December 4, 2012

What's Next

With NaNoWriMo a success, what's next?

A few things...

I'll try to resume writing my book by December 9th. Try. I will definitely continue to write the book as it is a part of the series and it has a good running start, but there are some things I need to take care of at home.

Also, I briefly reactivated my FaceBook (only to deactivate it again) so that I could download all of my data and search for poems. From that search, I will be compiling what I personally feel are my very best poems, and I will try to get them self-published sometime next year in multiple formats.

The poetry book will essentially be the testing grounds for "Marko Man: The Untitled Internet Finale Deluxe," which is supposed to be the 17 chapters of the UIF plus a few extra stories that I've written for the Internet as bonus content. This, I also would like to publish in multiple formats.

Also, I have a few friends that seem to have a few writing projects that are just small nagging ideas in their minds that I would love to help them unlock. Basically, my book of poetry will the experiment to see what I can and can not do with self-publishing, and from there, I'll do UIFDX, help people with what they may want to do if they so choose to invest time in their works, and if the Marko Man series never gets picked up when it's all done and finished and sculpted to what I could call its optimum form, I can self-publish that.

For this blog, I have a smartphone with a Blogger App (amongst other apps) and a slide out keyboard (so I don't have to type with a touch screen. YES!). This means that between trips to work and back, I should be able to publish many a draft that I haven't gotten around to publish. I haven't seen my drafts in a while, so exactly what's there isn't exactly known off the top of my head right now. What I do know is that there could be a minor resurgence in this blog, especially since I can even do blogs about what I'm feeling at the moment on my phone.

And of course, I need to leave my current job at OTG Management. Or get something better within those walls. I'm exploring options right now, indeed.

Lots of things going on somewhat. This is why I needed to deactivate my FaceBook. Otherwise, I'd just be on FaceBook... it does that to me for some reason... but at least I'm not experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

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  1. Ha! I should drop facebook.
    So when you say that you're still working on the books, does that mean NaNoWriMo doesn't require a complete book finished and editted at the end of the month? How *exactly* does that work?