December 31, 2012

Games to Play and Games to Beat in 2013

So with the new year coming, there are so many things to do... and among them are playing and beating old school video games.

Why old school games? Well, I don't have any current gen systems, and I really don't plan on buying one any time soon. Maybe when I make a little bit more money... but until then, old school is all I got.

And it's not like that's a bad thing...

Games to Beat

Super Mario Bros. 2: I beat Lost Levels, but I never beat the one with the vegetables and stuff.
Donkey Kong Country 3: I've beaten it once just because, but this is such an inferior DKC game in my opinion. I'm gonna suffer through it again...
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: I'm probably gonna save this for last... I've beat it once, and I struggle to beat this game for a 2nd time
Donkey Kong 64: I've never beat this. I only remember getting lost and whatnot. maybe now I'll actually beat it.
Diddy Kong Racing: for the hell of it
Super Castlevania 4: aka Super Chainslvania 4 (link to video)
Super Mario RPG: I really try to enjoy RPGs, but for the most part, they fall apart when the opponent dodges my attack and then kills me in one move... but I'll try this again...
Fire Emblem My new phone is almost practically a Game Boy Advance SP, and I'll be looking to beat the GBA edition(s) of Fire Emblem. Perhaps Advance Wars as well.

Games to Play

Sega Genesis

Ranger X
World of Illusion
Super Street Fighter 2 (it had Expert Mode. If you like running through arcade modes, then you may or may not appreciate it.)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
Lost Vikings
Secret of Mana (supposedly it's an action RPG, so maybe I'll enjoy it. Maybe.)

December 21, 2012

Marko Man in: End of the World

So I wanted to write a festive little story, and I did... based on the End of the World.

Don't look at me like that... Christmas is every year, but the world only ends like, every six years or so. The end of the world is a much rarer event, so I think it should be celebrated as such.

Anyway, here's a small End of the World story. Helped me relieve some stress from this month... this month of December really hit me hard. It's not as epic as it could have been, but it's still rather entertaining. Hope you enjoy.


“Black clouds are always a bad sign,” Marko said to himself, “but black clouds with a face on it while being surrounded by fire can really only mean one thing... end of the world.”

The black cloud with the fire surrounding it was moving in Marko’s direction as he was walking towards the mall to do some last minute Christmas shopping. The face looked in Marko’s direction, and it seemed to smile at him.

“I might need some back up for this.”

Marko pulled out his phone, only to find that he wasn’t getting any service.

“Perfect. No service. This end of the world stuff is serious. Fine. I’ll handle it on my own.”

The fire increased the temperature and the brightness of the area, and this made a whole bunch of people come out of their houses to see what was going on. They saw Marko Man, and they looked up in fear, having never seen anything like that before. Marko looked around, seeing all the people, and he definitely didn’t need them to be there in the line of fire and distracting him.

"Whoa whoa whoa, does anyone else here got superpowers?"

Marko didn't get a response.

"Okay, then chill the fuck out, I got this. Everyone get out of here, get out of harms way and be safe.”

People started to run in the opposite direction of the flaming black cloud. The eyes of the cloud looked, seeing all the fleeing people, and as though it didn’t approve of the evacuation, the cloud shot a fireball down towards the street.

“Oh no you don’t! Bazooka Blast!”

Marko fired off the Bazooka Blast to combat the fireball from the sky. The two blasts connected and canceled each other out. Marko continued to look in the sky, and the flaming black cloud let out a slow, angry roar. As it roared, black specs started to fall from the cloud to the ground. They were falling fast, and there were a lot of them, but Marko wasn’t too sure what the black specs were about, so he ran forward to investigate. It didn’t take much running for Marko to see a bunch of black figures in the street, rising up from the black puddles in the ground that the black specs from the sky made.

“We are the Minions of Doom,” one of the black figures said. “The time is now. This is the end.”

“Yeah, the end of you!” Marko said. “Bazooka Blast!”

Marko launched the Bazooka Blast at the Minion of Doom that claimed the end was here, and the blast connected in an explosion, destroying that minion and hurting a few other minions as well. Through the smoke, the minions charged through to attack Marko. He didn’t anticipate their aggressive move, so he ended up on defense at first, defending against a whole bunch of punches and kicks. He was on defense for a few seconds, and then a few more, then he got a little mad that he was on defense for so long.

“Mega Kick!”

Marko dodged three consecutive attacks and countered with a Mega Kick that hit four minions. From there, he pushed forward and kept attacking with his own punches, hitting every minion that he saw. He did have to dodge a few punches, but he continued his attack, countering missed punches with Mega Kicks. He continued to attacks with punches to the faces of the minions, then he dodged a fireball with a Blaze Dash, hitting one minion and knocking him into two more. Marko turned around, having to dodge attacks from four minions at one, and he used another Blaze Dash to get away, but one minion stuck his foot out and managed to trip Marko, making him hit the ground. Before the minions could take advantage, he spun on his back with his feet out, sweep kicking whatever minions were in the circle, then he sprung up on his feet using his hands, and when he was airborne, he connected a Mega Kick. Once his feet were back on the ground, he fired a Bazooka Blast, with an explosion that managed to create a bit of space. Marko ran into the smoke, emerging from the other side and went on a rampage, connecting Mega Kick after Mega Kick, hitting one minion with each kick but taking down about four or five since he would knock minions into other minions. Marko kept attacking with these Mega Kicks until he got blasted from behind with a fireball, which knocked him to the ground. He ended up on his stomach first, but quickly got to his back as minions tried to jump on top of him. Marko used his feet to kick minions off of him as they tried to jump on top of him. After seven kicks, a bunch of minions tried to jump on top of him.

“Bazooka Blast!”

Marko fired the Bazooka Blast and it hit the airborne minions, with an explosion to keep him out of sight for a moment. He rolled to one side before getting up, and he noticed that there were minions that were trying to attack him, but they simply couldn’t see him.

“I’m over here!” Marko said. “Mega Kick!”

Marko connected three Mega Kicks, taking down a bunch of minions with those attacks. Marko continued to attack, punching minions in the face, kicking minions in the stomach, blasting minions with Megodokens, and charging into minions with Blaze Dashes. Marko was on a roll for a good minute until one of the minions managed to hit him in the back of his head. He stumbled forward, and was barely able to dodge a punch, which was followed up by a kick in a different direction, which was also dodged. He immediately Blaze Dashed into a minion, then he turned around and fired a Bazooka Blast in the direction from which he came. After the explosion he turned around, dodged one punch and countered with a punch, Mega Kick combo, knocking that minion into a few more minions, and following up with a Bazooka Blast. He ran into the smoke of that explosion, but other minions ran into the smoke as well, and Marko was met with a bunch of minions. Regardless, he attacked, throwing punches and kicks at the minions, back on a hot streak and taking down minions by the pound.

Marko soon noticed a fireball from behind and he dodged it. After that fireball, many more fireballs were launched in his direction, and he had to dodge them all as well. He found himself in an infinite loop of fireball dodging, then he just Blaze Dashed out of the line of fire.

“Bazooka Blast!”

Marko launched yet another Bazooka Blast, and it connected with yet another explosion. Marko wanted to continue his attack, but he also needed to catch his breath. Finding himself on the sidewalk, he looked into the street, and he saw that the minions were started to disappear in puffs of smoke that were going up to the sky. Confused, Marko took a few steps into the street to get a better view of the flaming black cloud in the sky.

"Marko Man..." the cloud bellowed in a loud, low tone, "Accept this... The is today... The end is here... The end is now!"

"Yeah, well, the end is just gonna have to get pass me first," Marko said with a very confident yet determined look on his face.

"You cannot stop this... I can rain down hell upon you for free... you can do nothing..."

"Wanna bet?"

The black cloud launched a huge fireball at Marko, much bigger than the fireball that it fired earlier. Marko charged up a Bazooka Blast, knowing that the standard blast would work. The fireball came closer, and Marko could feel the heat coming from it.

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko shot the Bazooka Blast at the fireball, and when they collided, they both canceled each other out.

"You can not stop me..."

"Prove it!"

To respond to Marko's dare, the black cloud started to rain down a bunch of fireballs down towards Marko.


Marko started to back up, just to get out of the way of the fireballs, but he knew that he had to find a way to stop them from falling, and as it stood, he didn't have anyway to do so. Marko kept walking backwards, seeing the fireballs hit the ground, destroying cars and setting the streets and houses and yards on fire.

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko fired the Bazooka Blast up at the black cloud out of desperation, hoping that it would be able to do something. The Bazooka Blast flew up, and it was only getting pelted with fireballs from the cloud until it no longer existed.

The rain of fire was starting to get closer to Marko due to his standing still to launch the Bazooka Blast and the clouds intent to engulf Marko with fire. It didn't take long before Marko was dodging the fireballs that fell from the sky, and he didn't really have much a plan beyond that. He saw more houses catching fire, more trees getting smoked, and more clouds getting smoked, and that's when he snapped.


