April 13, 2012

Marko Man Sparring Sessions: Delayed...

I wanted to put out the Sparring Sessions on April 20th.
I wanted to have them out by April to begin with.

But unfortunately, things are a little cluttered, and I want to really dig into the quality control of the Sparring Sessions, so unfortunately, they won't be out on April 20th, or in April for that matter.

Right now, I'm aiming for June, but I'm not even going to be 100% sure about that month, either.

What I can assure you is that when the Sparring Sessions do come out, it will be top quality material, in a top quality new blog... or maybe a tumblr... I'm not sure yet.

There are a bunch of things I'm working on, and life is giving me interesting scenarios to deal with, and multitasking is something the brain scientifically fails at, and so on and so forth with the excuses... right now, I'm focusing on poetry, since it's poetry month. Beyond that, there are a couple of other things I want to explore before proceeding with the Sparring Sessions...

What I will do on April 20th, however, is post a fight that I was kinda working on when I was testing writing stuff on my phone in this blog. I have two fights "done" otherwise, but I want to work on them some more.

So yeah, Sparring Sessions are delayed. For the few dedicated fans out there, this may come off as disappointing, but I believe that it will be more than worth the wait. And if it's not... at least the official reboot of the series will be.

Because in the end, that's what all of this is for, anyway.

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