August 30, 2011

And That's How You Spend Your Days Off Folks...

With a job that totally bothers me, it's best to spend my days off as preciously as possible.

Due to Hurricane Irene, I got 4 days off. I said that I would blog it up, especially if the power went out. I kinda did do some writing during the power outage (that was probably caused not by Irene, but by a few assholes that like to inflict fear...), but most of that writing was for the future of Marko Man... which shall remain disclosed. (hint: it's still on, nothing big... just details... you know?)

So with that said, I can announce that I will have to [at least] three editions of "The Lost Adventures of Mark Wins." Because I had some adventures over the summer that I didn't quite blog about. They are:

Making an Impact
How to Win in Atlantic City
Celebrity Subspace

Those are the titles. Like I said, there may be more, as the summer isn't over yet... I don't consider the summer done till, like, October, depending on how September's weather act... sometimes, September's be hot enough to call 'em summers, so if that's the case this year, best believe I'm not missing a beat.

Yeah, I'll [try to] get back to full time blogging by October. By then, it'll be nice and cold and I won't care about going anywhere because it's too cold (I can't stand the cold), and thus I'll be inside where it's warm, typing up a storm.

But yeah. I wanna thank Hurricane Irene for giving me those four days off. Totally.... totally needed it.

Now... let me test my new PS2 controller... this better work...

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