorcyclists were trying to blast Cyron with the laser from their clubs, so Marko launched a Bazooka Blast at them from long distance, giving Cyron cover as he flew towards him. Cyron decided to move faster, and he was able to get to Marko in no time after that.

"That was you dropping those bombs?!"

"Yes. Yes it was. But then I came up with a better idea. You drop the bombs."


"Yes. Since you can fly, and you can probably analyze the position of the bombs better than I can, this job is perfect for you."

"I guess, but that doesn't mean we're going to destroy each and every last one of these guys. Nor does it mean we solve the problem with the bombs."

"Well, I'm not trying to win this fight anymore. I'm trying to make it a no contest. Speaking of that, I'm going to need some favors from you."

"Uhh... okay..."

"First, I need to know the locations of Jack and Ace."


"The two guys that were talking shit after we united but before we attacked all these things."

"Oh. Okay..."

Cyron analyzed the location of Jack and Ace and found them in a pretty distance area away from all the fighting.

"Yeah, over there somewhere... they moved pretty fast considering the traffic."

"Okay, good. For my other two favors, drop bombs, and tell the rest of the team to relax... Don't fight to win, fight simply to survive. I get the feeling that this fight really is going to end soon, only to lead to another one."


Cyron was about to fly off towards the nearest bomb.



"Can you give me a boost?"

Cyron smiled and nodded. "Affirmative."

Cyron grabbed Marko and took off flying towards the roof that had the nearest bomb in it. He then used his cannon arm, added a bit more energy, and sent Marko flying towards where Jack and Ace were located.

"Good luck Marko!" Cyron yelled as Marko flew. "You're probably going to need it!"

Marko heard what Cyron said, and it slightly dampened his mood.

Silly robot. I didn't want or need your undercover analysis...

to be continued...


And just like that, we go from having Team Ultimate unite to having Marko back on his own. The team's not done yet, obviously, as there is still plenty of fighting left to do.

I can say now that I at least know what general direction this story is headed, but hopefully, I can surprise myself with something outrageous. If I keep the music flowing and keep letting work frustrate me on the low (lol), then maybe I will, in fact, surprise myself.

Only time will tell... see you next time!

July 11, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 5


"King, what's up?"

"I located Marko Man. He headed towards the other two. When those three get together they will do some harm. I need you to squad your men up and head for the location I just sent you now."

"No problem King. They won't make it out alive, that's for sure."

"I know. I'm converging all forces there. You'll have more than enough back up. Still, don't waste time. Eliminate them."

"Got it."

It's that awkward moment where you regret feeding into your own jokes, RPJ thought as he fought off random black scarf wearing bandits. But I think it's real bad that if I had a chance to do it all over again, I'd probably do the exact same thing.

RPJ was fighting off the bandits mostly with quick strikes, punches and kicks, and keeping his general grapples to a minimum because the bandits were plenty and they were moving quickly. He was trying to get to his partner Convict, who he had thrown to the wolves as a typical Untouchable X joke, but things had abruptly gotten serious with the added backup that the bandits received, and now they were in a mess.

RPJ continued to battle through the waves of bandits, but didn't seem to be having much luck in terms of movement, and he hadn't seen Convict in a long enough time that it actually had him worried. His punches started to have more punch in them, his kicks had more kick, but he still wasn't able to get where he needed to be.

"Fuck this."

RPJ pulled out his RPBat, and he started swinging, partially out of frustration, partially out of desperation. He needed to find Convict and figure out if he was okay.

Suddenly, a bunch of bandit went flying in his direction, and RPJ used his RPBat to defend against them. The weren't flying towards him on their own will, however, and RPJ realized this when he saw Convict standing up with an angry, yet dazed look on his face.

He's in his concussed state now. RPJ thought. I need him to be fully conscious damn it!

Convict looked around, and he started to aimlessly attack the bandits with brute force. Haymakers and clotheslines were sent in every direction to try and take the out the bandits. While Convict was definitely suffering from a concussion, it made him a much more dangerous fighter to contend with. However, it also made it virtually impossible for RPJ to run any team maneuvers him, as he was basically running on auto-pilot with the single tracked mind of taking out all potential threats.

