July 20, 2011

Strider Hiryu is comfirmed for Ultimate MvC 3... but...

So I'm doing very, very early speculation on Strider via these videos.

Why? Because when I speculated that Zero's combos would be ridiculous and easy due to seeing a pre-release video of Zero vs. She-Hulk, I was right. His combos are ridiculous and relatively easy.

So I'm looking at Strider... here's what I like...

I like that after he teleports, he can still attack relatively immediately afterwards like in MvC2, as opposed to MvC1 where he had to land helplessly. 

I like that his single orb shot OTG's.

I like that when he does the move that allows him to cling to the wall, he can apparently combo you for a bit and then even continue the combo.

I like that his teleport kick is a knockdown if it hits you in the air and can be combo'd out of if it hits you on the ground. It doesn't knock down, but you can still attack immediately afterward. I don't know if that means its recovery is better than it used to be or if it just has a lot of hit stun when it hits.

I like that Legion OTGs. (it always kinda OTG'd, but you know... in the past, it was a bit more difficult to OTG into a Legion... or anything for that matter... and when you could OTG in the pass, there were much better things to OTG into... like something that lead into an inf or into Orbs).

Of course, nothing can be perfect. Here's what I don't like...

I don't understand why both Orbs and Ragnarok are Level 3 Supers. 

Like... okay, I can understand why Ragnarok would be a Level 3... it looks awesome, it looks like you'd need 3 levels of meter to actually do it, and it looks like ridiculous damage. I can understand why Orbs would be a level 3... the pressure game put up by Orbs is nasty intense, and having 5 opportunities to use Orbs while having a Level 3 X-Factor just sounds broken.

But I don't understand why both of them have to be level 3 supers. What the fuck am I supposed to do with my meter when I wanna style on people? Spam Legion?

Ultimately, though, I see Strider being Top Tier material. With his teleport moves and his ability to just pick a side of the stage that he wants to be on, he has plenty of mobility and mix up options. He definitely looks like he'll be easier to move around with than in previous iterations (which is crazy because Strider was already nasty to move around with), and he's definitely going to be a problem. Which is good. He's Strider. He should be a problem. I just wish he didn't have two Level 3 supers.

July 19, 2011

Random Talk about Capcom

Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled.

The following might get a lot of heat. Good. I love the heat. (really though, summer is my favorite season.)

I'm glad that Mega Man Legends 3 got cancelled. I never liked Mega Man Legends. I didn't like the look and I didn't like that it was an RPG. Still, I eventually tried it. Still, didn't actually like it.

I didn't like Mega Man Ballnutz. I was overly upset when he made the TvC roster. Sure, I have no problem trying new things, but what the fuck. Shit was terrible.

Seriously, when it comes to Mega Man, they really only need Classic and X. MMZero is okay, but that shit just got overly ridiculous after a while. Fuck NT Warrior. Fuck Ballnutz. Classic and X. That's all you need.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is coming.
It's supposed to have 12 new characters.

But it's still going to have X-Factor, and that's where the game fails for me. X-Factor is such a flawed system... maybe if they nerf it then I'll have less of an issue with it, but then the game's button format is clearly still going to bug the shit out of me. And let me not dare mention the "lol random presses = super" execution requirements.

So yeah. I think it'll be another 3 days of hype, and that's about it. I guess I can see why people still play the game, as it has kinda leveled itself out, but X-Factor is still too very stupid, literally allowing players to make comebacks that they shouldn't have made otherwise. I'm really surprised how all the MvC3 players can sit there and love that game to death, but then have the nerve... the gall... the audacity to call Smash a party game... muthafucka, what you think MvC3 is?

I honestly haven't played much Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. Still too busy playing Tetris Attack, actually. What I am hearing, though, is that the game is relatively balanced without the use of Yun and Yang, and that the only reason Fei Long and Makoto are part of the top 4 is because they do significantly well against Yang and Yun. I don't know how true any of that is, but whatever. They nerfed the shit out of Rose like Rose was goddess-like or something.

