May 23, 2012

A Man Named Sin

‎"Do you know why they call me Sin?" he yelled angrily. "It's because no matter what I do, it's a sin. I want to love some woman? It must be lust. Fine, so let me do for myself. That's greed. Fine, so I'll help others and be proud of that. That's pride.

"In trying to avoid sin, I do nothing. That's sloth. And then I get jealous of those who do things. That's envy. And then I get hungry, so I eat. Gluttony. So I starve, and I get grumpy and angry. Wrath.

"Do you see the trap that you've been caught in? You can't do a damn thing without it being considered bad. So fuck it! I'll do it all! Whatever I want! To hell with the trap!

"You see me? I have escaped the trap. I don't abide by the trap. I say 'Fuck the trap.' And that is why they call me Sin."

May 16, 2012

"What's on Your Mind?" FaceBook Asks...

These thoughts have no words.
These ideas have no tangent.
This mind is lost.
This mind will be found.

Thinking is abstract.
Thoughts are incredible.
This time, we'll lose.
This time, we'll also win.

Through the balance comes balance.
Through the balance comes a tilt.
Through the loops comes air.
Through the winds come change.

This future that I speak of,
This danger around the corner,
This mind cannot comprehend.
This mind can only experience.

These are the woes.
These are the wins.
This is a problem.
That is the one.

There are multiple paths.
There are roads to an end.
There are roads to a victory.
That is the path I shall take.

These are the thoughts.
This is the mind.
There is the heart.
Those are the lights.

Through this path, I'll suffer.
Through this path, I'll battle.
Through this path, I'll suffer.
Through this path, I'll win.

May 3, 2012

Of Months, Delays, and New Adventures

National Poetry Month

So I would like to say that the concept of poetry month was relatively successful for me. The only thing that I didn't do that I wanted to do was show up to an open mic and present some of my work (especially some stuff that I did this month... I wrote some really awesome stuff this month). Otherwise, I definitely wrote more than 30 poems this month (the goal was 30, and I pretty much crushed it), but I didn't exactly finish editing all of them. That will happen in due time, and within the week (hopefully). And when that's done, I'll post a bunch of blogs with said poems and I'll post an "HQ" blog, if you will, with links to each poem, so that you, as the reader, can select which poems interest you the most by the title. That's coming soonish... hopefully.

Marko Man Sparring Sessions... delayed even further...

So when I first made the announcement of the delay here, I said that perhaps in June, I'd get this thing rolling, but perhaps it wouldn't happen.

Yeah. It's not going to happen in June. I still have some fights done, actually, but overall, the entire concept it nowhere near how I'd want it to come out. And while I haven't been working on it, I don't see me working on it anytime soon because of what I have in story for May.

New Adventures

So I had already had two things that I wanted to do lined up for May.
One was watch Asura's Wrath. (because it's not a game, but it looks like an epic ass movie or something. but it's clearly not a game and I'm sorry for everyone who paid $60 to watch it because I'm totally going to watch it for free on YouTube.)
The other thing I wanted to do was read "The Hunger Games."

But a few days ago, I had this ridiculously incredible dream. And I want to attempt to write a story based on that dream. Considering how I haven't touched "A Life so Awesome it Hurts" since November 30th, I can only wonder how far along I'll get with this... but we'll see.