RPJ simply kept close to Convict, backing him up, as he was taking down the brunt of the bandits at this point, but they really weren't showing signs of backing down any time soon. As Convict and RPJ kept knocking them down, they kept coming.

With this madness, I guess it's a good thing I called for extra backup. I just wish they'd hurry up...

"Bazooka Blast!"

Suddenly, there was a huge explosion just in front of Convict. A bunch of bandits go down, and the smoke clears, giving them space to finally breath for a moment.

"Mega Kick!"

From the air, Marko Man drops onto the scene, dropping a Mega Kick on a bandit that was trying to attack RPJ from behind. The attack connects, knocking that bandit out, and he keeps moving, attacking a wave of bandits that were trying to attack RPJ and Convict from behind.

"Blaze Dash!"

Marko used Blaze Dash to run into a few bandits, and used Blaze Dash to find a clearing.

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko launched another Bazooka Blast to clear out more space and take down more bandits. Marko looked, and he had a bit of space for now to rally up with RPJ and Convict.

"So, he's concussed?" Marko asked.

"You know it," RPJ replied.

"Nothing new. What's the situation like over here?"

"A complete mess. It kinda makes me regret trying to bring Untouchable X back. You may have been able to take them out, but there's more."

"You don't even know... but the real problem is... I don't think I even know."

"Well then it's a good thing-"

RPJ was interrupted by a bandit attacking him from behind. Marko looked and saw that Convict was under attack. He was about to attack the bandits that were attacking Untouchable X, but he just knew that there was a bandit coming for him, so he turned around and dodged a punch that was aimed for his head. He countered with a knee, but he had back up to dodge the three bandits that jumped over the one that tried to punch him in his face, and countered with a Megodoken to at least stall. Marko took a quick glimpse and saw that RPJ and Convict were still taking damage, so he Blaze Dashed into one of the bandits that were focused on him, then he Blaze Dashed into one of the bandits that were attacking Convict. This freed Convict up, and from that, Convict delivered an insane punch that sent a bandit flying into another bandit, which sent them flying into Marko, knocking him down as well.

Convict kept attacking aimlessly and without much strategy, while RPJ was still struggling to turn back into a threat. Marko pushed the bandits off of him and got up, then he ran towards RPJ, Mega Kicking any bandits that were foolish enough to get in his way. Once he was close to RPJ and the bandits that attacked him, he grabbed them and punched them in the face, one by one. When RPJ was cleared of the bandits, he told Marko to duck, and as he ducked, he swung the bat and clobbered a bandit in his face with a swing of his RPBat. Marko returned to an upright position, only to see bandits coming from behind RPJ. He jumped over RPJ and Mega Kicked three bandits with one motion, then he landed and fired a Megodoken at the remaining one. RPJ pointed behind Marko, so he side stepped a bandit that was trying to kick him as RPJ tossed hit bat at that bandits head. RPJ caught the RPBat as it returned to him as both he and Marko saw bandits coming towards them.

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko aimed the Bazooka Blast at RPJ, who redirected the blast at the oncoming bandits with a perfect swing of his RPBat. The Solo Shot'd Bazooka Blast hit one bandit and exploded with a large enough explosion to take down the rest of them. Through the smoke, more bandits started flying as though they were being tossed. Sure enough, through the smoke emerged Convict, picking up bandits and launching them any which way.

The three had cleared enough space to finally unite, but the bandits weren't ready to call it quits.

"Where does this guy get so many disposable minions from?" RPJ asked.

"I don't know," Marko said, "but just fighting them is clearly getting us nowhere."

The bandits started to surround Marko, RPJ, and Convict. The three weren't tired, but they weren't fresh, but they weren't about to give up.

"So then I guess we'll have to help you out," a voice from the air said.

Marko, RPJ, and Convict looked up, and they saw their old buddies Cyron and Keisha. Keisha landed from flying on Cyron while he stayed in the air.

