August 17, 2011

Murphy's Realm

So I have friends that have named their workplaces various things. Hell's been taken. Jail's been taken. North Korea's been taken. Concentration Camp's been taken.

I wanted to name my workplace.

At first I was going to call it Trollville. And I liked that name, but something about it seemed... incomplete...

And that's when I realized that this place runs on the concept of Murphy's Law.

What is Murphy's Law?

And that's all that happens here. Things go wrong.

Just when you think something is working, something else is broke. Just when you think you're going to have an easy day, the day gets ridiculously busy. Just when you think you have enough people to work with, someone doesn't show up. Just when you think your work schedule is going to operate with life schedule accordingly, your work schedule shifts otherwise. Just when you finally settled into the chaos that is your current situation, the chaos becomes even less organized.

This entire place operates on Murphy's Law. And thus, I hereby declare my job at JFK Murphy's Realm.

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