Marko found himself under the cloud at this point, so he simply launched his most powerful attack straight up. The Final Bazooka Beam kept fireballs from hitting him, and it also went clear through the black cloud. Marko wasn't one hundred percent sure if that was a good thing, since it was just a cloud, but the fireballs stopped falling, and many of the fireballs disappeared as they fell before they hit the ground. Marko stopped his attack, looking up into the sky and seeing the sky clear up. It looked like it was clearing up at first, but the black matter of the cloud was all swirling up into one point. Once all of the black cloud was in the concentrated single point, it started to fall down to the ground.

Marko watched it fall. He noticed that the falling black thing had a small fire on top of it, and that it was falling at a speed similar to that of a free falling human. It was also turning out to have a human form as well. Soon, the black spec landed on its feet with a small boom, cracking the ground just a little bit, and it did turn out to have a human form. It was all black, had fire for hair and eyes the same color as the fire.

"Looks like I have formidable opposition to the end on my hands. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Deathcloud, and I am here to bring about the end of the world."

"Yeah? Under whose authority?"

"The authority of my own. You silly humans seem to think that the end was coming today. Well here I am to bring it, and a mere mortal such as yourself is in no position to stop me. So move aside, or I will make sure your soul burns for all eternity!"

"Oh... you're one of those types..."

"What... what type?"

"You know, I always thought that the end of the world would come about one of three ways... either a human pressing a button that launches every nuke my accident, a huuuuge natural disaster that just simply couldn't be stopped, or something dealing with judgment by God himself. I would have never thought that the world would end via some asshole such as yourself. You simply want to end the world for the sake of pain, chaos, despair, and your own enjoyment because you have nothing else better to do. I've seen your type a thousand times over, so fuck you, the world shall not be ending today!"

A bright orange smile grew on the face of Deathcloud.

"And you're the heroic type that's willing to put his life on the line for silly humans, regardless of their ability to not give a fuck about how many times you've save their lives."

"All day."

"Well not today. Today, you meet your end, along with the rest of this planet. And for you... I've got a special treat for your soul... before I let it burn for all eternity, I'll let you watch as I end every life on this planet in a blaze!"

"Okay. Go for it."

"I will!"

Deathcloud charged at Marko, throwing a punch when he was close enough. Marko dodged it and hit him with a Mega Kick, which sent Deathcloud flying for a bit, but he landed on his feet. He turned around and shot a fireball at Marko, which he easily dodged. Deathcloud shot three more fireballs, and Marko managed to dodge all of them. One they were past him, he jogged towards Deathcloud. Deathcloud ran at Marko too, and when they met, Marko threw a punch. Deathcloud dodged the punch and started his offense with a barrage of punches and kicks. Marko was blocking every attack, and he soon countered with a Mega Kick, but Deathcloud dodged it with a jump.

Marko looked up, seeing Deathcloud shoot a fireball down at him. Marko dodged in the direction that Deathcloud was going to land, and he jumped at him with a Mega Kick, but Deathcloud blocked the attack. When Marko and Deathcloud landed, Deathcloud shot a fireball, while Marko immediately countered with a Megodoken, and the two blasts collided into nothingness.

"All right, this warm up is over," Deathcloud declared. "Time to get serious!"

The size of the fire hair that Deathcloud had suddenly double, and with the rise in temperature of an area that was already on fire, Marko realized that his power increased.

"So you're really gonna go through with this..." Marko said. "Fine. Turbo Charge!"

Marko used Turbo Charge, and he was surrounded by a blue aura as his power and natural speed increased. Deathcloud may have been ready to end the world, but Marko was definitely ready to stop the end from happening. A smile grew on Marko’s face, and Deathcloud wasn’t exactly a fan of the smile. Deathcloud was just about to run at Marko, but Marko started walking towards Deathcloud, which threw him off a bit. Marko’s walk was calm and collected, and Deathcloud had no idea why he was walking towards him. Deathcloud gritted his teeth in anger, feeling as though Marko was just way too confident considering the situation, so he charged at Marko and threw a punch. Marko dodged the punch and Mega Kicked Deathcloud, sending him flying. Deathcloud landed on his feet, but when he turned around, Marko was already in his face, hitting him with punches and kicks all over his body. Twenty hits connected before Marko finished his combo with a Mega Kick, which sent Deathcloud flying once again, but this time, Deathcloud took off flying into the air, going up. He looked down at Marko and started to shoot rapid fireballs down at Marko.

“The bastard can fly,” Marko said, dodging the fireballs. “Just great.”

Marko was dodging the fireballs, then he ran real quickly to get out of the line of fire. Deathcloud saw him move, and he kept redirecting his attack, trying to hit Marko, but he kept moving in an unpredictable zigzag pattern. Deathcloud saw that he wasn’t going to be able to hit Marko, so he stopped firing the rapid fireballs, only to shoot a huge fireball down at him.

“Blaze Dash!”

Marko avoided the attack with a Blaze Dash, clearing the attack with more than enough room to spare. Deathcloud kept his eye on Marko, and he dived down at Marko. He went for a flying punch, but Marko dodged it and Deathcloud kept flying. He went for a flying kick, and Marko dodged that as well. Deathcloud went back into the air and fired a fireball, and Marko dodged it. Deathcloud flew down at Marko once again, and this time he kept punching at him, but Marko was blocking every punch. Deathcloud increased his altitude just a bit and switched his offense to kicks, and Marko was still blocking every attack. While his defense wasn’t failing him, he still wanted to be able to counter attack, soon, he decide to duck under a kick and force a jump after the dodge. He went for a punch, but Deathcloud grabbed Marko’s fist and flew up high into the air. Marko tried to punch him with his free hand, but Deathcloud was able to move so that punch either didn’t hit or was simply ineffective. Soon, he started to swing Marko around by his fist, around and around, in a circle, moving faster and faster. As he spun, the hand that was holding Marko started to heat up, and soon it was on fire, and it was burning Marko’s fist. Marko felt the burn and he started yelling in pain, which only added to Deathcloud’s delight. After a few seconds of spinning with a flaming hand, he finally released Marko towards the ground, and Marko hit the ground, landing on his side in the middle of a crater.

“Now you’re dead!” Deathcloud said. “HA!”

Deathcloud shot a huge fireball into the crater. When the fireball hit the crater, it exploded. Fortunately, Marko was able to quickly get up and Blaze Dash out of the crater to avoid direct contact, but the explosion was still able to hit Marko and it knocked him into a tree that was on fire, causing Marko’s back to catch fire for a moment. He quickly dropped to the ground and rolled around to put the fire out. He was able to put the fire out, but Deathcloud flew towards him, pick him up, put him on his feet, and started to punch him in his face with fists of fire. Twenty punches connected before Deathcloud finished his combo with a huge fireball, sending Marko down the street. Marko landed on his back, and for a moment, he didn’t move.

“There. That should be it.”

Marko slowly started to get up, much to Deathcloud’s surprise. Marko looked at Deathcloud, kind of mad that he let him do the damage that he done. Most of his body felt like it had a minor burn at worst, and his right hand definitely had a serious burn. He could feel the pain, but he was the only one here to combat Deathcloud, and he just knew that if Deathcloud won, he could bring about the end of the world.

“Not gonna let you win,” Marko said. “You’re gonna have to do more than that.”

“Have I not given you a preview of the eternal pain you’re looking to experience?” Deathcloud asked.

“I’ll heal.”

“Implying that you’re gonna win... such a silly man.”

A smile grew on Deathcloud’s face, as he was sure that he was going to win.

“Imply? Okay, let me make it clear. You. Won’t. Win.”

The smile disappeared, and Deathcloud immediately fired a fireball out of anger of Marko’s statement. Marko dodged the fireball by diving to his right, then he quickly got up. He saw Deathcloud, Deathcloud saw that he missed, and Deathcloud charged at Marko. Marko decided to charge back. Both Deathcloud and Marko threw punches, and their fists collided. Marko ended up bouncing back, and Deathcloud decided to charge at his advantage. Once he was within range, Deathcloud barraged Marko with punches that were on fire. Marko blocked a few of punches but soon realized that he had to dodge these punches. It didn’t take Deathcloud long before he went to shoot a fireball at close range at Marko, but Marko was quick enough to dodge the fireball. Marko backed off, and Deathcloud kept shooting fireball. Marko continued to dodge the fireballs. Marko might have backed off at first, but he kept moving forward as Deathcloud shot fireballs at him, and it didn’t seem like Deathcloud noticed his progress. Soon, Marko dodged a fireball, and he connected a double kick that knocked Deathcloud into the air. Marko jumped up and connected three punches before he landed, and he finished up with an uppercut that kept him in the air for a moment longer, then finished with a Mega Kick. It sent Deathcloud flying, but he landed on his feet.

“Blaze Dash!”

Marko used Blaze Dash as an offensive attack for the first time against Deathcloud, and he ran into Deathcloud, knocking him into the air.

“Bazooka Blast!”

Marko immediately launched a Bazooka Blast at Deathcloud, and the attack connected, sending him high into the air before he hit the ground on his back. The series of attacks hit him harder and hurt him a whole lot more than he thought Marko was capable of doing, so when he got up off the ground, he was angry.

“I don’t know how you’re capable of such power, but it will not save you from the end!”

“Yeah. Sure it won’t.”

