November 23, 2012

10K Black Friday

So here's a quick update on my NaNoWriMo status...

I'm behind insanely.
But then there was an idea that was called "10K Black Friday," where you write ten thousand words today, on Black Friday. That's over 9000 words. (see what I did there?)

I'm gunning for it. Because I'm behind.

I am going to find a relevant picture before I get back to work...

And we have a winner....

Okay, back to work.


Edit: as of 4:25 am, I'm at 5892 words for the day. Not bad.

I'll do more when I wake up.

November 13, 2012

Marko Man and NaNoWriMo

Marko Man practically writes itself.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo (50,000 words for the month of November), and as it stands, I'm at about 20,000 words right now, which is relatively on par with where I should be. Given the proper time, I should be able to crush that, as I'm finally off and running with the first book.

I have to admit that I did, in fact, begin again on November 1st, making this the third time I started writing, but I'm on it, I'm writing it, and I'm cruising. I'm doing things a little differently though, the biggest of which is writing every chapter as an Episode (at least for the time being). For whatever reason, it's tricking my mind into being much more interesting in the writing, probably because I've been writing on the Internet for so long and I've called them Episodes. Whatever the case may be, doing it this way also allows me to create the entire Marko Man universe. I don't have any showing of it yet, but eventually, I'll be writing episodes that will fill plot holes between books and be able to introduce new characters and new teams and new villains and new worlds and such. And then, when it's all said and done, I'll have a complete Marko Man universe, and I'll be able to deal with the stories how I want to deal with them.

Most of all, I'm definitely having fun writing these stories, and in the end, that's what matters. I just wrote a finished off a fight that I had imagined in my head for quite a while, and damn it, it felt good to finally get that story off, as well the build up.

However, only one quarter of the first book is done. There's plenty more action and mayhem to be written for this first book alone.

And then, of course, there's the future. Who knows what the future has in store for Marko Man. Sure, I may know the general path of where the series is going and when it will end up, but by writing things in the form of episodes, I can fit things in and remove things and move things in what I psychologically feel is much easier. So if I come up with an idea mid-write, I can just throw in an episode and I'll figure out what to do with it when I'm done with the drafts.

As far as NaNoWriMo is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if I hit the 50,000 word mark way before Novermber 30th, unlike last year where I believe I hit it at the last hour. As long as I allocate the time to writing (which is much easier to do since I've deactivated my FaceBook), the word flow freely... at least now. I'm pretty sure that I'll get to 50,000, and unlike last year's book, I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to keep going until I'm done and/or good and ready to stop.

Thing is, I have to face the fact, Marko Man is my calling. Any story idea that I come up with should simply be Marko Man-ified, for lack of a better word. And with the concept of episodes, there are plenty of story ideas that I had that I can just throw into the Marko Man universe seemingly at will... well, at least it can be at will after I finish establishing Marko Man basics, which is what the first book is kinda sorta supposed to do.

Even ideas from the book I started last year will probably end up in the Marko Man series somewhere. Actually, I can assure you that it will.

So yeah. Marko Man is my calling.

And poetry. I think I've gotten pretty good at that, but that's not the point.

Marko Man shall live, and you shall live to read about it. :D

November 12, 2012

NaNoWriMo and Other Things

I'm gonna keep this short because I'm kinda behind on the NaNoWriMo writing.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year, and this time, Marko Man is involved. So it's about to get real.

I deactivated my FaceBook for NaNoWriMo and to discover if I can access my killer instinct at will. I love who I am and who I turned out to be, but sometimes, I can be so very passive towards the things that I want to do and the things that I need to do.

I'm hoping to change that.

FaceBook can be an incredible distraction if you let it be.
FaceBook has distracted me from a few things that I want to do... such as move forward.
I've seen very little growth within myself in 2012. I don't feel like waiting until January 1st, 2013 to start growing. So here I am.

It starts with NaNoWriMo.
It could continue with saving the Princess and/or escaping the Airship.
Where does it end? I don't know. That's a part of the adventure.

I'll get back to FaceBook eventually, but I really really need to get things started. So many idea, so many ideas, so many ideas. And they're jumbled. And I'm already on this for too long.


November 10, 2012


These are dreamy thoughts,
Warm, calm thoughts that always put
A smile on my face.

I Love My Job

I've been doing this for years.
I've seen villains go beyond their means,
Beyond what they ever planned to do.
I've seen death, both untimely and deserved.
I've watched people sacrifice themselves for me,
For their loved ones, for the supposed greater good,
In hopes that the end of their lives
Would allow others to continue.
I've been hurt.
I've been beaten.
I've had my heart broken.
I've had my will broken.
I've seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.
I've saved the world many a time,
And I don't really have anything to show for it.
Hell, half the time the world didn't even know it was being saved.
And crush me, it did.
All of that pressure, all of the expectations,
It brought me to a low that I would have never imagined.

