June 30, 2012

A Random Adventure Within my Mind Part 2

Project was getting bigger, and therefore stronger, and perhaps more impervious to damage. Marko watched as Project's size increased, and he shook his head.

"Scared yet?" Project taunted.

"Actually... No."

"No fear? Fine! You'll still get crushed! AHHHHHHH!"

Project's growth stopped, then he punched the ground. A shock wave in the ground was moving directly towards Marko. He jumped over the shock wave easily, but he held his position. Project punched the ground again, sending another shock wave towards Marko, and he jumped over it again, still holding his position.

"You must really be scared... good."

Project ran towards Marko and Marko took steps backwards. Project threw a wild haymaker, and Marko ducked under Project's huge fist, then he took off running. Project turned around and saw that Marko was off to the races with no intention of turning around to continue the fight.

"Come back here!" Project yelled. "Matter of fact, stop!"

Project smashed the ground with both hands, causing a huge earthquake. The earthquake caused Marko to trip and end up on the ground, so Project jumped into the air with the intention of crushing Marko under his huge body upon landing. Marko saw Project coming, so he got up and managed to connect a Mega Kick to Project's chin as he landed. The attack knocked Project off balance and he landed on his back, and actually managed to hurt him a bit.

Marko once again took off running, moving faster than before. Project got up off the ground, seeing Marko run off, and he realized that at this rate, he would not be able to catch him. He pulled out a phone and dialed a number.

"Yeah. You may have designed me to kill Marko, but you forgot to design me to catch him if he starts running. And boy is he running... You'll catch him... Good. I'll be waiting... oh, you want to me to move... yeah, that makes plenty of sense. I'll definitely meet you half way."

Marko kept running, and he noticed that Project was nowhere near him. He continued to run because he knew that he needed help for his current situation, and he knew exactly where to go to get good help. Unfortunately, Marko started to run with a couple of motorcycles. The cyclists pulled out clubs, and started to swing at Marko as he ran. Marko came to a halt, which is exactly what the cyclists wanted. They hopped off their bikes, still with the clubs in hand, and they smiled at Marko, still with their helmets on.

"Marko Man!" one of the cyclists said. "Did you think you were going to just escape?"

"I mean, that was the plan for the moment."

"Marko Man? Trying to escape?" the other cyclist said. "Since when do you run from challenges?"

"Since there's bigger fish to fry."

The two cyclists looked at each other, and then they shook his head.

"Don't worry about it Ace," one of the cyclists said. "I mean, even if he knows, he won't live to tell about it, so it's cool. We got this."

"Good point Jack," the other cyclists said. "We got this."

They turned their attention back to Marko, and they pointed their clubs at him. They suddenly fired lasers at Marko, which he was able to dodge. Many lasers were shot, and many lasers were dodged. Marko kept moving, trying to find an opening, but the lasers were coming pretty quick. He decided that he needed to move towards Ace and Jack to try and get some damage done, but when he got close enough to Ace, the lasers stopped coming and Ace swung his club with the power and the precision to hit Marko and knock him to the ground.

"Foolish move. Now die!"

Ace fired a laser at Marko, but he got up and jumped over the laser. He fired a Megodoken as he landed, but the blast was stopped with a laser from Ace. Jack fired lasers as well, and Marko was once again dodging a bunch of lasers with no opening in sight. Marko kept dodging, and was soon dodging the lasers with minimal positional movement. This made it easier to aim at Marko for Ace and Jack, but they still weren't hitting him. Marko suddenly strafed to his left and fired a Bazooka Blast. Ace and Jack tried to fire lasers at the Bazooka Blast, but it was too powerful, and the Bazooka Blast hit Jack, knocking him to the ground and hurting him quite a bit. The attack's power surprised Ace enough for him to look at Jack as he was on the ground, so Marko used a Blaze Dash to take advantage of the distraction, running into Ace and knocking him into the air before he hit the ground.

Marko turned his attention towards Jack as he was getting up, and immediately ran at him. Once Jack was on his feet, he immediately swung his club at Marko, but he dodged the swing and countered with a quick punch, punch, Mega Kick combo that knocked Jack back down. He fired a Megodoken at Ace as he was getting up, but Ace dodged the blast. He was about to fire lasers at Marko, but Marko was able to Blaze Dash near Ace before he could start shooting. Once he was in attack range, Marko connected a seven hit combo that ended in a Mega Kick, knocking Ace down to the ground once again.

Suddenly, Marko Man hear more motorcycles. They were distant at first, but they were definitely a lot of them, and with a turn of his head, Marko confirmed that there were a lot of them.

