March 8, 2012

Reflecions on my Birthday

So today is my birthday.
I'm 24 years old.
What have I done thus far with my life?


I mean, let's be real here. I could bitch about a lot of things. I could bitch about bad decisions I've made, places I should've went, things I should've done, girls I should've fucked, changes I should've made, questions I should've asked, and so on and so forth.

But why?

Why when I can talk about the great decisions I've made, the places I've been, the things I've done, the girls I fucked, the changes I made, the answers to the questions I did ask, and so on and such and etc. and shit.

Like I have two self made music albums. That's two more than most people. WIN.
I have one self made eBook. That's one more than most people. WIN.

Every little thing that I've done has made me who I am today.

And I fucking love who I am today. I have great friends. I write great stories. I have great adventures...

All in all, on a smaller scale, I'm fucking great.

So, with that said, I am simply going to continue to be great. Not much reflection here... to know where you've going, you gotta know where you've been, but at the same time, you can't dwell on the past, especially the bad parts. Live, learn, love.

Onward to the future!

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