“Mocking me? Fine! Expediting your death right about NOW! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Deathcloud’s body caught on fire. He also grew in size, and the temperature in the area was going into areas of unbearable, even for Marko Man. This meant that his power was increasing, and Marko was fully aware of the danger he was in. Suddenly, a portion of the street erupted with a geyser of fire, then two more geysers of fire appeared.

“So his power is starting to tear the world apart or something?” Marko said. “Aww hell no...”

Marko allowed his anger for this situation to swell up. From Deathcloud’s threat to the world and the damage he had already caused, to the extreme heat, the burn on his hand, and the flaming geysers that were starting to grow common, Marko had more than enough fuel for his anger.


Marko used Rage, and now his anger was becoming his power. His blue aura returned, only now it was bigger and brighter, and his power was increasing to contend with the power of Deathcloud. Deathcloud looked at Marko, seeing the new development, and was still surprised that Marko was capable of generating so much power. He was still confident that in his current form he would be able to take Marko down and continue his tour to destroy the planet.

The two warriors looked at each other, and Marko made a very quick move to go for the first attack. He threw a punch to Deathcloud’s face, and it connected, but Deathcloud didn’t move much. Marko backed off to dodge a punch from Deathcloud, then he charged forward once again to attack with a barrage of punches. Deathcloud was able to punch Marko in the middle of his punches, knocking him back. Marko was still on his feet, so Deathcloud fired a fireball at Marko. He dodged the attack by jumping towards Deathcloud, and he attacked with a Mega Kick to his head. Deathcloud dodged the attack and kicked Marko in his stomach as he landed, leaving him doubled over. He punched Marko into the air, then he jumped up and punched him again, back down to the ground. When Deathcloud landed, Marko was beginning to get up, but Deathcloud created a flaming geyser right under him, blasting him into the air and doing even more damage to him. As Marko was in the air, Deathcloud flew up to his level and launched a fire beam at Marko. The attack connected and sent Marko flying far away.

Deathcloud flew to follow Marko’s flying body. When Marko hit the ground, he almost immediately got up and jumped at Deathcloud, much to his surprise, and he almost hit a Mega Kick, but Deathcloud was able to dodge it at the last second. As Marko missed and started to land, he turned around and shot a Megodoken at Deathcloud, which he dodged. He dived down towards Marko, shooting a few fireballs on his way down. Marko dodged the fireballs, with every movement putting him closer to Deathcloud. When Deathcloud was close enough, he jumped up and went for a Mega Kick. The attack connected, knocking Deathcloud to the ground, but he got up quick enough to avoid the stomp attempt from Marko.

With Deathcloud on his feet, he tried to attack Marko with a punch, but he weaved the punch and retaliated with a right hook that caught Deathcloud off guard. He followed that up with an immediate Bazooka Blast, which connected and sent Deathcloud flying. Deathcloud was able to land on his feet, but Marko charged at him, not wanting to give Deathcloud a chance to breath. As Marko ran, Deathcloud made another fire geyser, and it hit Marko, knocking him up into the air. Deathcloud quickly took to the air to attack Marko, but he was able to recover and he countered a missed kick from Deathcloud with a Mega Kick of his own that knocked Deathcloud to the ground. Deathcloud landed on his feet, and he launched a fire beam that hit Marko before he could land. The fire beam sent Marko flying, and he hit the ground, so Deathcloud flew at Marko’s downed body.

Marko stayed on the ground as Deathcloud charged. When Deathcloud was in range, he tried to attack Marko, but he rolled to avoid the attack and got up. Deathcloud landed and turned around, only to get hit with a Blaze Dash. The attack knocked Deathcloud into the air, so Marko ran to jump and attack him. When he attacked, Deathcloud recovered, flew higher into the air, and he blasted Marko to the ground with a fireball. When Marko landed, Deathcloud landed, and he made a fire geyser, but Marko was able to roll and dodge this one. He got up and Blaze Dash pass Deathcloud, which prompted him to turn around. This let Marko connect ten rapid punches, and he followed it up with ten rapid kicks. After the kicks, Marko knocked Deathcloud into the air with a hard uppercut, then he jumped and knocked him higher into the air with a kick. After the kick, Marko landed and kept Deathcloud in the air with a double kick, then one more kick that knocked him higher into the air. Marko jumped at Deathcloud, but Deathcloud recovered. Deathcloud went for a punch, but Marko dodged the punch and countered with a Mega Kick that knocked Deathcloud to the ground, and he immediately followed up the Mega Kick with a Bazooka Blast. The attack connected, and Deathcloud was left on the ground, felling pain from all of Marko’s attacks.

Deathcloud got up, only to see Marko charging at him once more. He made a flaming geyser pop up, but Marko was able to dodge it, as though he knew when Deathcloud was going to make a fire geyser pop up. Marko went for a flying Mega Kick, but Deathcloud dodged it by taking off into the air, where he felt safe.

“That’s it!” Deathcloud yelled. “You shall delay the inevitable no more!”

Deathcloud held his hands into the air, and a big fireball appeared.

“I shall destroy this planet in one shot!”

The fireball got bigger.

“I wanted to go on tour and torment everybody...”

The fireball got even bigger.

“But fuck that! It gets destroyed now!”

The fireball got even bigger than it already was.

“And don’t think I forgot about your special treatment asshole!”

The fireball got even bigger than that.

“Fuck you,” Marko said, getting ready to charge up an attack to combat this huge fireball “Final...”

“Still trying to stop me? Don’t you know? Your own people caused this! This is what they wanted to see!”




Deathcloud tossed the huge fireball down at Marko and the Earth, and Marko launched his Final Bazooka Beam at the blast. The Final Bazooka Beam collided with the Armageddon Nova, and at first there was a stalemate, until the Armageddon Nova proved to be stronger. Marko simply added a huge boost of power into the Final Bazooka Beam, and suddenly, he was pushing the Armageddon Nova back at Deathcloud.


The Final Bazooka Beam shoved the Armageddon Nova back in the direction from which it came, and Deathcloud had no chance of escaping it. He put his hands on the Armageddon Nova blast, hoping to be able to push it back and save himself, but the blast was being pushed too fast by the Final Bazooka Beam, and it was able to burn off his hands. The attack continued to burn off the rest of his arms before their was a huge explosion that could be felt around the world. The light was blinding, and the explosion was huge, practically destroying everything in the immediate area. The last thing Marko heard before all of the light went to black was a feint voice that said, “Thank you Marko Man.”


Marko woke up. He found himself laying in a hospital bed. He sat up, looked around, and saw nobody in the room with him.

"Uhh... hello?"

Marko looked for someone to answer, and a nurse came through the door.

"Oh good!" she said. "You're awake!"

Marko was completely confused because the last thing he remembered was an explosion and some voice thanking him.

"Did I die or something?"

"Nope," the nurse replied. "You were found unconscious in an area where people were sure that you should have died. But after the explosion that you were in, everything went back to normal. The streets, the cars, the houses... everything. Not even a hint of fire. People went back, and they found you lying in the street, so EMT's brought you here. We ran tests on you and you were perfectly fine."

"Really? No burns?"


Marko held up the hand that Deathcloud burned in the fight. No pain. No scars. No scabs. The hand was just fine.


"Yeah. A huge miracle."

"A huge miracle indeed."

December 12, 2012

Painful Fantasy

How can you fight so many fights at one time?

I don't.

But... when I see you...

You don't... you don't really see me.
You see with your eyes, and that's nice and all, but take a deeper look.

What do you mean?

I don't fight all of these fights.
Some of them, I put away on the back burner.
Some of them, I quit.
Some of them, I smash instantly.
I'm not always fighting.
I'm just good at putting up my fists.

I'm gonna burn my money,
Because I wouldn't feel good with it otherwise.

I speak too much,
Too much about what I want to do.

And then I do nothing.
And then I talk some more.

I'm always falling for the trap
Known as the dream.

I'm never moving, never growing,
Never experiencing what is real.

I prefer my own world,
Where everything happens for me.

With me, by me, instantly.
No disappointment.

Except for the fact
That it's only an idea.

And when I return to reality,
The dreams hurt more.

I don't understand this planet
And its inhabitants.

I don't understand why we chase dreams,
And let what's really there slip away.

I don't understand why shit happens to good people
And bad people get away with murder.

Hearts are broken every day
And no one is around to do their time.

The shell is an interesting piece of material,
Hard on the outside,
Intimidating in some cases,
But in many cases,
That shell is simply the protection
Necessary because the inside is soft
And vulnerable.

And some people see the shell
And they don't even bother it.

And some people see the shell
And they crack it open,
Just to exploit the insides.

And some people see the shell,
And they work it open
So that they can appreciate what's inside,
It's softness, it's tenderness.

But the latter is rare,
And the shell seeks the latter,
But constantly mistakes it for the poacher,
And constantly gets hurt,

All because of a dream.

December 4, 2012

What's Next

With NaNoWriMo a success, what's next?

A few things...

I'll try to resume writing my book by December 9th. Try. I will definitely continue to write the book as it is a part of the series and it has a good running start, but there are some things I need to take care of at home.

Also, I briefly reactivated my FaceBook (only to deactivate it again) so that I could download all of my data and search for poems. From that search, I will be compiling what I personally feel are my very best poems, and I will try to get them self-published sometime next year in multiple formats.