"Heavy Bullet Cannon!"

Cyron started to blast the bandits from the air, doing a whole damage to the crowd. Meanwhile, Keisha was using her live hair to whip, lash, and toss bandits into Cyron's line of fire. The duo was able to do quite a bit of damage upon arrival, and left a lot of bandits on the ground hurt.

"Took y'all long enough!" RPJ yelled angrily.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa," Cyron said, "what you need to do is be appreciative of the help you got."

"Cyron, please," Keisha said, "if you had analyzed correctly the first time and stopped looking at girls, we'd have been here much earlier."

"Exposed," Marko said. "But we're good, all things considered... so you called in the union of Team Ultimate?"

"Well, I thought Untouchable X would be good enough. But this shit is ridiculous."

"Indeed. Smart move."

Cyron landed, giving Keisha a dirty look due to his exposure. He then looked at Convict, and noticed that he was not normal.

"What happened to him?"

"Yeah, you are slipping," Marko teased. "If you analyzed him, you'd know he's suffering from a concussion."

Cyron shook his head, disappointed in Convict's status. He walked up to him, looked at him a bit, and then slapped him in a specific spot on the back of his head.

"Dude!" RPJ yelled angrily. "He's concussed! Why are you trying to knock him out?"

"Knock who out?" Convict said.

"He's fine now," Cyron said. "Thanks for assuming that I'm an idiot."

"Well, if the memory chips fits," Keisha taunted.

This made Marko and RPJ laugh while Convict was still confused as to what was going on.

Suddenly, they all started to hear motorcycles.

"Shit... they're coming," Marko said. "Those fucking motorcyclists I left behind."

Just as Marko finished his statement, six building exploded at the same time.

"Whoa!" Keisha said. "What was that?"

"Those red bomber dudes," Marko explained. "They've been blowing buildings for what is currently an unknown reason... and look in the air... here they come now."

Team Ultimate was slowly but surely being surrounded by all of the King's henchmen. The motorcyclists were rolling in, more bandits were showing up, and the red bombers were exploding onto the scene. Throughout the entire mess that surrounded Team Ultimate, Jack and Ace found their way to the center of the stage before Team Ultimate.

"Well look at this, you got a little more help, huh?" Jack said.

"Yeah. A little." Marko replied.

"Well, as you can see, we got a lot."

"Yes, I can see that."

"So I already know that you're not going down without a fight. And that's perfectly fine, because as you can see, we have a cool little unwinnable fight ready ready for you and your friends!"

Marko looked at Team Ultimate, and Team Ultimate looked back at him.

"So guys, we got an unwinnable fight on our hands," Marko announced. "You guys ready to win it anyway?"

"Fuck yeah." they all said in unison.

to be continued...


So I know this is part 5, but this might actually be the real beginning of the story lol. 
It's all action packed goodness from here on out. 
But please, for the love of god, don't expect any character development... I'm saving that for the actual series, okay? Okay?

It feels good to write Team Ultimate shit again.

July 7, 2012

Immediate Future of Writing

There are exactly two things that I must blog about really fucking soon:

1) FaceBook and Booty. (dealing remotely with what FaceBook's sharing abilities and such, but moreso my friendly censorship...)
2) Marvel vs. Capcom Origins (I don't think people fully understand what's going to happen when that game comes out...)

I'm gonna gun for doing those on Tuesday.

The Random Adventure is still on. Hopefully I'll continue that tomorrow.

And there's another story I'm a do after this, but before the work related one... and it's gonna require the old school fighting style... yeah boy.

And then I ordered my new laptop, so when that gets here, I'll probably FINALLY start writing the Marko Man series.

<o> \o/ YES!

<o> \o/ YES!

<o> \o/ YES!

July 5, 2012

Not Quite Conquered Yet

I entered the battle over a year ago.
Some of the opponents, I have to scout and see what kind of opposition I was against.
In scouting the opposition, I had to personally eliminate some of them.
Others had pretty much shot themselves in the foot.

