October 15, 2012

Tetris Battle is Dumb

This is absolutely positively definitely not Tetris. lololol

Anyone know where I can play people in Tetris without bombs or power ups and hopefully actually get better if I wanted to? Because 91 fabricated lines aren't cutting it for me.

October 4, 2012

Presidential Imperfection

And the problem is
We want the perfect President
But that's an impossible precedent
To push upon the President.

For there is no such thing as perfect people.
For if there were perfect people
They'd already been the President.

Actually, they'd the ruled the world a while ago.
And because their picture's perfect, we'd all be in chill mode.

'Cause they're perfect.
We wouldn't even have complaint,
'Cause complaints imply imperfect Presidents.

But perfection's impossible,
And a President can't present it,
Or precede it, or achieve it,
Yet we see it.

And that perfection that we wish to see
Is what drives to vote for a victory.

And it's a victory that will never be attained
Because picture perfect President can never be maintained.

The highest Bill is Clinton
And he wasn't perfect.
Bomb, bomb, bomb,
Someone had to die to keep us safe.

The highest Bill got top,
And almost got removed for that
Because he lied.
What an imperfect picture
Getting oral in the oval office,
Obviously moaning
From the pleasure of perfection
That the President's wife could not achieve.

So he couldn't do either.

And he might have been best... but.

The highest bill is Franklin aka Benjamin,
While the first one was Washington, and he's the least,
And the man that freed the blacks is a muthafucking penny

We are all equal,
Yet our value very different.
So if we are all equal,
We all gotta be perfect.
But we're not.

And yet, when we vote, we seek perfection,
Whether bought by the TV or your own little inspection,
You use to rights to hand rights over in a connection,
And we force a Perfect President to win a forced election.

But perfection doesn't exist,
And the election's arbitrary,
And the truth remains a ghost,
And the promises are fairy,
I mean very very very high hopes,
High apple pie in the skyyyy hopes.

And we believe it.

Because of the damage.

From the chaos of the quest of perfection.

But illusion is the only truly achieved precedent.
But perfection was never a quest for the President.

October 3, 2012

I Noticed that This Blog has Changed...

You have to understand... when I started this blog, I was in a totally different mindset then compared to what I am now. Still the same person, in general, but my mind and how it works and what it's focused on is way different.

And like, I find myself with not much time to do the detailed writings about things that I kinda sorta care about. Like, I remember last year, I was doing posts on E3, the NBA, and a whole bunch of other shit that caught my mind. I had song of the day, video of the day, The Adventures of Mark Wins, and maybe even other blog features that I hardly even remember anymore. It's all because my mind is in a different place these days...

Like, a lot of the things that media talks about these days simply doesn't interest me. I've also lost interest in many things that I used to care for in place of giving more focus to more important things. Like, for example, most of my personal opinions on shit has disappeared, and a whole lot more poetry has occupied this blog. Poetry is something I've been focusing on a whole lot more.

And I'm also getting Marko Man started. It's taking forever for me to actually get it going, and I actually had to stop and start over the series (well, I didn't restart it yet) in favor of "non-canon" stories that I find way more epic and entertaining than what I was writing. I actually have a few more stories that I want to write before I even bother starting the series back up again... and three fights will end up here on this blog. And I'll start up the series in November for another attack at NaNoWriMo. The difference this time will be that the 50,000 words will catapult me into the crux of the first book. I get the feeling that the first book is going to be long because I've decided to raise up on a few restriction that I imposed on myself... we'll see what happens.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, regardless of the sloth like progress, I need another fucking job. I want something that I can either make a career out of, or something that will give me the opportunity towards a career... you know, something with either growth potential or more money to work towards something else... I dunno yet, but I know for a fact that I need to stop washing dishes for assholes.

So yeah. I don't really have time to focus on other things. I've even cut down on my video game play somewhat... like, it's not a lot, but it's a considerable amount, enough of an amount such that if you lived with me and were paying attention, you'd definitely notice. I guess you could say I'm trying to start growing up, but that process (finally) started in 2009 (and I ain't ashamed to admit it either), and it's simply hitting a new level with a few bumps in the road and shit.

So for anyone who followed the blog in hopes of me continuing to talk about select events of the world and seeing my videos and songs for the day, I apologize. Thing is, I still watch videos and listen to music, so for those things, it's not much more than actually putting out an effort to try and go with it. And I still go on Adventures, I just don't give myself time to write about them. Like, when I went on staycation in September, I biked all around Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY.

And not a single word was typed about it on this blog.

So if I'm losing followers over this, and I'm pretty sure I am, because that whole 4chan vs. 9gag post gave me an insane amount of steam, it's whatever. I like it's evolution. And of course I would. And I'm glad I didn't monetize this blog, because then I'd find myself with extra pressure to give a fuck. But without any monetizing, no fucks shall be given.

At this point, it's your choice to follow the blog or not. Make a wise decision... stick around only if you like my work. And if you don't... peace.

October 2, 2012


You dropped by today.
You showed me pain.
Disappeared once again,
But I'll see you at an end.

You'll be back.

And hopefully next time, I'll be ready,
Because it starting to hurt, and it's not staying steady.

October 1, 2012

The Middle

Looking behind me, I see the darkness.
Looking ahead of me, I see the light.

Where I stand now? A gray area.
Not too bright, not too dark,
Not too much of anything.

Except dreams.

Dreams that I can travel twice as far as I've already walked.
Dreams of success, of fun, of the completion of my happiness.
Completion, because I feel happy enough.

And then I hear that one song.
And then I see that one picture.
And then I feel that one beat in my heart...

Don't stop. There's more.

That's the consistent message.
Whether I hear it, see it, or feel it.
That is the consistent message.

You fought already? Fight some more.
You walked already? Now run.

And I'm not even tired.
Though I'm not fresh.
Somewhere in between.


And I know I don't want to go back.
And I know I want to go forward.
And I know I move too slow.
And I know at least I move slow towards
The things that I want to see.

And I know that if I don't see them,
I know that it could be disappointing.

And I know that if I don't see them,
I know that I appreciate what I saw.

Trapped in a vision of dreams,
A vision when I can look back,
Just like this particular moment...

And say...

I won.


Because I already won.
I conquered the darkness.
To an extent.

And all that is left
Is to conquer the light.
And to embrace it.
For everything
I ever wanted it to be.

But perhaps, it's not worth it.
Maybe I'm not meant
To have everything I want.

And every time that doubt
Creeps into my mind,
Fight it I must.

For that is only the darkness's call,
Looking for me, wanting me back,
Missing me.

Missing me just like I missed success,
Like I missed happiness, love,
And all those wonderful feelings
That make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Maybe I am settling for something less
Than my original, youthful dreams.

Maybe the realistic part of me
Is taking over and understanding.

And it understands that I can do what I want.
I ain't too old just yet.

I've come a long way.
I've got a long way to go.