August 2, 2011


This blog has been sitting in the warehouse for mad long now. I guess I might as well just post it before I leave for work... *silence* @ work.

Amy Winehouse and Mega Man

So Amy Winehouse passed away recently... I might come off as an insensitive bastard for this, but honestly, I feel more pain in the idea that Capcom might not be making anymore Mega Man games due to his creator, Kenji Inafune, leaving Capcom on terms that aren't in fact the greatest than Amy Winehouse's death. Why?

  1. Amy Winehouse had it coming. She didn't even wanna go to rehab. And then had the nerve to make a song about it. (You could argue that Mega Man, as Inafune's creation, had it coming as well, as he was doing some questionable things over there at Capcom...)
  2. Mega Man has contributed much more to my life than Amy Winehouse. There's Mega Man 1-4 (never beat 4, actually), 7 and 8, Mega Man X 1-7 (never played 8... what the hell), and Mega Man Xtreme on the Game Boy Color. Not to mention his showings in the Marvel vs. Capcom games.
  3. The death of celebrities just don't shock me anymore... my father passed in 07, my grandmother in 09, and my aunt in 2010. I've had friends deal with family deaths in similar impacts, and you can feel them struggling to maintain and trying to keep their heads up with that initial absence. So yeah... could hardly care. I haven't even heard any one of her songs. I only know of the rehab song via facebook statuses...
Work is Killer, Man.

These assholes... they fire someone without the proper manpower to replace him, so let's shuffle the fuck out of everyone's schedule. My schedule keeps me from doing any SCW shows (at the moment... maybe it'll change? I don't even know), and I worked a ridiculous 6 consecutive days since last Thursday, and only had yesterday off since. The fact that I'm still here is nothing short of a win in my book.

And yeah, that's why I hardly blog as much as I used to... it's getting ridiculous. I really need to mark a plan to get the fuck outta there. Interestingly enough and partially unrelated, I see a number of friends in interesting predicaments that have them making interesting decisions... it will be interesting to see how our futures' play out. 

Did I mention that I openly talk to myself with no remorse? Yup. Totally lost my sanity.

Did the Overall Quality of Entertainment go Down Drastically?

So about a week or so ago, I was randomly talking to my brother about how terrible the TV show "House of Payne" is and how the only character that's worth anything is Curtis Payne and how if you remove Curtis Payne, you have nothing. My brother responds on some dumb shit like you only need one good character... like, why would you need more than one funny character? So then I break down how sitcoms like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the Cosby Show had more than one really good character, and how even if you remove the main character, you could easily write a funny show involving the rest of the cast that would obviously still be lacking, but still be watchable than House of Payne. And he's like, that's not good, cause then you're expected to laugh all the time... and I'm like, is that not the point of a sitcom?

So then he says some shit like, "what if the WWE had more than one John Cena?" 

Once upon a time, they did. Undertaker, Steve Austin, Rock, HHH, etc... what happens when you have more than one John Cena? You get a bit of unpredictability, where anyone of those good wrestlers can take the title, duh.

And that's when I think to myself... has the overall quality of entertainment gone down? And have people learned to appreciate this terrible quality of entertainment?

Which brings me to my next point...

I Think the Movie Industry is Out of Ideas...

Green Lantern
Captain America
Spiderman (again)

There's more... I just don't feel like going through it all.

Now I know, there are original movies. And I'm willing to bet that when I was young, there were remakes and such... but am I wrong for believing that new ideas are just running on fumes these days?

MvC3 > 10 months > UMvC3

So I was gonna do a blog about how this is stupid, about how Capcom did this with Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3 and how it's different from doing this with Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 because of the technology available and stuff... and then I stopped caring. 

10 months, however, isn't unprecedented, however. The gap between SF2: Championship Edition and SF2: Hyper Fighting is something along the lines of 8 months. The gap between SF3: New Generations and SF3: 2nd Impact is something along the lines of 9 months. Of course, the big difference is being in an arcade vs. being on consoles that are damn near computers and shit.

But like I said... I stopped caring. At least they'll be making the game "better" unlike what they did with SSF4: AE... SSF4 was arguably the most balanced SF game since Street Fighter Alpha 2, and they just destroyed it. How exactly is beyond me because I don't play the game enough. Some say is because they nerfed the fuck out of everyone that isn't Makoto and Fei Long. Some say is because the twins are just too good. Personally, I don't give a fuck.

