October 4, 2012

Presidential Imperfection

And the problem is
We want the perfect President
But that's an impossible precedent
To push upon the President.

For there is no such thing as perfect people.
For if there were perfect people
They'd already been the President.

Actually, they'd the ruled the world a while ago.
And because their picture's perfect, we'd all be in chill mode.

'Cause they're perfect.
We wouldn't even have complaint,
'Cause complaints imply imperfect Presidents.

But perfection's impossible,
And a President can't present it,
Or precede it, or achieve it,
Yet we see it.

And that perfection that we wish to see
Is what drives to vote for a victory.

And it's a victory that will never be attained
Because picture perfect President can never be maintained.

The highest Bill is Clinton
And he wasn't perfect.
Bomb, bomb, bomb,
Someone had to die to keep us safe.

The highest Bill got top,
And almost got removed for that
Because he lied.
What an imperfect picture
Getting oral in the oval office,
Obviously moaning
From the pleasure of perfection
That the President's wife could not achieve.

So he couldn't do either.

And he might have been best... but.

The highest bill is Franklin aka Benjamin,
While the first one was Washington, and he's the least,
And the man that freed the blacks is a muthafucking penny

We are all equal,
Yet our value very different.
So if we are all equal,
We all gotta be perfect.
But we're not.

And yet, when we vote, we seek perfection,
Whether bought by the TV or your own little inspection,
You use to rights to hand rights over in a connection,
And we force a Perfect President to win a forced election.

But perfection doesn't exist,
And the election's arbitrary,
And the truth remains a ghost,
And the promises are fairy,
I mean very very very high hopes,
High apple pie in the skyyyy hopes.

And we believe it.

Because of the damage.

From the chaos of the quest of perfection.

But illusion is the only truly achieved precedent.
But perfection was never a quest for the President.

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