December 31, 2011


This year... man, it's been soooo good to me. Right off the bat, really.

Like, in January, I was introduced to the concept of "Winning." Jacko started it. No. Really. He did. One day he decided that "They don't win. I win." Then Charlie Sheen blew it up. Me? I'm still embracing it. Can't tell? Just look up.

March showed the fruits of the mindset, especially on March 29th. That day, I went out on a mission to get a job and I got hired, just like I said I would. Granted, I didn't start working until June, but it's okay, because in April and May, I was granted with many an opportunity that I probably would have otherwise missed out on had I been working. I started this blog, explored different hobbies, went to a poetry reading, hung out with great friends old and new, and... well, won.

June comes and I finally start working. The job, in and of itself, is ass, but with it came cash, and therefore the opening up of brand new opportunities, such as an improved expereince at the Impact Wrestling (TNA) house show, a trip to Atlantic City, a walk through the celebrity subspace know as Madame Tussaint's wax museum (yes, yes, all of these are still lost adventures that I never posted... call me lazy), and even a couple of very capable visits to Philly.

That's not to say that work has been all bad. I've met a few good people there, even a few that I would go as far as considering "friends." (We'll see how far that actually goes). I'm also physically stronger now due to work than I've been in years. It also inspired me (or frustrated me enough) to go head-first into NaNoWriMo and start up a novel that's far from finished. It reminded me of why I love writing so much... the sheer adventure that I can create just by turning sentences into paragraphs, paragraphs into pages, pages into Chapter... etc... it's an amazing feeling that I'm glad I got back in touch with.

December didn't really provide much... exept the concept of Christmas shopping. It was the first time I went Christmas shopping for more than two people, and it was an interesting experience. I found out that while I suck at wrapping gifts, I am pretty good at giving gifts. And seeing the smiles on their faces when the recipents received their gifts... priceless.

So all in all, 2011 was a phenomenal year for me. There were a few frustrations here and there, but for the most part, the year was awesome, epic, and full of win.

And that, I saw so long to 2011, and hello to 2012! I'm not worried about an asteroid destroying the planet o the planet imploding upon itself so much as I am worried about some idiot accidentally hitting the "Nuke Every Continent Simultaneously" button. If the world comes to an end, it'll be because of us humans. But I really ain't all that worried about it. We'll be find. World's gonna end on some random year, like 56883 or something...

So cheers to another year of fun and jokes, epicness and awesomeness, friends and family, love and positivity, wins and success!

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