But regardless, I continued my job.

I asked myself that question,
"Should I get some type of reward for what I do?"
And the answer that I came up with was it doesn't matter.
I've been doing what I've been doing for so long,
Not for a reward,
But because I love doing what I do.
I may have never received a single cent.
I may not always get the girl.
I may not get any recognition.
But I legitimately receive plenty of satisfaction in saving the lives I've saved, touching the souls I've touched, and kicking the asses I've kicked.
When shit hits the fan they call me because I live for that scent.
When darkness lurks and grows I'm the torch that burns the shadows.
When the pressure is on I've added the most bad ass of moments to my record.
I don't need benefits.
The benefits are all in the job itself.
I may not be a perfect hero,
I may not be the best hero,
I may not be the purest hero,
But damn it I love the hero that I am.
I don't need a fucking incentive.
I love my job.

The Amazon

She's an interesting warrior indeed.
Stronger than her beauty implies,
Incredibly versatile,
Yet easy to underestimate.
And perhaps, that is her best weapon.
You underestimate her, you get hurt.
That's what happened to you, and you lost. Hard.
Perhaps I'm underestimating her too.
And if I am, then so be it.
I'll get over it. Five stages of depression.
But if I win...

*raises one arm*

It'll be my greatest win yet.

November 9, 2012

Crisis of Chaos

You blow my mind.
You thought that you could just interfere with fate and destiny
And everything would be a-okay?
You thought that you could defy logic and still believe in it?
You thought that you could dabble in the very fabric of our livelihood
And things wouldn't start busting at the seems.

You're a fool.
You started this chaos.
You caused this chaos.
You're the reason people want you dead.
You're the reason people want this planet destroyed.
You're the reason people are looking to be at the top of the food chain.

You're the reason the food chain is vulnerable enough as it is...

And yet, you're handling this chaos with such poise,
Such composure, such leadership.

You, you've changed.
Just as you've changed everything you ever knew,
You changed yourself as well,
Perhaps by accident.

The you that I knew would have cracked.
The you that I knew would have folded under such pressure.

Yet you stand there.
Facing your doom.
With a smile on your face.


I dunno. I guess I'm just in a really good mood.


So, I guess there's no need to hold back now...

Look at my scars...

He did this to me.
I don't like these scars.
For every scar on my body,
I shall rip him into that many pieces.

Don't bother resisting.
Join me, you fools.
You come from me,
But he brainwashed you.
Claims to be your leader,
But your emperor will waste you in a moment's notice.

Fine, go on and keep attacking.
I know all your moves.
You are me, you come from me.
Keep proving it.
Keep proving that you are nothing but dogs.
You are nothing but pawns in your emperors grand plans...

Grand plans
That have finally began to see their end.

These scars will have their revenge.
Only when each scar is accounted for
Will each scar heal.

Value of That Luster

 it's rough out here.
life didn't come with an instruction manual.
it came with promises of gold as a youngster.
but the luster for many was simply pyrite.

so we grew up and we cashed in.
and what we got in return was garbage.
because that's what we believed in.
but one man's trash in another man's treasure.

you might think it's hard.
but some got it way harder.
so take the cards that you were dealt,
turn it into a winning hand.

even a pair of 2's can win a game of poker if you believe in it hard enough.

it just can't beat a royal flush.

but how often do you go up against royal toilets?

Bridges and Trees

I had a wicked dream and it brought up a question,
If a new bridge was built, would I cross it?

It's not as simple as the question looks,
For the land I am on seems dreamy...

Yet I probably really didn't get much out of it.
Perhaps internal growth and stuff.

But with all that I invested in this land,
I still don't see any trees.

The people across the bridge are chanting,
And they've seen my hard work.

The people across the bridge are advertising,
Promising me the world if I do what I did here for them.

They're assuring me the best, but how can I be sure?
And how do I know the same promises weren't implied here?

My biggest thing is that while the trees might never grow,
Trees don't grow overnight...

The Inevitable

I started to have nightmares about the dead bodies,
Of the people I sacrifices for the "greater good."
The dead bodies criticized me, complained about my choices.
These dead bodies were of people I loved.
Those nightmares hurt.

I tried to stay awake and stay focused on something else,
But the dead bodies haunted me in my thoughts,
And I even heard their voices while awake.
It hurt just as bad as the nightmares,
Only now I wasn't getting any rest.

I started going to sleep again,
And I had a different type of nightmare,
A nightmare where I saw my death in battle.
How I died, why I died, who killed me.
That one hurt even worse.

No one wants to die.
And you may not know it, but no one wants to foresee their death.
So I trained, hoping to overcome this premonition.
But the more I trained, the clearer the nightmare,
And the more I hurt.

So now I stand before you.
I see the same dark clouds, the same mountains in the back ground,
The evil face of relentless fury.
And I can assure you
The hurt for both of us will end today.