March 29, 2012

Ten Books?

Ten Books.

You probably don't know this, but over the course of my lifetime, the "official" number of books that were supposed to be in the Marko Man series has changed so many times that I lost count.

First, the number of books was over 100. I thought I was going to be on some R.L. Stine type of stuff, who got, like, millions of Goosebumps books. Then I brought it down to 100. Then I brought it back up to 105. Then back down to 100.

I'm sure that between then and the next memory, the number varied as much as it could have possibly done, but then I remember saying, okay. 50. Then 60... Then 50 again, and then 52, and maybe 55...? and then back to 50.

And it had actually been 50 for a really long time... until, maybe yesterday.

When I brought it down to 10, I knew that I had definitely brought it down to 10 before, but obviously went back up.

But this 10... this 10 feels right. And as right as it feels, it might not even be official... I mean, nothing I ever say should be considered "official" until it actually happens.

In any event, these 10 books... having these 10 books, there's gonna be a lot of shit cut out. Heroes might not make the cut. Villains might not make the cut. Characters that used to be "main" might not be "main" anymore. Stories might just make cameo appearances in bigger stories as subplots.

But this... these ten books... it feels right.

So yeah. Ten books.

Oh yeah.... Sparring Sessions coming in about 20-ish days.

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