June 17, 2012

So I Have a New Idea...

(but like, when don't I have an idea, right?)

Anyway, I have this idea, and it came to me last night... WRITE THE ENTIRE MARKO MAN SERIES RIGHT AWAY!!!

Okay, probably not right away, but the idea is to definitely start writing the series really soon. This immediately scraps the Marko Man Sparring Sessions idea if I go with this idea, although I will post the few completed fights I did write on this blog. This also kinda sorta throws a curve in the idea of taking writing classes that I had, but in reality, I probably wasn't doing that any time soon anyway. I figured that I'd write the ten books, then maybe take the classes and with the knowledge gained from those classes I could better craft my stories for publishing.

But even if my stories are never officially published (because I could totally "self publish" them), the goal of finishing the Marko Man series would be fulfilled once and for all, and I can only imagine how amazing that would feel...

Off hand, I can see me planning out the series' details over the next few days/weeks/months, and then taking a 2 - 4 year period to actually write them. Once the entire series is written, I haven't the slighest idea what kind of path awaits me. Maybe it'll get published in the first shot. Maybe I'll have to self-publish it and push it myself. Maybe I'll release each chapter as online only episodic content. Maybe someone will read my stories and find them better suited for a different type of media... Who knows.

What I do know (or think I know) is that I wanna get this series over with. The ideas that have fluttered about in my head over Marko Man have fluttered long enough... it's about time I immortalize them.

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