I'm still waiting for some Street Fighter X Tekken though. I haven't seen too much of it, but I do like what I'm seeing so far. And I'm definitely gonna attempt to rock the team of Bob Sagat. Like, how can you not play that team at least once?

July 17, 2011

Why I Almost Quit

Real minor shit, I tell you, but listen... this is how my mind works... I'm a crazy dude...

I'm washing these damn dishes, right? And as I'm washing them, that damn crazy lady drops off a yellow cutting board. And walks off.

Now, the way she did it was she quickly dropped off the board and left just as quickly as she appeared, in her regular, jolly manner.

But in my twisted mind, the bitch dropped off the cutting board with her chin held high, thinking to herself, "He better wash that shit. Haha. My job is better than yours."

No matter which way this event is interpreted, my mind still found a common problem with this...


And with that thought, I damn near walked out. Fortunately, I came to my senses and simply continued this bullshit.

Get it? If you do, congrats, you're probably equivalently as awesome as I am. If you don't get it, don't worry, it's possible that you're still relatively awesome, but just not equivalently, as that statement flew over your head. But I'll explain it anyway.

You see, I am Mark. I should not be washing dishes for money. This job is beneath me. Easily. And yet, here I am doing this shit, four days out the week for what isn't even an incredible amount of money.

And they wanna take my Mondays away from me too... but then they wanna adjust my hours... specifically, have me come in later during the weekend closings, because it doesn't already take too fucking long for me to wash all those gotdamn dishes...

Like, a few days ago, some guy asked me if I wanted to work six days a week. Are you fucking kidding me? I'm already losing my mind working four days a week. And fuck the "extra money." At what cost? This place has already reduced my health, both mentally and physically... like, I got sick. During the summer though? Really? Come on...

There's no way I could legitimately deal with the blatant, overall allergicness to logic for more than four days a week... uncalled for... seriously, everywhere I look, I see a lack of logic... it's fucking ridiculous.

But back to the point... why am I expected to do this shit? I am Mark. I should be programming something, or writing a book, or something like that. I am not a laborer. I am a thinker, a creator. So why am I doing the work of indentured servants?

Well... I thought about this... thought about my path of life... thought about all the setbacks I had to deal with... thought about my childhood vs. my adulthood... ultimately, via some a series of unfortunate events, I had been knocked off my destined path... or maybe, this is the destined path and I just didn't know it. My goals... they have changed considerably simply because things aren't nearly as bright as I thought they were when I was kid. I do have goals, however, that are relatively similar to the ones I had when I was younger, but they've been adjusted by the reality that is this harsh world.

What's interesting is that I always looked forward to the challenges of adulthood. I know of many who would rather be a kid again. I had an okay childhood... could be better, but could obviously be much worse, so I appreciate it for what it was. But adulthood, even with the initial setbacks, current challenges, and future issues, seems to be leagues better than my childhood. Still, there was no way in hell I was prepared for this. Any of this. I had no idea that my life would spiral out of my control, only for me to somehow maintain a smidget of control many years later and have to trudge down this ridiculously difficult path.

Yeah, that's quite a sample of all the thinking I did today after deciding not to quit.

But then I had come across a nasty little revelation...

I learned nothing in high school...

To Be Continued...

July 14, 2011

Video of the Day

In the final seconds, from downtown, the video of the day is...............

Hmmm... I have a number of witty things to say about this:

  • And they said white men can't jump.
  • If only I could dunk at 5.
  • Kid just put every black kid to shame.
  • Stereotype, smhereotype.
  • Where is this basketball camp located?

Mark Wins Revival

With soooo much to talk about, today is a great day to bring this blog back to life.

Where the fuck has this blog been?

This blog has been sleeping. I could blame the sleep on my job... but I was sick (because of my job) and I was busy (because of SCW... but mostly my job). Actually, on July 1st, I went to see an Impact Wrestling show with Jacko, but like, it just went downhill from there.

But fuck downhill. I blinked, and now I'm getting back on my game, returning to the uphill climb to the top, where I belong.