Over time, other warriors had entered the fray,
Attempting to take what every one wanted to take.
Unfortunately for their late arrival,
I had more than enough groundwork laid.

Traps from within, traps from without.
Special intel and abuse of said knowledge.
Sometimes, they stepped on their own mine.
Other times, I pressed a button and they disappeared.

And everyone that watched the battle from afar
Seemed to realize how much I wanted it.
I had a hunger in me, a passion in me,
Their encouragement proved to me that victory was mine.

And I had gotten to a point where the win was in my grasp.
I had destroyed everyone and everything.
I was literally at the end of it all.
I even dropped the biggest threat out the competition.

But with victory comes a price,
And it was a price that I already knew about.
It was a price that I tried to tally up before the risk of battle,
But my calculations were very incorrect.

And even though it had seemed like I had won everything,
There was already someone who had it conquered first,
And to defeat this conquistador was impossible,
Almost as though he won by birthright.

But it would be ridiculous to have come this far
And give up on the simple premise of a permanent winner...
A permanent winner that I already knew about...
A permanent winner that would keep me from being number one...

It was all in the initial calculations before I started the fight.
It was all apart of the hurdles I had to jump in my mind.
And even when I managed to access the risk,
The reality of the result still blows my mind.

But I'm not going to just leave, not after all the resources used.
I'm going to stay right here and patiently wait.
I will remain in front of the door of this castle.
And when the door opens, perhaps I will win the final battle.

Mental Time Travel

I sometimes wonder what life would have been like if I had let the winds blow me the other way.I sometimes wonder how I would do things differently if I knew then what I knew now.
Hindsight is always 20/20, maybe even better.
It's too perfect; you've seen the consequences and now you want to go back.

I try not to focus on the time travel or the difficulty in the lesson.
I try to focus only on what was taught.
Most of the time, that focus is successful.
Most of the time.

And then I have times where something just randomly comes up and has me randomly thinking.
Thinking about what I have, thinking about what I don't.
Thinking about what I could have had, thinking about what I would have missed.
And all this thought, it isn't too much, but it is.

And when I take these mental trips back in time, I notice a pattern.
It's always different eras and chunks of time that I analyze.
Either that, or specific, life changing events that were the difference between life and death.
Something so general or something so specific.

And the impact of what these things have done to me is insane.
And the idea that if I would have done something correctly at one point could have wrecked me for the rest
Is something that blows my mind for an interesting amount of time.
Because certain lessons were learned only after certain lessons were learned.

And sometimes I ask myself this pretty insane question that you legit can't even ask all people.
Like, this question literally only applies to a certain type of person.
And the question that, if answered out loud, could probably destroy lives is,
Knowing what you know, which one would you choose?

And I almost always answer it differently every time I ask myself.
Because I always take into account a different butterfly.
Or maybe a different butterfly of the present affected the answer.
But the answer is never ever constant and neither is the reasoning.

And I want to come to a conclusion, but this can never be concluded.
With each butterfly, each thought, each era, each event, each change
Comes new variables and paths that lead me to a different answer.
And the only thing to conclude is that I will never find the truth in the past.

July 3, 2012

Video of the Day

Really? A Video of the Day? Seriously?

Yeah, sure, why not...

Surely, you know of the overly attached/clingy girlfriend meme, right?

Yeah, this bitch. She needs to die, right?

Well, this is the video that sparked it.

I definitely found this very entertaining. lololol
She had to have practiced that.

July 2, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 4

"Do you see him?" Ace asked.

"No, boss, not at all."

"Well, look for him! He doesn't fly anymore, so he couldn't have gotten far! Find him and kill him!"

Marko looked just out the alley, and he saw the motorcyclists were beginning to regroup and recover from his flying Bazooka Blast off the ramp move. Marko kept his movements stealthy and quiet as he found his way into a nearby building. There didn't seem to be security around, and Marko figured that they were either trying to figure out what was going on outside with the flying motorcycles or had evacuated the building due to all the bombs that had been going off throughout the city. He had easy access to the elevator, so when it opened up, he went in and decided to head to the top floor.