"Ha!" Ace said. "You're gonna get it now!"

"We said you wouldn't live to tell this story," Jack added. "We weren't kidding."

"Live to tell the story?" Marko said. "I don't even know what the story is yet..."

to be continued...


No, I'm serious though. I'm still not quite sure where this is going. Isn't it awesome? lol

Anyway, it's late, and I'm lazy. And tired. I'll link up the posts accordingly for easier navigation and stuff at a later date. Ta Ta for Now.

June 29, 2012

A Random Adventure Within My Mind Part 1

Marko landed from the the top of the exploding building, only to find himself surrounded by three masked men.

"Well, time for you guys to go down," Marko announced. "Blaze Dash!"

Marko immediately Blaze Dashed into one of the masked men, knocking him away from the scene. The other two charged towards him, trying to attack, but Marko was able to avoid the strikes. He used a Mega Kick to knock one of them away, and then he dodged a few more attacks before countering a missed kick with a 5 hit combo that ended in a Megodoken, knocking him to the ground.

The first masked man that was knocked down fired an energy blast at Marko, and it was easily dodged. Marko ran toward him, only to have two more blasts fired at him from different directions. Marko dodged the blasts and tossed a masked man into the direction of another one, knocking them both down.

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko launched the Bazooka Blast, and it hit both of them, killing them in the explosion. Marko turned to the other masked man that was left, but he didn't seem fazed by Marko's attack. He actually decided to charge at Marko, so Marko charged back at him much faster. Marko met the masked man with a punch that connected, so Marko continued his attack with a few more punches, and kick that knocked the masked man into the air, and finished with a Bazooka Blast.

"That was cake," Marko said to himself, "but-"

Marko was suddenly knocked down on the ground by a tremendous punch.

"Fool! Go down and stay down!"

A giant figure jumped into the air and was landing towards Marko, trying to smash him into the ground. Marko rolled out of the way at the last second, but the impact of the punch still managed to knock him into the air. Marko used that air to get himself on his feet.

"Who the hell are you?"

"They call me Project. I've been made and sent to kill you once and for all."

"Good luck."

Marko ran towards Project, and Project threw a punch. Marko jumped to avoid the punch and countered with a Megodoken. The blast connected, but Project was barely harmed by the attack.

"You're too weak, Marko Man! You will go down! Now!"

Project reached into the ground and pulled a piece of the asphalt they were fighting on out of it, then he tossed it at Marko. He suffered from a moment of shock at Project's raw strength, but then he quickly Blaze Dashed out of the way of the flying asphalt.

"You're on steroids, aren't you?"

"Define steroids..."

Project pulled out another piece of the asphalt and once again launched it at Marko. This time, there was no shock, so Marko was able to get out of the way quick. He ran towards Project again, and Project went to grab Marko. He jumped over Project's arms and double jumped over Project's head, firing off another Megodoken as he landed behind him. The Megodoken connected, but once again did minimal damage. Project turned around, throwing a backhand that Marko didn't see, and it sent him flying.

Marko landed on the ground, and he felt the mini earthquake that was being caused by Project running towards him. Project performed a somersault, then he jumped into the air with his body out like he was trying to splash into Marko while he was on the ground. Marko kicked both of his legs into Project's stomach as hard as he could before he could land, and it managed to knock Project away. Marko got up on his feet, and he attacked the downed Project with a running kick to his head. Marko turned around, but he saw Project getting up, so he decided to stop for a moment.

"You're good, but not good enough." Project taunted.

"Really? Because you're not good at all." Marko retorted.

Marko's response made Project mad, so he angrily charged at Marko, wanting to simply rip Marko's head off. He threw a punch, but Marko block it and was still knocked back a few feet. Project kept charging, this time elbow first, and Marko blocked the elbow charge with his hands out in front of him, catching the elbow. Project was angered by Marko's direct challenge to his strength, so he swiped at Marko, knocking him away, but Marko still landed on his feet.

"See, the problem here is that while I'm still testing the new style of fighting here," Marko explained, "this isn't exactly the full reboot yet."

"What exactly does that mean to me?" Project asked. "Why should I care?"

"Well, it means I still got more than enough fight experience to take you out."