The poetry book will essentially be the testing grounds for "Marko Man: The Untitled Internet Finale Deluxe," which is supposed to be the 17 chapters of the UIF plus a few extra stories that I've written for the Internet as bonus content. This, I also would like to publish in multiple formats.

Also, I have a few friends that seem to have a few writing projects that are just small nagging ideas in their minds that I would love to help them unlock. Basically, my book of poetry will the experiment to see what I can and can not do with self-publishing, and from there, I'll do UIFDX, help people with what they may want to do if they so choose to invest time in their works, and if the Marko Man series never gets picked up when it's all done and finished and sculpted to what I could call its optimum form, I can self-publish that.

For this blog, I have a smartphone with a Blogger App (amongst other apps) and a slide out keyboard (so I don't have to type with a touch screen. YES!). This means that between trips to work and back, I should be able to publish many a draft that I haven't gotten around to publish. I haven't seen my drafts in a while, so exactly what's there isn't exactly known off the top of my head right now. What I do know is that there could be a minor resurgence in this blog, especially since I can even do blogs about what I'm feeling at the moment on my phone.

And of course, I need to leave my current job at OTG Management. Or get something better within those walls. I'm exploring options right now, indeed.

Lots of things going on somewhat. This is why I needed to deactivate my FaceBook. Otherwise, I'd just be on FaceBook... it does that to me for some reason... but at least I'm not experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

December 3, 2012

Modern Mystery

I have these questions,
But I lack the answers.
And these questions,
I can not find on google.

I'm running a path
That is rarely worn,
Almost as though I'm on
Forbidden territory.

I have enough clues
In my attempt to solve this,
But still, my intelligence
Fears the uncertainty.

The advice of others
Simply doesn't apply here.
This mystery I'm involved in
Is all my own...

Which is probably why I feel so alone...

Perhaps it's a path to a throne...

It's lonely at the top,
But exactly how many people
Tried this path
Only to slip upon a stone?

Just another question added.
An answer I don't need.
For all the people that fell
Probably have all the advice I need...

It's impossible,
It's suicide,
Don't do it to yourself,
It's not worth it...

These are the voices,
This is the advice
That haunts my ears
As I continue down the road before me.

I ask for advice,
And I am unsatisfied.
For with all the failures,
I wish to succeed.

So I will continue this path.
I will continue this mystery.
With a little bit of luck,
Loose stones won't set me free...

For a failure here
Will simply continue
My imprisonment.


I know your sun rocks,
But I was just wondering...
When is it my turn?

December 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo Results...

Winner at 50180 words on November 29th.

Marko Man writes itself when I give myself the time to write it.

I can't wait to get deep into the series, but now that Novermber is done, there are other things that I need to focus on...

November 23, 2012

10K Black Friday

So here's a quick update on my NaNoWriMo status...

I'm behind insanely.
But then there was an idea that was called "10K Black Friday," where you write ten thousand words today, on Black Friday. That's over 9000 words. (see what I did there?)

I'm gunning for it. Because I'm behind.

I am going to find a relevant picture before I get back to work...

And we have a winner....

Okay, back to work.


Edit: as of 4:25 am, I'm at 5892 words for the day. Not bad.

I'll do more when I wake up.

November 13, 2012

Marko Man and NaNoWriMo

Marko Man practically writes itself.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo (50,000 words for the month of November), and as it stands, I'm at about 20,000 words right now, which is relatively on par with where I should be. Given the proper time, I should be able to crush that, as I'm finally off and running with the first book.

I have to admit that I did, in fact, begin again on November 1st, making this the third time I started writing, but I'm on it, I'm writing it, and I'm cruising. I'm doing things a little differently though, the biggest of which is writing every chapter as an Episode (at least for the time being). For whatever reason, it's tricking my mind into being much more interesting in the writing, probably because I've been writing on the Internet for so long and I've called them Episodes. Whatever the case may be, doing it this way also allows me to create the entire Marko Man universe. I don't have any showing of it yet, but eventually, I'll be writing episodes that will fill plot holes between books and be able to introduce new characters and new teams and new villains and new worlds and such. And then, when it's all said and done, I'll have a complete Marko Man universe, and I'll be able to deal with the stories how I want to deal with them.

Most of all, I'm definitely having fun writing these stories, and in the end, that's what matters. I just wrote a finished off a fight that I had imagined in my head for quite a while, and damn it, it felt good to finally get that story off, as well the build up.

However, only one quarter of the first book is done. There's plenty more action and mayhem to be written for this first book alone.

And then, of course, there's the future. Who knows what the future has in store for Marko Man. Sure, I may know the general path of where the series is going and when it will end up, but by writing things in the form of episodes, I can fit things in and remove things and move things in what I psychologically feel is much easier. So if I come up with an idea mid-write, I can just throw in an episode and I'll figure out what to do with it when I'm done with the drafts.

As far as NaNoWriMo is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if I hit the 50,000 word mark way before Novermber 30th, unlike last year where I believe I hit it at the last hour. As long as I allocate the time to writing (which is much easier to do since I've deactivated my FaceBook), the word flow freely... at least now. I'm pretty sure that I'll get to 50,000, and unlike last year's book, I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to keep going until I'm done and/or good and ready to stop.

Thing is, I have to face the fact, Marko Man is my calling. Any story idea that I come up with should simply be Marko Man-ified, for lack of a better word. And with the concept of episodes, there are plenty of story ideas that I had that I can just throw into the Marko Man universe seemingly at will... well, at least it can be at will after I finish establishing Marko Man basics, which is what the first book is kinda sorta supposed to do.

Even ideas from the book I started last year will probably end up in the Marko Man series somewhere. Actually, I can assure you that it will.

So yeah. Marko Man is my calling.

And poetry. I think I've gotten pretty good at that, but that's not the point.

Marko Man shall live, and you shall live to read about it. :D

November 12, 2012

NaNoWriMo and Other Things

I'm gonna keep this short because I'm kinda behind on the NaNoWriMo writing.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year, and this time, Marko Man is involved. So it's about to get real.

I deactivated my FaceBook for NaNoWriMo and to discover if I can access my killer instinct at will. I love who I am and who I turned out to be, but sometimes, I can be so very passive towards the things that I want to do and the things that I need to do.

I'm hoping to change that.

FaceBook can be an incredible distraction if you let it be.
FaceBook has distracted me from a few things that I want to do... such as move forward.
I've seen very little growth within myself in 2012. I don't feel like waiting until January 1st, 2013 to start growing. So here I am.

It starts with NaNoWriMo.
It could continue with saving the Princess and/or escaping the Airship.
Where does it end? I don't know. That's a part of the adventure.

I'll get back to FaceBook eventually, but I really really need to get things started. So many idea, so many ideas, so many ideas. And they're jumbled. And I'm already on this for too long.


November 10, 2012


These are dreamy thoughts,
Warm, calm thoughts that always put
A smile on my face.

I Love My Job

I've been doing this for years.
I've seen villains go beyond their means,
Beyond what they ever planned to do.
I've seen death, both untimely and deserved.
I've watched people sacrifice themselves for me,
For their loved ones, for the supposed greater good,
In hopes that the end of their lives
Would allow others to continue.
I've been hurt.
I've been beaten.
I've had my heart broken.
I've had my will broken.
I've seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.
I've saved the world many a time,
And I don't really have anything to show for it.
Hell, half the time the world didn't even know it was being saved.
And crush me, it did.
All of that pressure, all of the expectations,
It brought me to a low that I would have never imagined.

But regardless, I continued my job.

I asked myself that question,
"Should I get some type of reward for what I do?"
And the answer that I came up with was it doesn't matter.
I've been doing what I've been doing for so long,
Not for a reward,
But because I love doing what I do.
I may have never received a single cent.
I may not always get the girl.
I may not get any recognition.
But I legitimately receive plenty of satisfaction in saving the lives I've saved, touching the souls I've touched, and kicking the asses I've kicked.
When shit hits the fan they call me because I live for that scent.
When darkness lurks and grows I'm the torch that burns the shadows.
When the pressure is on I've added the most bad ass of moments to my record.
I don't need benefits.
The benefits are all in the job itself.
I may not be a perfect hero,
I may not be the best hero,
I may not be the purest hero,
But damn it I love the hero that I am.
I don't need a fucking incentive.
I love my job.

The Amazon

She's an interesting warrior indeed.
Stronger than her beauty implies,
Incredibly versatile,
Yet easy to underestimate.
And perhaps, that is her best weapon.
You underestimate her, you get hurt.
That's what happened to you, and you lost. Hard.
Perhaps I'm underestimating her too.
And if I am, then so be it.
I'll get over it. Five stages of depression.
But if I win...

*raises one arm*

It'll be my greatest win yet.

November 9, 2012

Crisis of Chaos

You blow my mind.
You thought that you could just interfere with fate and destiny
And everything would be a-okay?
You thought that you could defy logic and still believe in it?
You thought that you could dabble in the very fabric of our livelihood
And things wouldn't start busting at the seems.

You're a fool.
You started this chaos.
You caused this chaos.
You're the reason people want you dead.
You're the reason people want this planet destroyed.
You're the reason people are looking to be at the top of the food chain.

You're the reason the food chain is vulnerable enough as it is...