As seen on CNN...

So I'm at work today, and I see something about CNN reporters getting shot at.

So where are they? Are they in Southside Jamaica, Queens? Bed-Stuy? Killadelphia? (for the uninformed, yeah, it's that's dangerous) The mean streets of MoTown?

No. They're in Libya. In the middle of their civil war, trying to get the latest bit of info...


MYOB never meant so much...

Yeah... ads...

So out Internet is ridiculously fast now compared to whenever most of us first discovered Internet. And yet, for some reason, we have to deal with ads that pretty much give us the same amount of loading time as when we first discovered the Internet. It's times like this that makes me *sigh* at technology... what a waste.

As seen on CNN II...

So once again, at work still, walking by a screen with CNN on it, and I read something about how some pedophile is currently in jail watching child porn.


And how does he get to do that, you ask?

Simple... he's the sole attorney for his own case against possessing child porn and raping children... so he gets to view the evidence, which just so happens to include child porn.

High-tier Bullshit: How is this guy allowed to watch child porn?

Top-Tier Bullshit: Why is child porn made? Like... how is it seriously legal to make this stuff? And why not come down on the source of this shit? Clearly the government keeps maaad stuff from the people... you can't keep child porn from the public either? Really?

So I've touched soooo many hearts in my lifetime...

... that I don't remember them all. Like, people come up to me every so often like, "Yoooo, wassup Mark." And I legit don't remember who they are. Sometimes, my face tells the entire story, as I have this face that's like, "Wait, what? Who the hell are you?" Other times, I just pretend to remember, but I don't actually mention their name (which I don't remember anyway). Whatever the case may be, I'm crazy awesome.

lol @ photoshop...

this portion of my post actually contains relatively sensitive information that, if discovered, could get me fired or, even worse, in jail. Well... the beginning of it had the possibility of me getting fired, and if I would have went on with exactly how illogical shit is, jail time definitely would be possible. So I'm going to just keep my mouth shut.

As I'm walking...

I noticed that the sun was eclipsed by a cloud...

Beautiful sight.

How's SCW?

lol. SCW is an organized mess. But it's fine. I'll edit the videos between now and next week, and after next week's tapings (barring the weather), everything will be up.

Future Posts?

Yeah, there will be future posts...

Like, there will definitely be at least one "Adventures of Mark Wins." And what I plan on doing is an interesting little 5 part "dating tips" set of posts... they all should prove to be relatively interesting.

July 6, 2011

Song of the Day

Pity is a four letter word...

I like Sevendust. They're a pretty cool band. I discovered them via the game Smackdown vs. RAW 2008... the first time I actually listened to this song, I was hooked.

This song popped up on my mp3 player while I was on the E train, and I had it on repeat for the whole ride. The whole ride. There is something about this song... there's like themes of anger, disappointment, and acceptance within it... definitely a multi-layered lyrical trip. And of course, the guitar solo at 2:13... it makes me feel something special every time. Every. Time.


This song... maaaan... I swear, when I hear it in-game, I hardly ever notice it, hardly pay any attention to it. I'm too busy smashing people.

But this song also popped up on my mp3 player today. Caught me off guard and reminded me how awesome it is.

Because today was just sooooooooooooo victorious. :D

July 2, 2011

Random Passages from the Marko Man series

Wow... totally forgot I did this...

I had put up a bunch of different passages and one liners and two liners and other random stuff up for this blog, but I never posted this... well... enjoy.

