December 3, 2012

Modern Mystery

I have these questions,
But I lack the answers.
And these questions,
I can not find on google.

I'm running a path
That is rarely worn,
Almost as though I'm on
Forbidden territory.

I have enough clues
In my attempt to solve this,
But still, my intelligence
Fears the uncertainty.

The advice of others
Simply doesn't apply here.
This mystery I'm involved in
Is all my own...

Which is probably why I feel so alone...

Perhaps it's a path to a throne...

It's lonely at the top,
But exactly how many people
Tried this path
Only to slip upon a stone?

Just another question added.
An answer I don't need.
For all the people that fell
Probably have all the advice I need...

It's impossible,
It's suicide,
Don't do it to yourself,
It's not worth it...

These are the voices,
This is the advice
That haunts my ears
As I continue down the road before me.

I ask for advice,
And I am unsatisfied.
For with all the failures,
I wish to succeed.

So I will continue this path.
I will continue this mystery.
With a little bit of luck,
Loose stones won't set me free...

For a failure here
Will simply continue
My imprisonment.

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