January 5, 2012

Apex Preparedness

So, how prepared for Apex am I?

As prepared as I could possibly be.

My bags are (mostly) packed and (almost) ready to go.
I've got travel figured out for the most part.
I'm equipped with everything I could possibly need (I hope).

Now that I've got all the logistics out of the way, how well do I think I'm going to do?

Well, they say that you are only as good as the people you play, and... well, I'm better than everyone that I play... but that's not saying much considering that they don't go to tournaments. I, myself, haven't been to a tournament since 2009. And I did pretty bad in it.

Regardless, I'm diving head first into Apex with a dream to bring about some upsets.

I've entered three events, Brawl singles, Smash 64 singles, and the All-Brawl event.

The one event that I'm probably most prepared for is the All-Brawl event. I know all the items. I know all the stages (except Hanenbow, because the general consensus is that Hannebow is gayer than Rainbow Road. I've literally only played on the level in a multiplaye bout twice in my life. The first time it was seen, it got an immediate quit because of how gay that level actually is. And I shall remain ignorant when it comes to Hannebow. You can tell me nothing about that level. I don't know what game it comes from, nor do I care.). I play with items consistently (because I honestly feel that Brawl is a considerably better game with items on, unlike Melee or Smash 64, where those games are amazing with or without items), and I've seen almost all the random shit that could possibly happen with items (except Ganon's insane item use, apparently). So for that tourney, I'm ready. Even if it's only 2 lives for 2 minutes on a random stage with a random character against 3 other players. It's cool. I'm ready.

Smash 64 is a game that I play relatively consistently on my computer, and I find that game better than Brawl because of the hitstun. If I haven't already told you, the lack of hitstun in Brawl is now officially the biggest thing that kept me from entering the few and far in between Brawl tourneys that I could have entered in 2010. Still, I'm only as good as the people you play, and while I have experience playing the game online and I know that people are on some entirely new shit in that game, I only really play one person consistently, and I'm far beyond him, so that's moot. Still, Smash 64 is the only Smash game that I hadn't entered a tournament for, so I felt the need to finally enter one.

And then there was Brawl. It's the biggest tourney there, with, like, over 400 entrants or something like that, and a $8000 pot with 1st place getting $3750. 7th and 8th place score $200. That's still a lot of money.

And I'm going for it. With a platinum controller and a fist full of dreams, I'm going for it. I'll face the realities of the situation if I lose. I'm not going to eliminate myself from contention just because of how much I haven't played this game compared to how much others have. Someone will have to eliminate me from contention. Period.

Like I said, I'm as ready as I am going to be. My only weakness is the game itself. The one thing that I have been able to do is train my mindset for this tournament, and it is trained well. I'm totally focused, and there is absolutely nothing holding me back from bringing my S-rank game.

So with all that said.... I'm going MetaKnight. No reason not to. BUT! If my tournament life looks hopeless at any point, I'm going Sonic. Period. My last Brawl tournament match Has to be me going Sonic. It is only fitting...

So Yeah.
Final Tournament. (probably)
Smash 64.
Let's Go.

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