Mark Wins
LOL... so in towards the beginning of a long process to remove Marko Man's footprint off the Internet (best as I can anyway... you know nothing is ever deleted), I found an... "interesting" [fictional] story that I wrote involving Nicky Charles and Diamond Bonilla. Good times... good stuff.
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Sid M The memory remains!

written on December 12, 2005

RPJ's grandma got ran over by a raindeer!
RPJ (aka Jacko Badguy Jackson) didn't like that, so with the help of Cyron (aka Romeo Henderson), he taped a note on the raindeer and it said "This raindeer is defective," then he used the RPBat and executed a Solo Shot to send it back to the North Pole in style.

lol. Good times... good stuff.
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Janaya Myraklez Foster where are you getting this info from?
5 hours ago · Like
Mark Wins this I pulled from my old xanga, but I pretty much deleted everything last night.
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Janaya Myraklez Foster oh ook...
3 hours ago · Like
Romeo Henderson damn lol thats funny lol
about an hour ago · Like

also written on December 12, 2005

Takeisha Cummings was in the giving mood. :O
So she gave this guy a card with $20 in it. O_O
The card read "Go buy yourself a life." XD
"Oh, okay," Javel Crosdale said. "I thought she was sick or something."

too good. Good times... good stuff.

And to think, I thought that was some legit stuff back in the day.
Good thing I didn't attempt to get published back then. The intensity of rejection would have killed the dream without hesitation. lol

Diamond Bite.
Yeah, I was totally just making shit up as I went along. lolol. This is getting ridiculous.

Ohhh yeeeeahhh... once upon a time, SuperSid had this ridiculous obsession with his pinky finger nail, and as a result, he had a nail related attack at one point... wtflol.
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Sid M Once upon a time Marko Man entered a boxing competition and he was the fucking shit without any prior training. Fact
16 hours ago · Like
Mark Wins lol. well, the entire tourney was filled with untrained boxers. i did my best, and lost to the guy who won the whole thing, so yeah. good times.... good stuff.
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Sid M Damn right!

So I'm done with removing the HeroSide saga off of xanga.
However, MarkoMan_RLE... I can't even fathom how I'm going to remove anything off of there... not like it has anything to do with the story, but oh well fuck it... I'll leave it alone.

Something interesting I read in the RLE:

I had this dream. One of my friends wants to be Batman, and to tell you who that is would be telling. He was Batman in this dream, but he got hurt because he stuck his cock in Poison Ivy's mouth.



1)What always happens at the end of a dry spell? My cock ends up in your mouth.
2)If you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, then you have... My cock in your mouth.
3)What has eight rounds but is not a fight? A gat... and my cock in your mouth.
4)What lives in its own substance but dies when it engulfs itself? My cock in your mouth.

Im gonna guess dis had sumthin 2 do w/Mr. Bolling's Class.

MARKO MAN stands for Making A Reputation Knocking Out Many Assclowns Naturally.

I must've been a pretty violent teenager to come up with something like that.

I still have access to an old Sconex post titled "You Know You Go to Edison When..."

I just might have to post that here on FaceBook for good measure...
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Michael Ľëÿküm lol sconex...

*sigh* @ MySpace's updated, yet shitty design. Finding, copying, and deleting blogs when you have as many blogs as I do is a fucking nightmare.

Well, I'm done with memory lane for now... Goodnite.

As seen at the end of a story titled "Child of Chaos":

1) Special Thanks to Sally (Sally Mae) for the incorporation of the themes of Sex, Drugs, and Violence. This story wouldn't be what it is without her support.

good times... raw stuff.
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Certain dynamics that I created between certain characters... are amazing...
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Sid M Hmmm...
I've always noticed in your writing that it seems to have more of a screen writing element. (Lots of dialogue )
You could possibly look up the art of screen writing and maybe even start cartoon writing or something along those lines.
4 hours ago · Like
Mark Wins good ideas indeed. I will definitely take them into account.
4 hours ago · Like
Sid M All you can do.
On one hand...you could become a pro boxer and on the other hand...you could become a writer.
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Kenny Raghunath Why not both?
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lol. this is a neat little line:

"Fortunately, you living was not of your own doing. Someone definitely died to save your ass, but that sacrifice will be in vain."

After Organix Edge killed Red Eyes Marko Man...

"You seem surprised," Organix (aka Kenny Raghunath) said when he landed, not looking back to anyone as he talked, "but I thought you all wanted him dead."

