July 20, 2011

Strider Hiryu is comfirmed for Ultimate MvC 3... but...

So I'm doing very, very early speculation on Strider via these videos.

Why? Because when I speculated that Zero's combos would be ridiculous and easy due to seeing a pre-release video of Zero vs. She-Hulk, I was right. His combos are ridiculous and relatively easy.

So I'm looking at Strider... here's what I like...

I like that after he teleports, he can still attack relatively immediately afterwards like in MvC2, as opposed to MvC1 where he had to land helplessly. 

I like that his single orb shot OTG's.

I like that when he does the move that allows him to cling to the wall, he can apparently combo you for a bit and then even continue the combo.

I like that his teleport kick is a knockdown if it hits you in the air and can be combo'd out of if it hits you on the ground. It doesn't knock down, but you can still attack immediately afterward. I don't know if that means its recovery is better than it used to be or if it just has a lot of hit stun when it hits.

I like that Legion OTGs. (it always kinda OTG'd, but you know... in the past, it was a bit more difficult to OTG into a Legion... or anything for that matter... and when you could OTG in the pass, there were much better things to OTG into... like something that lead into an inf or into Orbs).

Of course, nothing can be perfect. Here's what I don't like...

I don't understand why both Orbs and Ragnarok are Level 3 Supers. 

Like... okay, I can understand why Ragnarok would be a Level 3... it looks awesome, it looks like you'd need 3 levels of meter to actually do it, and it looks like ridiculous damage. I can understand why Orbs would be a level 3... the pressure game put up by Orbs is nasty intense, and having 5 opportunities to use Orbs while having a Level 3 X-Factor just sounds broken.

But I don't understand why both of them have to be level 3 supers. What the fuck am I supposed to do with my meter when I wanna style on people? Spam Legion?

Ultimately, though, I see Strider being Top Tier material. With his teleport moves and his ability to just pick a side of the stage that he wants to be on, he has plenty of mobility and mix up options. He definitely looks like he'll be easier to move around with than in previous iterations (which is crazy because Strider was already nasty to move around with), and he's definitely going to be a problem. Which is good. He's Strider. He should be a problem. I just wish he didn't have two Level 3 supers.

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