May 23, 2012

A Man Named Sin

‎"Do you know why they call me Sin?" he yelled angrily. "It's because no matter what I do, it's a sin. I want to love some woman? It must be lust. Fine, so let me do for myself. That's greed. Fine, so I'll help others and be proud of that. That's pride.

"In trying to avoid sin, I do nothing. That's sloth. And then I get jealous of those who do things. That's envy. And then I get hungry, so I eat. Gluttony. So I starve, and I get grumpy and angry. Wrath.

"Do you see the trap that you've been caught in? You can't do a damn thing without it being considered bad. So fuck it! I'll do it all! Whatever I want! To hell with the trap!

"You see me? I have escaped the trap. I don't abide by the trap. I say 'Fuck the trap.' And that is why they call me Sin."

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