"It's not that we wanted him dead," SuperSid said, "but..."
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Kenny Raghunath It would also helped if I read them from bottom-up... xD
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Mark Wins lolol
3 hours ago · Like

"Listen," Organix (aka Kenny Raghunath) said, "Marko needed to die right now. Better me do it than someone else, trust me. If Marko was in his normal state, then I promise you there'd be no way I could kill him or even beat him. Marko is by far the greatest warrior when he's thinking straight and when he has all available powers and resources that he's been used to for umpteen years.
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Kenny Raghunath Wait wait.. Hold the phone... What?

‎"However," continues Organix (Kenny Raghunath), "if the reason for Marko's insanity is because of the death of his friends, then I can guarantee you that Marko will be back with a vengance. Oh yeah, Marko will be back and he'll be out to get anyone and everyone that is the pure enemy."

Organix (Kenny Raghunath) turned around at this point. "However, I will warn you, and you should warn others as well," he continued, "especially those who never had powers until they got to Nessasis... When Marko returns, everything changes. Everything."

Maaaan... the plans I had for Nessasis at this point... never materialized. But they will some day... Good times. Good stuff.
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Kenny Raghunath Lol. Good stuff.

Ahhh... the appeal of Lost Episodes... stuff that will never... ever... see the light of day...

I did fight Sephiroth... didn't I?

Jacko Badguy Jackson... check out this intense coincidence...

So you know how Robbie said I look like a Marvin, right? Apparently, in an alternate dimension that I wrote about once upon a time, there is, in fact, a King Marvin that looks just like me.

Good times.... good stuff.

FaceBook's 420 character limit just can't contain the epicness of certain excerpts from my stories...

awww... never did finish the Mis Adventures of Convict (Jeffrey Butler) and Shadow...

“Today’s lesson in physics, Newton’s law,” Marko said. “It’s been a while, but if I remember it correctly, it goes something like this: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Do you wish to test this?”

I think that the most intense and unexpected thing I ever wrote was a part of a story where Marko Man, drunk on evil, Artificial Power, destroyed the five boroughs of New York + Long Island... never did finish that story....

As much as I love Team Epic, Untouchable X (Jacko Badguy Jackson & Jeffrey Butler) DEFINITELY has to get some burn in the Marko Man series. The dynamic between them is too comical.

‎*sigh* Wow. MySpace was such a superior website... now it's entire design is nothing less than annoying... glad I'm finally done removing everything I wanted to remove from there... now on to the minimal content that I posted here on FaceBook....

Hmmm... not much content on FaceBook... talk about neglected.
Well, the removal process is as complete as I think it's going to get. I left up the Untitled Internet Finale, and I left up my battle vs. Sephiroth, which is sure to be deleted within a week or so.

It's been fun, but it's time to step up to the big leagues. For real this time.
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D'Ron A. Maingrette You leaving us?
19 minutes ago · Like
Mark Wins lolol. I'm still going to be on facebook and whatnot. i've just been on this epic quest to remove my Marko Man series from xanga, myspace, and facebook... brought back some awesome memories. so when i say i'm going to step up to the big leagues, i mean in terms of writing. i'll never forget where i came from... or at least i will embrace the occasional reminders.
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D'Ron A. Maingrette Homey said XANGA! LOL throwwwwwwback omfg I miss those days. Aight I respect what you're trying to do, best of luck brah!
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Mark Wins lol. thank you sir. :)

More interesting excerpts...

During the White Virus War

The HQ Virus and MCJ each had an extremely high power level, the highest power levels seen in Nessasis so far. MCJ had a small smile on his face because he knew that, but he knew that he still had business to handle. "I'm gong to wipe that smile off your face," the HQ Virus said. "Please," MCJ said. "You had to absorb over eight million White Viruses just to  match our power. You couldn't wipe shit off your own ass at this rate!"

During the No Holds Barred Tournament (this wasn't especially interesting, but it made me lol)

Gahuno's gun glowed for about a second, then shot a small but powerful energy blast at Len who was on his way to hitting the ground on his back. The Ultra Death Shot connected, blowing Len up on contact. Len was dead. "And the winner, by way of murder..." T. Dre announced, "Gahuno!"