And yet, you're handling this chaos with such poise,
Such composure, such leadership.

You, you've changed.
Just as you've changed everything you ever knew,
You changed yourself as well,
Perhaps by accident.

The you that I knew would have cracked.
The you that I knew would have folded under such pressure.

Yet you stand there.
Facing your doom.
With a smile on your face.


I dunno. I guess I'm just in a really good mood.


So, I guess there's no need to hold back now...

Look at my scars...

He did this to me.
I don't like these scars.
For every scar on my body,
I shall rip him into that many pieces.

Don't bother resisting.
Join me, you fools.
You come from me,
But he brainwashed you.
Claims to be your leader,
But your emperor will waste you in a moment's notice.

Fine, go on and keep attacking.
I know all your moves.
You are me, you come from me.
Keep proving it.
Keep proving that you are nothing but dogs.
You are nothing but pawns in your emperors grand plans...

Grand plans
That have finally began to see their end.

These scars will have their revenge.
Only when each scar is accounted for
Will each scar heal.

Value of That Luster

 it's rough out here.
life didn't come with an instruction manual.
it came with promises of gold as a youngster.
but the luster for many was simply pyrite.

so we grew up and we cashed in.
and what we got in return was garbage.
because that's what we believed in.
but one man's trash in another man's treasure.

you might think it's hard.
but some got it way harder.
so take the cards that you were dealt,
turn it into a winning hand.

even a pair of 2's can win a game of poker if you believe in it hard enough.

it just can't beat a royal flush.

but how often do you go up against royal toilets?

Bridges and Trees

I had a wicked dream and it brought up a question,
If a new bridge was built, would I cross it?

It's not as simple as the question looks,
For the land I am on seems dreamy...

Yet I probably really didn't get much out of it.
Perhaps internal growth and stuff.

But with all that I invested in this land,
I still don't see any trees.

The people across the bridge are chanting,
And they've seen my hard work.

The people across the bridge are advertising,
Promising me the world if I do what I did here for them.

They're assuring me the best, but how can I be sure?
And how do I know the same promises weren't implied here?

My biggest thing is that while the trees might never grow,
Trees don't grow overnight...

The Inevitable

I started to have nightmares about the dead bodies,
Of the people I sacrifices for the "greater good."
The dead bodies criticized me, complained about my choices.
These dead bodies were of people I loved.
Those nightmares hurt.

I tried to stay awake and stay focused on something else,
But the dead bodies haunted me in my thoughts,
And I even heard their voices while awake.
It hurt just as bad as the nightmares,
Only now I wasn't getting any rest.

I started going to sleep again,
And I had a different type of nightmare,
A nightmare where I saw my death in battle.
How I died, why I died, who killed me.
That one hurt even worse.

No one wants to die.
And you may not know it, but no one wants to foresee their death.
So I trained, hoping to overcome this premonition.
But the more I trained, the clearer the nightmare,
And the more I hurt.

So now I stand before you.
I see the same dark clouds, the same mountains in the back ground,
The evil face of relentless fury.
And I can assure you
The hurt for both of us will end today.

October 15, 2012

Tetris Battle is Dumb

This is absolutely positively definitely not Tetris. lololol

Anyone know where I can play people in Tetris without bombs or power ups and hopefully actually get better if I wanted to? Because 91 fabricated lines aren't cutting it for me.

October 4, 2012

Presidential Imperfection

And the problem is
We want the perfect President
But that's an impossible precedent
To push upon the President.

For there is no such thing as perfect people.
For if there were perfect people
They'd already been the President.

Actually, they'd the ruled the world a while ago.
And because their picture's perfect, we'd all be in chill mode.

'Cause they're perfect.
We wouldn't even have complaint,
'Cause complaints imply imperfect Presidents.

But perfection's impossible,
And a President can't present it,
Or precede it, or achieve it,
Yet we see it.

And that perfection that we wish to see
Is what drives to vote for a victory.

And it's a victory that will never be attained
Because picture perfect President can never be maintained.

The highest Bill is Clinton
And he wasn't perfect.
Bomb, bomb, bomb,
Someone had to die to keep us safe.

The highest Bill got top,
And almost got removed for that
Because he lied.
What an imperfect picture
Getting oral in the oval office,
Obviously moaning
From the pleasure of perfection
That the President's wife could not achieve.

So he couldn't do either.

And he might have been best... but.

The highest bill is Franklin aka Benjamin,
While the first one was Washington, and he's the least,
And the man that freed the blacks is a muthafucking penny

We are all equal,
Yet our value very different.
So if we are all equal,
We all gotta be perfect.
But we're not.

And yet, when we vote, we seek perfection,
Whether bought by the TV or your own little inspection,
You use to rights to hand rights over in a connection,
And we force a Perfect President to win a forced election.

But perfection doesn't exist,
And the election's arbitrary,
And the truth remains a ghost,
And the promises are fairy,
I mean very very very high hopes,
High apple pie in the skyyyy hopes.

And we believe it.

Because of the damage.

From the chaos of the quest of perfection.

But illusion is the only truly achieved precedent.
But perfection was never a quest for the President.

October 3, 2012

I Noticed that This Blog has Changed...

You have to understand... when I started this blog, I was in a totally different mindset then compared to what I am now. Still the same person, in general, but my mind and how it works and what it's focused on is way different.

And like, I find myself with not much time to do the detailed writings about things that I kinda sorta care about. Like, I remember last year, I was doing posts on E3, the NBA, and a whole bunch of other shit that caught my mind. I had song of the day, video of the day, The Adventures of Mark Wins, and maybe even other blog features that I hardly even remember anymore. It's all because my mind is in a different place these days...

Like, a lot of the things that media talks about these days simply doesn't interest me. I've also lost interest in many things that I used to care for in place of giving more focus to more important things. Like, for example, most of my personal opinions on shit has disappeared, and a whole lot more poetry has occupied this blog. Poetry is something I've been focusing on a whole lot more.

And I'm also getting Marko Man started. It's taking forever for me to actually get it going, and I actually had to stop and start over the series (well, I didn't restart it yet) in favor of "non-canon" stories that I find way more epic and entertaining than what I was writing. I actually have a few more stories that I want to write before I even bother starting the series back up again... and three fights will end up here on this blog. And I'll start up the series in November for another attack at NaNoWriMo. The difference this time will be that the 50,000 words will catapult me into the crux of the first book. I get the feeling that the first book is going to be long because I've decided to raise up on a few restriction that I imposed on myself... we'll see what happens.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, regardless of the sloth like progress, I need another fucking job. I want something that I can either make a career out of, or something that will give me the opportunity towards a career... you know, something with either growth potential or more money to work towards something else... I dunno yet, but I know for a fact that I need to stop washing dishes for assholes.

So yeah. I don't really have time to focus on other things. I've even cut down on my video game play somewhat... like, it's not a lot, but it's a considerable amount, enough of an amount such that if you lived with me and were paying attention, you'd definitely notice. I guess you could say I'm trying to start growing up, but that process (finally) started in 2009 (and I ain't ashamed to admit it either), and it's simply hitting a new level with a few bumps in the road and shit.

So for anyone who followed the blog in hopes of me continuing to talk about select events of the world and seeing my videos and songs for the day, I apologize. Thing is, I still watch videos and listen to music, so for those things, it's not much more than actually putting out an effort to try and go with it. And I still go on Adventures, I just don't give myself time to write about them. Like, when I went on staycation in September, I biked all around Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY.

And not a single word was typed about it on this blog.

So if I'm losing followers over this, and I'm pretty sure I am, because that whole 4chan vs. 9gag post gave me an insane amount of steam, it's whatever. I like it's evolution. And of course I would. And I'm glad I didn't monetize this blog, because then I'd find myself with extra pressure to give a fuck. But without any monetizing, no fucks shall be given.

At this point, it's your choice to follow the blog or not. Make a wise decision... stick around only if you like my work. And if you don't... peace.

October 2, 2012


You dropped by today.
You showed me pain.
Disappeared once again,
But I'll see you at an end.

You'll be back.

And hopefully next time, I'll be ready,
Because it starting to hurt, and it's not staying steady.

October 1, 2012

The Middle

Looking behind me, I see the darkness.
Looking ahead of me, I see the light.

Where I stand now? A gray area.
Not too bright, not too dark,
Not too much of anything.

Except dreams.

Dreams that I can travel twice as far as I've already walked.
Dreams of success, of fun, of the completion of my happiness.
Completion, because I feel happy enough.

And then I hear that one song.
And then I see that one picture.
And then I feel that one beat in my heart...

Don't stop. There's more.

That's the consistent message.
Whether I hear it, see it, or feel it.
That is the consistent message.

You fought already? Fight some more.
You walked already? Now run.

And I'm not even tired.
Though I'm not fresh.
Somewhere in between.


And I know I don't want to go back.
And I know I want to go forward.
And I know I move too slow.
And I know at least I move slow towards
The things that I want to see.

And I know that if I don't see them,
I know that it could be disappointing.

And I know that if I don't see them,
I know that I appreciate what I saw.

Trapped in a vision of dreams,
A vision when I can look back,
Just like this particular moment...

And say...

I won.


Because I already won.
I conquered the darkness.
To an extent.