MvC3 needed an update. (Personally, I think MvC needs to hit 4, already, but I digress) The game was getting stale, the X-Factor was too powerful, and outside of X-Factor, strategies were leveling out to exactly the same shit to the point where the beginning of matches in the same set were starting to look exactly the same. UMvC3 looks to add more new moves and shit, nerf that with which was considered stupid shit (like Sentinel and Phoenix), and ultimately, provide the illusion that this will be something awesome.

And I'm still backing the shit out of SFxT. Yet, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets a new edition in a year or so. That's the Capcom way... I remember when SF4 was first announced that I said it would have at least 3 versions. With SSF4, I thought I'd be wrong, but... you know.

I promise you that I have, like 10 blog ideas...

... just waiting to be written. But... you know... work and shit... maybe someday.

Even more about work...

so I've decided I'm not putting out a 100% effort until they make things right. Nothing works, and I'm out here busting my ass, but if I put in less effort, I get the same amount of money anyway, so there.

I swear, there's a beautiful relationship waiting to happen here, but I got no chance in hell to make moves because when I'm not working, they're working and when they're not working, I'm working. Awesome turn of events.

This blog in and of itself....

Has been written in like, 3 different parts, differing from three different days. The reason why I'm actually about to post this is because I'm totally lacking the fuck out of posts right now. I'm also noticing that if I make blogs about video games, they tend to get hits.

But then again...

My DBZ post got the most hits ever... and I definitely have at least one more DBZ related post to put up. You can thank a friend named Kyle for that.

And now I'm just rambling off...

but you know what? I am one sexy muther fucker. Even if I don't have the look of a waiter.

Yeah, like at my job... and I'm willing to bet that this is in most places... you can't really be a cashier or stuff like that if 1) you lack a vagina and 2) you don't have the "look." Oh, you're a dude looking for a job? Oh, you look like that? Here, take this labor bullshit.

I am not a laborer. I am a thinker, a creator. I am also a damn hard worker, and that strength is weakness... I get abused... BUT NO MOAR!

I see a lot of people at my job have, like, another job. Apparently, this one on its own doesn't cut it. Crazy... people have become slaves to the dollar. Even my schedule has attempted to make me a slave to the dollar. For the two days off that I have, they are started by a late night which usually results in my waking up late and followed by an early morning which would require me to sleep early. Meaning my actual day off is cut off.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

Fuck that. I'm dethroning this muther fucker. I REFUSE to allow my life to get ruined by this job... at least for the summer. When it gets cold and there's no interest in being out there in 40 degree weather, then it's whatever. But now? Naaaaah... it's too hot outside to be "relaxing" on days off. Naaaah... I gotta be out doing shit.

So I'll relax this once... this last once... and then from here on in? Bugging out on my days off for the rest of the summer. My job is just going to have to put up with bullshit performances... bullshit performances is better than no performance, no? I mean, I don't think they can afford to fire me. They're already low on dish washing man power as it is. Like yesterday... if I didn't show up (which I was thinking about doing due to our new attendance policy and how the 1st of each month provides a god-like loophole type maneuver), they would have been fucked. In the ass. No lube. Except the blood.

Evo was/is this weekend.

I followed it more than I originally thought I would. Well, then again... I'm lying... I only watched it practically all of Sunday. Saw the MK9 finals, Tekken 6 finals, MvC3 Top 8 and SSF4AE Top 8. Congrats to the winners. Lol @ 3-4 Phoenix teams in top 8 in Marvel. Lol @ 2 Yuns, 1 FeiLong, 3 Vipers, an Akuma, and a Seth in Top 8 in AE. MvC3 obviously had more "variety" than Marvel 2 last year, but I'm gonna have to see what exactly happened with last year's SSF4. If I remember correctly, there was the Ryu, a Honda, an Adon, maybe two Akumas, a Zangief, and two other characters. But yeah Capcom. Good job fucking up the balance. Viper did surprise me though, only cause I hadn't been following the game, but Viper definitely fits in well with the new AE metagame.

And that's a wrap.

I think that it all that I've had on my mind over the past era... well, all that I had on my mind that I would want to put this blog and wouldn't get me killed or something like that. Hopefully August will be better for this blog, but with my work schedule... I don't even know.

I did notice that blogs with pictures get more hits than blogs without pictures... so I'll look into that in the future. This blog suffered with post numbers, but still got an interesting number of hits...

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