April 1, 2012

Super Mario Bros. Z: Cancelled Because of Dishes?

So you probably know what Super Mario Bros. Z is.
If you don't, I'll give you a quick synopsis, but it might be in your best interest to Click This Link Right Here and discover it for yourself, even in lieu of the sad news about it...

Super Mario Bros. Z was probably the best possible fan-made crossover between the worlds of Sonic and Mario. As the Z may imply, it has a heavy Dragon Ball Z influence in it, and that's what made it so awesome.

The guy who was working on the series, Mark Haynes, but better know as Alvin Earthworm, had recently cancelled the series due to a lack of motivation. The two reasons that he sited for his lack of motivation were the impatient fans (that of which he said is the vocal minority, because I know most people are relatively patient with the series and have no problem waiting months/years on end before a new episode came out... I know I didn't) and his monotonous job. The job in question? A kitchen porter. So he washes dishes and cleans the kitchen and probably does a shitload of other bullshit tasks.

Just. Like. Me.

And this is what hurt me the most... reading that his job as a kitchen porter is a reason for his lack of motivation... because I know that pain first hand. I know what it's like to sit there and do such silly, underhanded work that deals not with my talents but instead totally ignores that fact that maybe I do, in fact, have talents of some sort. I know what it's like to have worked that long, hard day cleaning a bunch of shit you didn't make a mess of, and then when you get home, you don't wanna do shit. I know what it's like to come home from work, and simply have absolutely no energy to do anything you may ever wanted to do at all because your energy and your life and your soul has been zapped out of you by your employer because they need floors cleaned and dished washed and walls scrubbed and boxes carried and shit.

I know that pain all too well.

Combined with the pressure that he seems to feel from the impatient people that can't wait for these episodes to come out (because, you know, guy clearly put no dedication to his work and simply just tossed out random episodes, so therefore, they definitely should have come out faster), and boom... the answer is obvious. Super Mario Bros. Z is cancelled.

But this makes me wonder... exactly how many talented people are having their talents snuffed out by terrible jobs while people that are horrible at life (Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Snooki) are making insane amounts of money simply for existing and being horrible at life? My imagination is pretty insane, so to even try and think up a number would likely make me sick.

So this... yeah, this is very sad news. It's almost depressing...


But I can't let news like this stop me. If anything, I have to make this inspire me... make this inspire me to keep the spark... keep the blue fire burning.... keep the MMMMMMMM's going.... keep rising, keep fighting... keep working until I make it work.

Yea, my job zaps life and energy and soul from me. And yea, my job keeps me from doing as much as I'd like to do with Marko Man and other ideas and projects and hobbies and stuff that I'd like to get going. But you know what? Even if I keep it going with baby steps, I have to keep it going, period. I will not let my shitty job stop me from claiming my throne....

Even if it means getting that upgrade out the hyperbolic time chamber..... (okay, ignore that, that's a metaphor out the ass)

Regardless, it's sad to see the awesomeness that was Super Mario Bros. Z be no more.

Still, Marko Man won't die.

Here's the little bit of episode 9 that he worked on before he quit... 


  1. I've been a long time fan of SMBZ, and I am sad to see it go. Still, I can understand the lack of motivation. Maybe a talented sprite animator could pick up where Alvin left off and carry the series on. If so, I would hope he chooses someone that will keep it faithful to the original content in story and style. Mark, thanks for this post. I think I'll share it with a few people, even if they aren't fans of the series.

    1. Thanks for the comment and the share.

      Yeah, lack of motivation is a real killer. You can be amazing at whatever you want to be, but in the end, it means nothing if you don't have the motivation to do it. And that's what I got the most of out of that sad, sad news. It was almost like a lesson learned via someone else's downfall, so to speak.

      I gotta stay motivated. We all do, we all gotta try, no matter the hardship.

    2. Mark I fell Really Really Bad of what your job is I can help you With the series I will give u ideas and tips about smbz if u Want in email me qburnett127@Gmail. Com

  2. Mark don't stop smbz series I'm a huge mario and sonic fan the series is to awesome to stop and I feel Really bad that u have to be a kitchen proter I can help you with the series mark I Feel really bad response back when u get this or email me qburnett127@gmail.com

    1. Quintin, I'm not the guy who did the SMBZ series. I'm just relating to the lack of motivation that comes with having a job that kills your energy for doing the things you love. Life is rough.

      I'm not the guy you need to contact for the SMBZ series to continue.