And all that is left
Is to conquer the light.
And to embrace it.
For everything
I ever wanted it to be.

But perhaps, it's not worth it.
Maybe I'm not meant
To have everything I want.

And every time that doubt
Creeps into my mind,
Fight it I must.

For that is only the darkness's call,
Looking for me, wanting me back,
Missing me.

Missing me just like I missed success,
Like I missed happiness, love,
And all those wonderful feelings
That make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Maybe I am settling for something less
Than my original, youthful dreams.

Maybe the realistic part of me
Is taking over and understanding.

And it understands that I can do what I want.
I ain't too old just yet.

I've come a long way.
I've got a long way to go.

September 30, 2012

Saw You

Saw you in a dream last night, saw your soul.
Saw the energy you had for me, made me bold.
Saw your eyes sparkle when I entered your sight,
Saw you standing with me in an eternal light.
Saw all your heart, saw all your strength,
Saw all the troubles you endured in great length.
Saw your need and desire for a hug,
Saw your delight when I gave you true love.

It Must Have Been a Dream...

I'm going to bottle up all my feelings here, then I'm going to leave them alone and get on with my life.

When the dream comes back and the dream comes true, I'll be ready to deal with it without tears.

I definitely miss you more than everyone else, combined. Like, everyone else probably just misses you when they’re at work, but I definitely be at home like “Where’s Nicole?” :’( I see a bottle of Pepsi, go to McDonald's, get a slice of pizza and pull off the cheese and put it on the crust (lolol it’s all food), and it all reminds me of you. I miss talking to you, I miss making you laugh, I miss your loving embrace with that last chance touch that you do as we let go, I miss your poems that secretly tell me what you want me to do to you and what you want to do to me... perhaps I miss you a little too much, and perhaps I shouldn’t have told you that, but I’m sure it was a little secret in my heart that was worth telling.

It's not like I took our time together for granted or anything. I enjoyed every waking moment of it. Whenever I had any moment of escape, any opportunity to see you, I took it. From finding excuses to go to Revolucion for 3 seconds to walking with you as you left to go home, I appreciated being around you. So it's not like your absence tearing me apart is something I didn't see coming. No, after a certain point, I was always quite afraid of it. But now? Wow... I had no idea it would rock my world this badly.

So I try calling you. And I try texting you. And I get no response either way. And I'm trying to stay in touch, but at the same time, I'm trying to not come off as a nuisance. I don't know if you're getting my calls and/or my texts or not, but I don't want you to look at your phone and be like "Why this nigga keep blowing up my phone for?"

"Bitch, 'cause I love you."

Yeah. Like, I knew that after a point, but I didn't truly know that until that day I last saw you before you went on your vacation and I was hoping that you had gotten the other job and I didn't want you to come back because this place is stressful and it was stressing you out insanely. And I asked myself (because, you know, I talk to myself), "Why do you care?"

"Bitch, 'cause I love her."

And it became painfully obvious at that point. Which is why I really wanted to get things going during my vacation. Because having not delivered a single kiss to your lips, I've fallen in love. Clearly, this was a premature fall, but I've fallen.

And I swear, whenever we finally meet up outside of work, I'm probably just going to skip the formalities, hold you close, stare into those beautiful eyes, run my hand through your hair, gently caress the side of your face, and deliver the kiss that weakens your knees and melts your heart.

I'm sure that it's best that I wait. I know that good things come to those who wait. But the lessons of the past tell me that I shouldn't wait for too long. They always say that you should tell someone how you feel about them before it's too late. And I wanna tell you. I wanna show you too. But I don't know if it's you, if it's me, or if it's simply a series of unfortunate events, but I'm gonna tell you soon. One way or another.

Because you're the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I don't want anyone else.

Till I see you again...

September 28, 2012

September 27, 2012


A battle rages on between two conflicting sides,
A side of purest parts of my heart,
A side of coldest and the darkest.

The battle starts and continues,
Knowing that there are many things
More important that need to be dealt with.

And still, this battle will continue,
Regardless of consequence
Until it is much too late.

Only then will I learn
The same lesson that I always learn,
The same lesson that I never learn.

September 23, 2012

Do What Feels Write

What's the difference between the stories that you wrote with no intent on publishing them and the story that you wrote that was a part of the official series? Quality. The story that had no publishing intentions was leagues better.

Stop worrying about publishing. You didn't start writing to get published. You got into writing to escape. Your stories are not literature, and you know that your stories are not literature, so stop trying to make it into what it is not. Embrace the fact that your stories are not literature. Embrace what your stories truly are: words, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters of epic action packed masterpieces.

You still have your inner child, but you should not be suppressing your inner child when you write. When you write with the goal of getting published, this is seemingly what you do. When you don't, your inner child is free and you make gold. Forget getting published. Unleash your inner child. Write gold.

What you write is your world. Breathe it. Feel it. Live it. Experience it. Unleash it. Feel no pressure to enhance a world that you already created, that already exists, with your vastly improved writing skills. Make the same plot mistakes that you made when you started. Add the unnecessary adventure. Fight the unnecessary fight. Do what feels right. More importantly, do what feels write.

September 21, 2012

Only a Little Cracked...

I will start a war that I can not win. As long as I create some pain, do some damage, and escape the same way I entered, then mission accomplished.

Some wars are just not meant to be won. This is one of them.

I am a magician. I do magical things. But you've corrupted me. Now you will experience black magic. Good job unleashing my warlock.

Judge me all you want. Talk about me behind my back as you please. Have fun doing it. You're only making me more significant to you than you will ever be to me.

I don't want your pity. I just want your understanding. And if you don't understand by now, then clearly you never will.

I will ask for forgiveness, knowing that I don't deserve it, only once I'm done here. I don't want peace, for peace will only allow me to settle, and if I settle here much longer, I'll collapse.

I will remain silent. I will be silent like a small dose of ever growing poison. I will silently destroy you from the inside. And you won't even notice.

My attacks were always calculated, but now I want more. My greed and my wrath will break me, but it will break you first.

I am not here to win a battle or a war. I am just going to let you feel my pain, even if for a little bit, even if it means nothing to you in the grand scheme of yours.

I am going to be the hand of destruction for a little bit. Clearly, I shouldn't play that role, but your world has given me no choice.

And when I'm done, I will reap what I sow. I will feel the pain and the punishment of my actions.

But that pain will pale in comparison to what happened here.

And I will recover.

And I will be free.


Every day I step into that damned arena,
This is the rage I want to feel.
No longer yearning for God's blessings,
I am praying for Satan's hate.
Feed me sin, give me greed, give me wrath,
Give me the fuel that bleeds my eyes.
Grant me extended fever, torch my tortured soul,
Let me toss many flaming stones.

I've been too nice for far too long.
I need the immediate power to escape now.
Patience gone, can't contain my primal fury,
Feel my pain, watch me explode, spectate the broken walls.
And when I leave, I can only hope He forgives me
For forging my path to light via shadow.
Of course, I'll have to start all over,
But at whatever cost, at least I will be free.

September 15, 2012

The Same Song

We heard the same song,
But you ain't hear it how I heard it.
You heard something hot.
I heard hot garbage.

It's a shallow song indeed,
Dive and get hurt.
Designed for one move,
And that move wasn't thought.

We heard the same song,
But you ain't hear it how I heard it.
All you heard was noise.
I heard a fucking story.

I heard an epic tale
Of a hero scorn
As his exploits fail
And his friends were torn.
That hero got vicious
More so than usual,
With revenge so delicious
The thing he'd do to you
For being pure of dark
And showing no heart,
He silenced his bark,
And tore you apart.
He exterminate thee,
Yet could not fill the hole.
For they permanently
Damaged his soul.

We heard the same song,
But you ain't hear it how I heard it.
You heard a hook.
I heard that all was nothing.

You heard it five times
A day for three weeks
And to you, the lyrics
Remain unknown.
You don't even understand
The build of the song.
It's not meant to stick,
Only to hit it and split.

We heard the same song,
But you ain't hear it how I heard it.
You heard softness,
I heard love.

I heard an epic tale
Of hearts uniting.
While other hearts fail
They kept on fighting.
With all the break ups,
They still believed.
Cleaned off the make up
To see what was unseen.
Together they learned
How not to leech.
Where others would burn,
Together they'd reach
They formed a bond
For a common goal,
And together they donned
A powerful soul.

So continue to listen to what you claim you enjoy.
Continue to wade in puddles.
You don't have to join me, because I won't join you.
I rather weather the storm.

Hidden Power

It can be such a pain when you have to contain yourself.
You sit there and you see what can not be seen.
You act like it's just as normal as everyone makes it out to be.
But you know the secret, you know the truth.

With every action, you mutter those same words that you read
Over and over and over again.
You know how those words relate.
You know the result that is being desired.
And you wonder how you even got those powers to begin with.

What it fate? Was it a dice roll?
Was it being in the right place at the right time?
You will always ask yourself these questions
Because no matter how much you do know
You never really fully know,
And that's what drives you insane.

As though having to keep quiet about it isn't insanity enough,
Everything about it, everything about it, everything about it.
It repeats itself. It all makes sense.
To you and only you.
And only because you won't speak.
And only because you can't speak.
Because once you speak, they'll know you know.