Project smashed his hand into the ground, and caused a huge earthquake that actually managed to knock Marko on the ground. He kept smashing his fist into the ground, and it kept Marko on the ground. As he smashed one fist into the ground, the other hand was picking up another smaller piece of asphalt from the ground. The second task was diverting some attention from the first, so the earthquake was calming down, and it was allowing Marko to get up on his feet and gain some footing. Project noticed Marko was on his feet again, so he brought his hand up, then smashed it back down into the ground. Marko jumped just as Project slammed his hand into the ground, and that's when Project tossed the asphalt at him, believing that he had him in the perfect trap. However, Marko double jumped in mid air, avoiding the flying asphalt portion and sending his own Bazooka Blast at Project. The blast connecting, and the explosion knocked Project down.

This is a waste of time, Marko thought. I have to find out why that building exploded, who did it, what they're up to, and how I can stop it. Man, I might need help with this.

Project got up, and he laughed.

"Okay Marko Man... I get it now... you're not as weak as you look. But like I said, I was made to kill you. And therefore, I will kill you. NOW! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRGH!"

to be continued....


This was written via boredom, and now I'm challenging myself to continue it every night after work and have it completed by Monday night/Tuesday morning

I have no idea how this is going to end at the moment, so I'm hanging off the same cliff as you are. ^_^

June 28, 2012

Let's Be Random for a Second...

All Random Everything... Go!
  • Miami Heat won the Finals. Go figure. Totally feel that OKC didn't play their best ball in the Finals (they won the same amount of games as the Knicks, who I also felt didn't actually try), and I don't feel like LeBron was tested... don't get me wrong, the man's play was phenomenal throughout the post season, but I don't think he's proven himself great yet. Only time will test that out... we'll see what happens. But congrats, Heat, and all you new found Heat fans. He still should have won the first one.
  • Just started working on my Marko Man series... like, I've been "planning" it for years and years and years on end, but now, I'm like ready to write it. A part of the reason I'm ready to write it is because of a near death experience I had a few weeks ago, and a part of the reason I'm ready to write it is because I simply don't have much else to write. Hell, for all I know, I might just be a really bad prose writer, and Marko Man is simply my only niche... because I swear, I have a very hard time completing any type of writing dealing with any other class of characters. Marko Man and the related company... those are my babies, yo. Everything else is extra fat.
  • Still trying to get the most beautiful woman in the world. It's crazy, 'cause like, I feel like I should be on the level where I can just stop by her house and send her extra sweet shit and shit like that. But shit just hasn't progressed the way I thought it would. But it's okay. She's a grown ass woman with priorities and self respect, and I respect that too much. And I wasn't looking for anyone anyway. So I'll wait. . . . . . . I'll wait.
  • IT'S SUMMER TIME! and yet, for the most part, my summer has sucked ass... June sucked. May wasn't that bad, but, despite the few 90 degree days we had, I don't think it counts as summer. But June? June fucking sucked. Remind me to will July into being a much, much better month.
  • I'm getting a new computer soon. And I'm pretty sure it's going to be blue!
  • I can't sleep. As usual, right? I mean, I did a 437 hour shift the other day, and still took about an hour or two before I fell asleep. It's cool though, because when I do sleep, she's probably going to be there and shit.
  • I do have a few fights written that I said I was going to debut here on this blog. They involve characters such as Convict and Diablord.... but I don't know how soon that is.
  • ALSO, SCW IS IN (kinda) FULL EFFECT! I just need my job to stop zapping energy from me so that I can debut the gotdamn videos... shhheesh.
  • These bullet points are getting waaaay too short. So in order for me to make a long one, I'm probably just going to come up with some bull... oh no, I got an idea... let me talk about E3. Well, if I talked about E3, then this would still be relatively short, because I gave not a shit about E3... but here's my reasoning (so as to expand this particular bullet point)... see, I'm probably not getting any of these newfangled systems anytime soon anyway, so I didn't feel like being bothered with the E3 coverage. I heard something about new systems and no used games because Game Stop is a company of assholes or something like that... I just don't know anymore... it's funny, because I used to be all about gaming and whatnot when I was an aspiring designer, but now? All of that aspiring designer theory and whatnot has been on the back burner indefinitely. But don't you worry, you few fans, you. I'll will definitely be releasing a game of my own... eventually.
  • Apparently, there's a whole bunch of cool stuff on tumblr, right? Well, I know nothing of it. Whenever I go on tumblr, all I ever see (or look at) (or search for) are pornographic images. Mostly gifs, but standstills are cool too. Whatever works, you know? (Well now, you can't just say "whatever works" and expect not a single gay joke to pass through here, can you?)
  • I have to get around to resigning from writing for TNAStars.com. It's not that the place sucks... it's actually a damn cool website for TNA/Impact Wrestling related news. It's just that I've been insanely inactive there... like, even with the few blogs I'm posting here, at least I acknowledge this blog's presence. Over there at TNAStars.com, I've neglected it completely. I don't even visit that website anymore... then again, there are a lot of websites that I don't visit anymore or as much, such as TNAStars, SonicRetro, Shoryuken, MegaVideo, SlutLoad... I just don't give myself the time to visit them like that. Hey, that's life.
And I think the sun is on its way up and what not. I guess that's my cue to go to sleep. I might have to work today... I dunno... we'll see what my phone does.


and you know what? One more, because she's hot!

