February 10, 2012

Is My Blog Dying?

A mere three blogs last month.

And this is the first one for this month.

So my blog... it must be on the verge of its end, right?

Well, don't be so hasty. Now I know that I've haven't been posting in this blog much at all as of late. Part of it is due to laziness and part of it is due to the fact that I almost kinda sorta don't need it and part of it is due to the fact that everything that I have been writing as of late has been mostly garbage and part of it is due to the fact that I've been preoccupied with other things.

But I still have Lost Adventures to post. Hell, Apex officially qualifies as a Lost Adventure.

And I have blog posts in the warehouse that need tending to, but could definitely go up rather soon-ish.

And then there are still other blog ideas that I have yet to get going. I actually have a new blog feature coming up soon. A part of me wants to standardize it, but a part of me is like "Well, if Video of the Day and Song of the Day isn't standardized, then why are you giving this new shit a big deal?"

And it's not like I don't watch videos and/or listen to music. I could totally make Song and Video of the Day a more common thing even with the lack of writing being done in this blog.

Ehh... I'll see what I can do.

While I can't assure a blistering revival of this blog, I can assure you that this blog isn't dead... yet.

"Yet? But does that mean this blog will die eventually?"

Doesn't everything die eventually?

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