And once they know you know, you're done.
But it's always a trap, always a game, always inescapable.
How did you get here? How did you get this?
How did you earn these powers? These fears?
It's a twister of trivia with no end in sight,
But you never learn the key to end the maddening part
Of all your insanity and all of your psycho.
So don't ask questions. You'll never get answers.

Code of the Mind

Positive feelings towards positive energies.
Yet, I repulse that of the opposition.
There's no real charge on me.
I just push with my hands.

Your walls are not strong.
It's simply just a matter of if.
If they bring a big enough hammer,
Those walls will no longer exist.

Those earthquakes you feel inside?
I feel them too, even stronger.
I don't want to fall in the crack.
I don't.... I just can't let go.

It's funny, the names you call out.
Some are just so false.
And then there are the few.
Those, you'll never comprehend.

I check the box. All the time.
My visions, they see the universe.
Time is no object, but it is,
Can't see it, can't feel it, yet it passes.

I try to hold on to the wind.
You don't need a strong grip for that one.
And yeah, still, sometimes I slip.
I fall. I trip. I land. I hurt.

I sometimes wish I didn't read it,
But it just makes up for the challenge.
Humility is a powerful weapon,
For it burns even after their defeat.

Sometimes, I have to code my thoughts.
Because if I give to you as literally as possible,
You'll call the psych ward on me.
And I don't want to go back.

From the Outside

Nothing holds you back.
And yet, you stand still.
Quiet, timid.
You show no signs of anything.
No signs of strength,
No signs of skill,
No signs of ability.
This leads me to believe one thing...

You're weak.

Everyday, Some Day

And everyday,
The wishes are made.
And some days,
I work towards them.

And everyday,
I pray for the best.
And some days,
I get greatness.

And everyday,
I yearn to see you.
And some days,
I imagine.

And everyday,
My dreams go play.
And some day,
They'll come true.


If I told you that you wouldn't see the end coming,
Would you see the end coming?
I'm telling you that you're in for a surprise,
So therefore, you're expecting something amazing,
But in the end,
Will you really be expecting it?
Will it really be amazing?
Will you really know what it was?


It was almost poetic, the way you yelled at me.
Told this was wrong, this was the way to do it.
I just stood there, looking like a fool.
But listening.

There was a legit concern on your part,
As there was a legit concern from me.
And you yelled and you yelled and you yelled,
As if I could not hear you at all.

I watched your dramatic theatrics,
The hands, the head, the whole body.
And while you spoke, I noticed a message
That your mouth could not deliver.

It was a unique message, hard to pick up,
But I realized that it was love,
For had we not had that bond,
I could spectate none of what you were doing.

Message in the Distance

All I really have to do
Is write about seventeen lines.
Mangle them all up
With a bunch of ideas.
And probably put in useless little line breaks.

Like this one.

And this one too.

And what happens is,
This looks like too long of a something for you to read,
Because if you have to do a whole other something
Just to continue you reading,
It's not quite worth your time.

But then,
if you don't read it all,
You'll never truly understand.
And if you never finish it,
And you won't catch what I threw.

Another pointless line break.

And another.

Because I'm a terrible guy.

When I want to be.
I've always said,
The best are better at being the worst,
Because when the best is the worst,
Everyone must know about it

And everyone who was affected by the best
And feels the worst
Hurts in the end.

But I'm generally a good guy.
Because I'm at peace with self,
And I know who I am.

A good guy.

With terrible tendencies.

Like this pointless line breaking.

And with it
I make this whole thing way too long
For you to even bother to read,
Because at this point,
You could have done so much else with your life,
And if you just so happen to be reading it still,
You're actually going to sue me
Because time is money,
And this is time that you won't get back.

Well, I'm sorry.
I apologize.
This was un-obviously a very bad test.
I just wanted to know if you were worth it.

Because I love you.


You give me the highlight
And you see what I do.

I write my own stories,
I wonder, do you?

Obviously in some way,
We're all part of the trap.

But how much of the paper
Has your written rap?

Everyone wants to think
That the choices they make

Are theirs, and free
Of the manipulate.

But no matter much
Your brain tries to fight,

Is it really your own,
This story you write?

Today and Tomorrow

Tonight you will sleep in fear,
Fear of a tomorrow,
A tomorrow that will be greater than today.
But fear is only an illusion,
False Evidence Appearing Real,
So you're simply scared of continuing
Down the path of the useless.

But do you know why you afraid of tomorrow?
Do you know why you fear a greater day?
Because you see no greatness in yourself,
And thus, these days are as meaningless as you find yourself.
You don't want to see tomorrow
Because you already broke you mirror
And you're not in pursuit of a new one.

You don't like the images you see,
And you prefer to have your eyes closed,
But until you die, closed eyes must open.
And you fear death more than you do the next day,
So you maintain a daily nightmare of sorts,
Scared of the new, scared of the day,
And that small moment of night
Is hardly worth waiting for anyway.

So continue with life, coward,
And continue to decide to not mend what's broken.
You fear what you can see the clearest,
And you fear that what you see can't be fixed.

Or perhaps,
It's the fact that it can be fixed,
That you rather not explore...

What a doomed piece of work you are.


And within you lies insanity,
A lack of proper thinking,
For all thinking has one focus,
And yet, focus is unsure.

There are only two cures,
Both will change everything,
And change, you aren't ready,
And ready, you will never be.

Hence your inner insanity,
Hence your inner chaos,
Hence your inner fear,
You're too concerned of a future

Where you may win it all
Or you may win nothing.
You could just win what you have,
But all you have is insanity.

Enter My Mind

Feel my love and my lack of hate.
Witness how love drives me crazy.
See my thoughts and all their details,
Live in the fantasy I called the future.

Envision from my eyes how that future played out.
Feel the scorn and pain of disappointment.
Accept all the lessons that I have accepted.
And feel. Feel love again.

Look from my eyes how all is corrupt.
Look, once again, and see the light.
Feel how I walk amongst dirt, in mud.
And watch I soar in the air.

Embrace how I look down upon all from flight.
Read all my stories, listen to my music.
Allow me to dive, cut air, return to earth.
Feel me land and become humble again.

September 11, 2012

9/11: The Tragedy, The Comedy

So I want to discuss my thoughts on 9/11 on 9/11... is that a problem for anyone?

Apparently it is... it was enough for someone (that I don't know and couldn't possibly care less for) to block me on FaceBook and get a status deleted due to... disrespect.

Disrespect of what? (No idea)

Thing is, I didn't even make a joke about it. It was a simple discussion on whether 9/11 was an inside job or not. And then I'm told to leave the conversation alone and to let those who are in mourning to mourn over it. Of course, because I literally said nothing disrespectful about the situation, I continued. Why? One, to be an asshole (being an asshole on the Internet is fun, you should try it in small morsels), and two, because it was already a topic, and I wasn't going to stop talking about it if everyone else wasn't and if there could be some form of intelligent discussion to be derived from it.

But alas, I was blocked, and the status was deleted. Oh well.

One thing that was discussed was the idea that 9/11 was an inside job. We probably will never know the truth about it, but there's something very important about knowing whether it was an inside job or not.

You see, because of 9/11, airport security has been improved. They've managed to catch a lot of different types of objects and keep all different types of whack jobs off planes because of it. (many many many more people may have missed flights due to security, but that's a different story for a different day.) So if 9/11 happened simply because someone in security slipped up, then I am relatively sure that all bases are covered.

But if 9/11 was an inside job, then I'm just as sure that if someone wanted it repeat those events (and do it on a larger scale), then it could be done, and probably rather effortlessly. And this, I feel, is why it's relatively necessary to know if it was an inside job or not, because while a repeat is clearly preventable in terms of keeping outsiders from pulling it off, what can we do about insiders? I don't know if the TSA is ready to deal with that.

The next thing I want to talk about is the thing that actually ventures into disrespectful territory... 

the jokes.


See what I did there?

But yeah... the jokes of 9/11... they're amazing if you look hard enough to find them. Oh, and if you find yourself offended by them. (though honestly, this is my favorite)

The young lady whose name I do not know but can be found under the moniker of Android 18 (and if you click her name, or this, you can go to her FaceBook Like Page) (she's also the one that made that picture and that makes her awesome) said something that I found interesting along the lines of...

9/11 jokes are only unfunny because it's a tragedy that happened in America. People make fun of the nuke bombings in Japan and the Holocaust all the time, both of which had more people killed than 9/11, and people laugh at it all the time, but once you start joking about 9/11, we got a problem.

And it's kind of true. Obviously, you have those people that just get offended by life and therefore any joke about any tragedy offends them. But there are definitely people that will laugh at racist jokes, Holocaust jokes, Japan bombing jokes, dinosaur extinction jokes (hey, they were alive too), Michael Jackson jokes, Whitney Houston jokes, etc. But put out a 9/11 joke, and apparently, a line has been crossed.

My thing is, at the end of the day, they're jokes. I feel like there's a big difference between making a joke about a touchy topic, and then being plain ol' disrespectful about it. Like, there's a big difference between making a racist joke and actually being racist. There's a big difference between make a joke about anyone and actually disrespecting them and their character.

And I think that once people understand that, the world will be a better, more humorous place.