No, that's not the aforementioned lady. But she's still hot though. I hope she don't get mad that I featured this pic on the blog though........

"But... well... shouldn't you post a pic of the said aforementioned lady then?"

I should... I should...

Told you. Beautiful. 

Now let's just hope that they don't get mad for these posted pics....

Welp... Good morning... Have a Nice Day Folks!

June 17, 2012

So I Have a New Idea...

(but like, when don't I have an idea, right?)

Anyway, I have this idea, and it came to me last night... WRITE THE ENTIRE MARKO MAN SERIES RIGHT AWAY!!!

Okay, probably not right away, but the idea is to definitely start writing the series really soon. This immediately scraps the Marko Man Sparring Sessions idea if I go with this idea, although I will post the few completed fights I did write on this blog. This also kinda sorta throws a curve in the idea of taking writing classes that I had, but in reality, I probably wasn't doing that any time soon anyway. I figured that I'd write the ten books, then maybe take the classes and with the knowledge gained from those classes I could better craft my stories for publishing.

But even if my stories are never officially published (because I could totally "self publish" them), the goal of finishing the Marko Man series would be fulfilled once and for all, and I can only imagine how amazing that would feel...

Off hand, I can see me planning out the series' details over the next few days/weeks/months, and then taking a 2 - 4 year period to actually write them. Once the entire series is written, I haven't the slighest idea what kind of path awaits me. Maybe it'll get published in the first shot. Maybe I'll have to self-publish it and push it myself. Maybe I'll release each chapter as online only episodic content. Maybe someone will read my stories and find them better suited for a different type of media... Who knows.

What I do know (or think I know) is that I wanna get this series over with. The ideas that have fluttered about in my head over Marko Man have fluttered long enough... it's about time I immortalize them.

June 13, 2012

Revival of My Writes

I had an awkward moment where I kinda forgot I was a writer.

I've been working and looking for a new job and organizing this date that keeps getting cockblocked and playing video games and relaxing and enjoying slightly different avenues of relaxation.

And then I forgot that I'm a writer.

And I've done a tad bit of writing here and there, but for the most part, nothing of what I wrote is complete. Or even any good. It was done as an obligation to write, not for the passion of writing.

This lack of passion has been pretty devastating on the low. It's been putting Marko Man Sparring Sessions on infinite hold. It's kept me from editing some of the amazing poems I've written for National Poetry Month in April. As aforementioned, it's made anything I've written complete and utter trash.

So I'm going to relocate my passion and I'm going to revive my passion with a vengeance soon. Real soon. I'm gonna deal with a few more things that can and shall be dealt with, I'm going to figure out what can be put on a back burner, and I'm going to write.

I'm going to write fights.
I'm going to write scenarios.
I'm going to write poems.
I'm going to write whatever the fuck comes to my head.

Sad part is that I'm willing to bet that a lot of it doesn't actually end up on this blog... but it might.

But really, at this point, I could care less. I just know that I want to get back into writing. I haven't even been in a pissy mood to be like "FUCK, MUST WRITE RIGHT NOW," but there always a slight itch that I've been ignoring and neglecting and trying to fulfill slightly in the wrong way.

But soon... I'll be back.

June 5, 2012

365 Days Since

It has been a year
Since I first laid eyes on her.
That feeling's still there.

Almost an End

so yeah, I don't post here often anymore.

I am definitely out growing this blog. But it's definitely been fun.

I'm not going to delete it because it's nice to go back and see my thoughts and such. But until further notice, I doubt I'll be posting in this blog like that. Like, when I started this blog, I was in a whole different type of mind set. Now... well, things have changed. I'm working, I'm tryna get this girl, I have some money in my pocket, and I'm still tryna move forward with life. You know, write books, better job, get that girl... I've been thinking about taking writing classes. And I feel like this is the first bit of writing I've done in weeks. I'm going to have to change that somehow.

It's been a good run. I don't wanna say it's over, but I'm definitely done with this blog for now.

Maybe the future will provide some kind of use for it.