February 27, 2012

Your Name is Too Common

Your name is too common.
Like, back in the day, when I liked a girl,
It was usually a wild, crazy, and/or generally uncommon name.
And this was a good thing for my heart,
Because whenever the name was mentioned,
My heart had a habit of skipping a beat.

And I don't know if you know this,
But hearts skipping beats isn't healthy.
It's a loss of oxygen, A moment of time wasted,
A difference between life and death,
And yet, when it happens,
It is simultaneously the worst and greatest feeling in the world.

It's that one moment where everything stops,
Where time acts like it'll wait for you but it won't,
Where you give the world a double take,
Where you come to a complete stop and think...
And this thought is a rare thought
As its source is complete from the beat skipping heart.

A wonderful, yet deadly feeling this beat skip is,
But your name is too common.
Bad enough thoughts of your are as common as they are
But with the frequency of your name popping up,
These thoughts are doubled and tripled,
Constantly placing me in a world all my own.

A world where I think of what could be, what will be,
A world where I wonder if you're thinking of me,
A world of wonders that only you and I would see,
A world that allows our true feelings to roam free,
A world that lets loose flows as powerful as sea,
A world where love is expressed naturally...

But that world exists merely in dream form,
As my heart skips a beat, and maybe one more,
Every time I read it, I hear it, I see it, I feel it,
I taste it, I smell it, I dream it, I believe it.
Yes, your name is far too dangerous for me because
Your name is too common.

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