March 8, 2012

Touching Souls

Two brothers, a father, a mother.
Cousins, aunts uncles, and those from another.
A blessed giver, a complete leecher.
A failing student, a dedicated teacher.
A known unknown, a friend that's a foe.
A great man hat never knew which way to go.
A pretty face, a face that was mangled.
A bootyful queen, a beautiful angel.
A vicious assassin of vicious nature.
A complete hottie and the bitches that hate her.
A nerd, a geek, an insane freak.
A man that smoked weed everyday of the week.
A man that knows truth, the best unknown rapper.
Another chick with booty, a consistent clapper.
The tits, the legs, the smiles, the eyes.
The people misjudged because of the size.

The minds that were younger, the hearts that were older.
All of the sissies and those that were bolder.
The goons that marched on three by three.
The teachers that teach without a degree.
Gamers, dancers, riders of bike.
Former partners and enemies alike.
That one guy who is now a girl.
And those who were met in the digital world.
Whomever kept me away from drugs.
Whomever gave me a dap or a hug.
Whomever held their nose when their life was rotten.
Whomever is gone, but never forgotten.
And anyone I might have missed,
I send you all a love drawn kiss.
Without you my world would be so cold.
Thank you all for letting me touch your soul.

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