You know, Marko thought, I was wondering why Untouchable X didn't make the grand entrance that I had clearly planned for them to make. And here they are, already in another fight. With classic RPJ screwing Convict shenanigans. Guess it's my turn to make the dramatic entrance. I just gotta figure out where they are.

Marko got to the top floor and looked around, trying to see if he could find some kind of access to the roof. He walked around the hallways for a bit, and he found a door that looked different from the others.

Maybe this leads to the roof.

The door was locked, so Marko Mega Kicked the door in, and it lead to a staircase that went up. Marko nodded as he headed up the stairs to find another door. This one was unlocked.

Marko stepped outside onto the roof. He immediately took to the edge of the building and looked, trying to see if he could find enough commotion that would signify where RPJ and Convict were. Suddenly, he heard something in the background, something that sounded like a computer beeping. Marko slowly turned around and he saw a red human-like figure playing with what looked like a bomb. He almost made a reaction that would have let the figure know of his presence, but he caught himself and kept quiet. He crept towards the figure with the intentions of stopping him and the bomb, but unfortunately, the figure turned around and saw him. The two looked at each other in silence, then the figure smiled and gave Marko a thumbs up. With that thumb, he made a cutthroat sign.

"Fuck. Blaze Dash!"

Marko Blaze Dashed away from the bomb as fast as he could, and sure enough, it exploded. He jumped from the edge of the building to another building using the momentum he got from the Blaze Dash and looked at the fiery blaze, shaking his head.

Something's not adding up here. And I have a feeling that the pointless fighting isn't helping. Still, I gotta find RPJ and-

"Well, well, if it isn't Marko Man."

An unknown voice interrupted Marko's thoughts. He turned around and saw a man wearing a king's outfit.

"Having trouble figuring out my plans?"


"Good. By the time you figure it out, it will be too late."

"Yeah, too late for you to do anything you thought you were going to do."

"Ha. You're a funny man, Marko. But your humor won't get you out of this. My plan... it's simple. So simple, you missed it. But it will get the job done. It will get me exactly where I want to be. And it will get you killed."

Another building exploded in the distance. Both of them looked at the flames.

"Another one. Up in flames. And you don't even know why. This is good stuff."

Marko looked at the king in silence.

"Well, I must be off now. This show is definitely amusing, but it's best watched from afar... so long Marko Man!"

The king flew off into the distance, leaving Marko to ponder what just happened and, perhaps more urgently, what was going to happen.

Naaaaah... I need to find Untouchable X.

to be continued...


This one, I actually did without music. And it shows... such a lack of action.
But it is a set up for quite a finale! I'm still not quite sure what the finale is going to be, but I have a good vision on how it's going down, and I would like to believe it's going to be epic. So stay tuned... there are about three or four parts left.

July 1, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 3

Marko was surrounded by a lot of motorcyclists just like Jack and Ace. They hopped off their motorcycles, revealed clubs, and were ready to take Marko down.

"This ends here Marko Man!" Ace said. "Attack!"

"Okay. Blaze Dash!"

Marko used Blaze Dash to quickly hit one of the motorcyclists before they could attack him. He knocked him down to the ground, then he quickly ran to another one and Mega Kicked him into the air. By that time, the motorcyclists decided to fight back, and they charged at Marko, swinging their clubs. Marko was able to dodge the attacks that were made at him, but because they were so numerous, finding an opening was pretty much impossible.

Marko was dodging club shots all over the place, being sure to not get hit, but he knew that he either had to come up with some kind of offense or some kind of escape plan. He dodged one particularly wild club swing which gave him a little bit more room to breathe, then he used Blaze Dash to try and escape the crowd. He ended up near one of the motorcyclists, and Mega Kicked him to the ground. Marko looked around quickly, seeing that the motorcyclists were quickly moving towards him. He also saw that their motorcycles were vacant, and decided that the way to go at this point was via motorcycle.

