June 28, 2012

Let's Be Random for a Second...

All Random Everything... Go!
  • Miami Heat won the Finals. Go figure. Totally feel that OKC didn't play their best ball in the Finals (they won the same amount of games as the Knicks, who I also felt didn't actually try), and I don't feel like LeBron was tested... don't get me wrong, the man's play was phenomenal throughout the post season, but I don't think he's proven himself great yet. Only time will test that out... we'll see what happens. But congrats, Heat, and all you new found Heat fans. He still should have won the first one.
  • Just started working on my Marko Man series... like, I've been "planning" it for years and years and years on end, but now, I'm like ready to write it. A part of the reason I'm ready to write it is because of a near death experience I had a few weeks ago, and a part of the reason I'm ready to write it is because I simply don't have much else to write. Hell, for all I know, I might just be a really bad prose writer, and Marko Man is simply my only niche... because I swear, I have a very hard time completing any type of writing dealing with any other class of characters. Marko Man and the related company... those are my babies, yo. Everything else is extra fat.
  • Still trying to get the most beautiful woman in the world. It's crazy, 'cause like, I feel like I should be on the level where I can just stop by her house and send her extra sweet shit and shit like that. But shit just hasn't progressed the way I thought it would. But it's okay. She's a grown ass woman with priorities and self respect, and I respect that too much. And I wasn't looking for anyone anyway. So I'll wait. . . . . . . I'll wait.
  • IT'S SUMMER TIME! and yet, for the most part, my summer has sucked ass... June sucked. May wasn't that bad, but, despite the few 90 degree days we had, I don't think it counts as summer. But June? June fucking sucked. Remind me to will July into being a much, much better month.
  • I'm getting a new computer soon. And I'm pretty sure it's going to be blue!
  • I can't sleep. As usual, right? I mean, I did a 437 hour shift the other day, and still took about an hour or two before I fell asleep. It's cool though, because when I do sleep, she's probably going to be there and shit.
  • I do have a few fights written that I said I was going to debut here on this blog. They involve characters such as Convict and Diablord.... but I don't know how soon that is.
  • ALSO, SCW IS IN (kinda) FULL EFFECT! I just need my job to stop zapping energy from me so that I can debut the gotdamn videos... shhheesh.
  • These bullet points are getting waaaay too short. So in order for me to make a long one, I'm probably just going to come up with some bull... oh no, I got an idea... let me talk about E3. Well, if I talked about E3, then this would still be relatively short, because I gave not a shit about E3... but here's my reasoning (so as to expand this particular bullet point)... see, I'm probably not getting any of these newfangled systems anytime soon anyway, so I didn't feel like being bothered with the E3 coverage. I heard something about new systems and no used games because Game Stop is a company of assholes or something like that... I just don't know anymore... it's funny, because I used to be all about gaming and whatnot when I was an aspiring designer, but now? All of that aspiring designer theory and whatnot has been on the back burner indefinitely. But don't you worry, you few fans, you. I'll will definitely be releasing a game of my own... eventually.
  • Apparently, there's a whole bunch of cool stuff on tumblr, right? Well, I know nothing of it. Whenever I go on tumblr, all I ever see (or look at) (or search for) are pornographic images. Mostly gifs, but standstills are cool too. Whatever works, you know? (Well now, you can't just say "whatever works" and expect not a single gay joke to pass through here, can you?)
  • I have to get around to resigning from writing for TNAStars.com. It's not that the place sucks... it's actually a damn cool website for TNA/Impact Wrestling related news. It's just that I've been insanely inactive there... like, even with the few blogs I'm posting here, at least I acknowledge this blog's presence. Over there at TNAStars.com, I've neglected it completely. I don't even visit that website anymore... then again, there are a lot of websites that I don't visit anymore or as much, such as TNAStars, SonicRetro, Shoryuken, MegaVideo, SlutLoad... I just don't give myself the time to visit them like that. Hey, that's life.
And I think the sun is on its way up and what not. I guess that's my cue to go to sleep. I might have to work today... I dunno... we'll see what my phone does.


and you know what? One more, because she's hot!

No, that's not the aforementioned lady. But she's still hot though. I hope she don't get mad that I featured this pic on the blog though........

"But... well... shouldn't you post a pic of the said aforementioned lady then?"

I should... I should...

Told you. Beautiful. 

Now let's just hope that they don't get mad for these posted pics....

Welp... Good morning... Have a Nice Day Folks!

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