Okay, I think I'm going to cut this blog short. I've got more than I'm willing to type, but I'm tired, I got another adventure to hit up tomorrow (I'm on vacation by the way) (The Adventures of Mark Wins is super dead, so let's not even bring it up) (too bad I already brought it up), and I've made it require that I get up early and stuff. So I'm done here.

9/11. Never forget. And if you do, it's okay America won't let us forget.

September 10, 2012

Breezy Gust

When the breeze is calm.
When the winds blow you away.
It's hard to control your weather.
It's hard to understand how it affects people.
Being the breeze, an ingredient of relax,
A way to nurture the feels of good.
Being the wind, the gust that annoys,
The tornado that destroys.
You don't want to destroy,
But you can hardly control yourself,
Being so flowing, being so free,
And that's when you realize
That your best move is to blow
In a area somewhere else
Where you will be appreciated,
Or where destruction is needed.
Blow calmly, blow away,
But don't blow here.

September 4, 2012

Another Outrageous Dream that Needs to Documented

So it's me, RPJ, and Li'l Scar trying to go out to a club one night.

We get near the club, but it looks like every gangster and wannabe gangster ever is trying to kill us... more specifically, me, but they don't seem to mind collateral damage.

We avoid dudes with knives due to their own ignorance and hatred for each other, only for me to be attacked by some Hispanic dude with that wire thing that can choke you and cut your head off or something like that, but I see it coming, and I'm able to protect a part of my neck so the whole thing doesn't get around it, then I punch the dude. RPJ is able to Super Kick some before they can get to it, and Li'l Scar is actually able to remain calm and kill his attempted murderer.

We got up and started to escape, but more thugs attacked us. Li'l Scar pulled out a knife, and along with the fighting skills of RPJ and myself, only to run into dogs that seemed intent on killing me as well. We end the lives of the dogs, and then Li'l Scar steals acar, and drives us to some random strip club that has a drive thru. LOL I DON'T EVEN DRIVE YET, BUT ARE THEIR ANY DRIVE THRU STRIP CLUBS OUT THERE IN THE WORLD?

We all wanted to go in, so we enter the club (not the drive thru, we park the car). As we walk towards a table, some random guy pops a pill in my mouth and says "That should do it." I immediately spit the pill out, ready to beat the guy up, but I was distracted by the boys, telling me that we need to sit down at this table with these three voluptuous white women. We have a small conversation about our night as a server comes and takes out order. The boys and I order non-alcoholic drink via paranoia, while the girls order alcoholic drinks that we agree to pay for. As we agree to do so, the server gives me her number. RPJ wonders how I can just pull numbers without trying. I tell him that I don't even want it and that he can have it, but he says that I should keep it because I might need it more than he does.

By the way, the number was (808)563-6259. I don't know how I remember that number, and I don't know why it's from Hawaii...

Suddenly, everyone leaves the premises, and I black out.Next thing I know, I'm in some building, trying to evacuate everyone. Apparently, I have a number of family members and friends n this building, so naturally, I help them escape. As we get out, the door locks itself shut super tight, and I'm trying my best to open it, but with no luck.

RPJ gets a text asking if I'm okay because apparently all seven terminals of JFK Airport blew up, and that's when RPJ steps away from the building that I'm trying to open up. RPJ looks and sees people trying to jump out the building, then he yells to me to get away from the building because it's about to explode. I look up, and I'm conflicted from catching people to running away. I decide to run, and I'm able to get to a certain distance before some people land on the ground, hurt, and they ask me why did I leave them if I'm supposed to be a hero. Suddenly, the building starts to explode, starting with the top floors, then the bottom floor, which causes that building to collapse, and then a huge chunk of the building comes flying at me. I run, but it's able to catch my legs, pinning me to the floor under it, and sends pieces of glass in my eyes and burns my legs. Someone's able to get my legs free, but they hurt like hell.

The craziest shit though (as if that dream wasn't crazy enough) was the fact that the words "End of Part One, To Be Continued" popped up, like I was starring in my own first person movie or something. And then the burning sensation that I felt on my legs woke me up.

My legs are okay. But wow... another crazy ass dreams in the books.

August 29, 2012

more untitled shit

skimmin' through your pics
missin' you
wanting to hold you
and love you.

life holds us back
worlds hold us away
i can still breathe
but i want you.

my heart beats in fear
that the days will end
with you so far gone
and i'll never see you again.

but you do what you must
and i won't hold you back
but know that i miss you
and i love you.

The Lonely Mind

the lonely mind roams
and the lonely mind gets lost
and the lonely mind conquers itself
in loneliness and fear.

the lonely mind finds gray areas
and the lonely mind stays there
and the lonely mind refuses
to find shades of color.

the lonely mind enjoys being alone
and reveling in a pool of electrons
that charge up a downward spiral
when there's probably nothing there.

but all the lonely mind seeks is an end,
a companion that won't make it lonely,
a reason to avoid the ideas it designs,
a reason to avoid the gray.

August 28, 2012

untitled. *sigh*

Haven't escaped the woods yet,
And now, it grows dark.
Is it the shadows of a bright fire
Started by an invisible volcano?
The path ahead is unsure,
But should not be underestimated.
You may have taken damage,
But lead with your best tool.

The problem with the darkness
Is that you can not see.
The problem with the the woods
Is that you should have left.
Dangers of all kinds
And you know none of them.
You need water.
You need to drink.

But is it the thirst that drive you?
Why do you walk?
The fall would be easier,
But then where would you be?
No one would find you
As you lay there, collapsed.
However, it is not a legacy
That you are looking for.

Dark roads, invisible fires,
Everything escapes what make sense.
Yet you continue with hope.
You lead yourself with your blind eye.
You put everything on the line,
To travel this dark road in the woods,
Hoping for a new kind of light
Because it looked grander than you.

August 21, 2012

This doesn't have a title

all of this.
we sleep with power.
some don't sleep.
i prefer the winds.
sun down sun up sun down again.
breaking patterns.
produce clouds and make us assume
because we didn't see
and we couldn't see
in the darkness
that was artificially real.

plan this game.
plan the attack.
all of that planning will disappear
with the single roll of the dice
down the hill
and into the gutter
where you get snake eyes.
i don't know if that's technically bad
but i rather not get bit.

and all of you will continue to love
and continue to hate
and continue to travel the spectrum
until the traveling stops.
there will be no refs.
no coaches.
no players.
no game to play.
recklessness and endangerment
was the path of the day
but today
we met destruction.

these are colors of desire.
this is how we live.
and sometimes, we don't live.

and when we don't live we waste.
and when we waste we hurt.
and when we hurt we reach.
and when someone grabs us we live again.

but time is infinite.
but ours is limited.
and ours is wasted.
and ours is precious.
but its infinite for all those things
that can not measure it.

the message will get lost
upon the lack of care.
and then you will never know
what a legacy was.
and you will never have a page.
and you will never have a title.
so you're better off staring at the sun
than praying for rain.

August 13, 2012

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins: A Fair Warning

So Capcom recently annouced the release of a downloadable game titled "Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins" for PSN and XBL. MvCO will come packed with Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and Marvel Super Heroes.

I own neither system, and yet, I am quite excited. The games mentioned are my two favorites in the series. Marvel Super Heroes has great one-on-one action (I believe that most prefer X-Men: Children of the Atom in terms of that, but I honestly super suck at it and have no idea how that game works), and Marvel vs. Capcom 1 has the most insane 2 on 2 action you can find.

These games, however, are insanely broken, maybe even more so than Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Now both games have a higher percentage of viable characters, but what those characters can do and exactly how broken those characters can be potentially exceeds how ridiculous Marvel vs. Capcom 2's optimum brokenness is.

You see, on the low, MvC1 (and to a slightly smaller extent, MSH) has been advanced far beyond normal comprehension for the past 10 years via MAME and, more recently, GGPO. While I believe that MSH will probably remain slightly familiar to those who played it before, there are more than enough things that might even make the vets go "what the fuck?"

But in MvC1? Forget about it.

I'm talking about uncombo'd loops, insane wavedashing, insane resets, ambigious cross ups, guaranteed guard breaks... that game is going to be a problem, and I really hope that Capcom doesn't patch it up because I think all that craziness is what makes MvC1 so fucking awesome and so fucking unique. There are things that can be done in that game that can't be done in other vs. games, and, if the people accept it, it will give that game the identity it deserves.

But don't take my word for it... let me show you some game play of recent years that will blow your mind.

What I am about to show you aren't combo videos. These are actual matches played in real time...

These are "casual" matches.

This is a First to 10 Set... serious business.

And even with a "No Infinite" agreement with the players, this game still comes off as crazier and more entertaining than UMvC3 to me. No flipping out of dropped air combos here.

So I'm just saying... when you finally get your hands on MvC:O this fall, don't be surprised if you get blown the fuck up by some shit that you have never seen before in your entire life of playing fighting games. This game has been taken to a new level, a level equivalent to, but totally different from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Month -1 Marvel Super Hero tech.

If you hated gems in Street Fighter X Tekken, then when both players hold Start at the beginning of the 
match, gems turn off... if, of course, Capcom keeps that feature in. See? Capcom used to be so ingenious.