Marko boldly charged back towards the motorcyclists. They thought that Marko's move was dumb and showed no signs of backing down because they had the edge in numbers. Marko stopped momentarily and charged up a Bazooka Blast as the motorcyclists continued to attack him. Marko fired the Bazooka Blast and it hit quite a few of them, which managed to clear a path for him. He Blaze Dashed through the path that was created, and he was near the motorcycles. He hopped on one, and looked around its dashboard, hoping for a quick shot at ignition.

"Cool, a key," Marko said. "This needs to work."

Marko turned the key and the motorcycle turned on.

"So if this is just like riding a bike, then I should have no problem doing this."

Marko accelerated a bit, as he had never been on a motorcycle before, though he had rode plenty of bikes. He took off faster than he expected to, but he still was relatively slow and still managed to gain control.

"This fool took one of our motorcycles," Jack said. "Okay. He really wants to die."

"Then let's kill him," Ace said with a sick smile on his face.

Ace and Jack got on their motorcycles, and all but one of the motorcyclist were able to follow suit. Every motorcyclist on a motorcycle started to chase Marko except one. He went in the complete opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Marko was making good ground, but the ground he was making would soon to prove not good enough. He started to hear the motorcycles coming up from behind him. He looked and cursed under his breath, then he decided to test the waters of his own rookie motorcycle skills by accelerating. He was slowly going faster and faster, but the motorcyclists were still move fast enough to catch up to Marko.

"Surrender!" Ace yelled. "You're going to die, so you might as well make it easy on yourself."

Marko waved his hand as though he didn't want the product that Ace was selling.

"Suit yourself."

Ace aimed the club at Marko and started to fire lasers. Marko saw Ace aiming at him through the rear view mirrors, so he was able to change lanes to avoid the shots. However, he was losing stability by dodging the lasers, as he was going much faster than he knew how to control.

This isn't going to work, Marko thought. I'm a end up as road kill at this rate. Speaking of which, I need to find those two already... 

Marko kept dodging shots from Ace, but the lasers were getting more numerous, as more motorcyclists were joining in on the shoot at Marko Man game. Marko looked behind him to see the lasers, and he looked in front of him and saw slight incline in the road ahead.

Okay, I have a stupid idea then.

Marko immediately cranked up the motorcycle to max acceleration, and took off. He kept the motorcycle as steady as he could, but he was losing control. Ace and Jack watched as Marko looked like he was about to put himself in all kind of trouble, when suddenly, the motorcycle Marko was on flew into the air. Marko jumped off the bike, flying at a pretty ridiculous speed, and fired a Bazooka Blast towards the motorcyclists that were coming up on the ramp themselves. Marko managed to hit the ground, but the explosion was able to cause all kinds of discombobulation for the motorcyclists, and they were all flying off their bikes as they hit the ramp.

Marko landed on his feet, barely, and he quickly dodged into some kind of alley as the motorcyclists. He pulled out his phone and called his friend RPJ.


"Yo!" Marko said when RPJ answered. "Where you at?"

"In the same city you in. Convict and I were trying to help you out."

"Okay cool. So where you at?"

"I don't know. You know I suck at directions and stuff."

"Fine. Well just come to me. I'm by-"

"Dude, we're kinda busy. Well, I mean, right now, I'm watching Convict get smacked, but he can only take but so much damage and whatnot... Who am I kidding I can watch this all day."

"Wait, what? Who... what are you doing?"

"We're fighting some... oh snap... later, gotta go."

RPJ hung up on Marko as the rest of the motorcyclists started to recover from Marko's latest stunt.

to be continued...


So in case you're wondering, this randomly generated story is practically being randomly generated based on the music that is randomly played by my mp3 player. I do skip songs that don't fit the mood I'm trying to capture (for example, this played, and just doesn't fit what I'm going for here) in favor of more action packed songs that inspire action packed scenes. 

Still have no idea what the ending looks like. So yeah. I'm having mad fun with this.

Ta ta for now.

When you came my way...
You brightened every day...
With your sweet smile...