All of the crowd except the heroes that came to see Marko and MyTMouse fight went wild after the victory. "You see that?" Takeisha said. "He just killed him!"

"I think it's awesome," Dappa said. "Now we can see what Marko and Mouse are really made of."

More from the NHB'd Tourney

"That was lucky," he said, "especially since you're too soft to win a match in a No Holds Barred Tournament. You're gonna lose this match."
"Soft?" Marko said. "I got your pillow right here! Rapid Megodoken!"

Dialogue is so amazing... NHB Tourney

MyTMouse shook his head slowly. "First I'm funnier than you think," MyTMouse said. "If you weren't a bad guy, you'd probably know that. Second, you stated that I 'cannot win this fight.' Right... look, this is a 'no holds barred' tournament. Thus, no rules. I just happen to be really fucking good, if not the best, at fighting without the rules.
"But wait, don't speak yet!" MyTMouse continued. "Now if you wish to fulfill your little life purpose, which I have happened to figure out because stupid I ain't, then you'd have to be better at fighting without rules than me. However, you are not. So you're gonna die. I just haven't figured out how I'm gonna kill you yet because... well... apparently the 'kill you in less than a second' thing went out the window the moment I let you speak."

From the Shin Drive...

"Your power makes me tremble in my shoes," Shin Marko Man taunted, "because it only makes me fear my own great power."

More Shin Drive

"However, there's a game of cat and Mouse yet to be finished. And since Mouse thinks he's the cat..."
Shin Marko Man turned around as Marko Senses warned him of a sneak attack. "...Then maybe I'll play the pit bull," he said, "and tear your ass apart."

Even more Shin Drive

"You know, there's a thin line between hero and asshole," Organix Edge said, "and you're flirting with it."

Shin Drive is too good.

"He's charging up," Romeo said. "For what is inconclusive. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to continue this."
"Oh come on now," Shin Marko Man said. "Don't be bitches."

lol. The RPBeast. Forgot about that thing...

Thought by Shin Marko Man:
There, so I'm going to own him. Badly. Like I spent hard earned money for him.

Against the Supremist
"Trying to show off your true power?" the Supremist said. 
"True power?" Marko said. "I have no idea what kind of power this is. All I know is that it will crush you!"

lol... can I even recycle this?
"Lockdown on your castle is gonna cost you your own life," Marko taunted. "Cause see, obviously, you're like the War in Iraq, you have no exit strategy... except death."

lol. The Seductress...

 "To make sure that the two ladies following Marko Man don't get involved in this," Javel said, "but I wanna know why she's so suspect. There's more behind this bitch than Marko's hand."

Takeisha, referring to how to handle the Seductress...

We're gonna have to get in one good attack. Take a page from Marko's book. Well, not this page."
After the battle...

When this was confirmed, Javeisha defused back into Takeisha and Javel. "All right!" Marko said. "That was pretty damn good!"

"Well I wish I could say the same for you," Javel said. "You've been bad Marko."

"Me?" Marko said. "What'd I do?"

"What did you do?" Takeisha said. "Fought at a club, met a skank, went into a motel room with a skank, almost had sex with a skank, and put your friends through mad trouble to save you from the skank. Oh, and can I see your hands?"

Marko tried to hold his hands out in front of him, but he was still handcuffed. "Oh yeah, these things," he said. "Could you help me out with these?"

"Nope," Takeisha said. "Not at all," Javel said, and the two ladies flew off into the night sky.

"Huh?" Marko said. "Hey! Wait!" With his hands still cuffed behind his back, Marko took off to put up chase.

"I've beaten you both once. This time, I'll show you what your ass looks like without the use of a mirror!"

"Oh...wooow... why did his eyes turn red?" Sally asked RPJ.
"That's what happens when Marko's teacher tells him he got an F," RPJ said. "Then the blood vessels in his eyes pop and they turn red."

lol... what kinda arrogance...
"I'll take a time out so that you can regroup," Marko taunted, "because you need it."