April 20, 2012

Marko vs. Decade

As promised, the test fight I was working on, released today because Marko Man Sparring Sessions needs work. And lots of it.



Marko stood in the middle of street as Decade rode towards him on his motorcycle. Decade was coming fast, but Marko stood his ground, simply waiting.

This guy is a fool, Decade thought. Whatever. If he wants to die instantly, it's his wish.

Decade rode towards Marko at full speed, head-on with a sinister, evil grin on his face.

"Mega Kick!"

Marko jumped and delivered a Mega Kick to Decade's head, knocking him off the motorcycle, having him laid out in the middle of street as the motorcycle traveled some distance before losing its own balance and skidding on it's side to a complete stop.

Marko looked at Decade as he got up with a smile on his face. Decade did not return the smile, but instead a frown indicating insult.

"You fool!" Decade bellowed furiously. "Don't you know who you're messing with?!"

"Yeah," Marko replied, "some guy named Decade."

"That was a rhetorical question you asshole!"


"Fuck this... Die!"

Decade pulled out two daggers and tossed one at Marko. He dodged it and countered with a Blaze Dash, which hit Decade and knocked him into the air. Marko followed up with a Megodoken, but Decade slashed the blast away with his spare dagger as he landed. He ran at Marko with incredible speed, hoping to stab him in the eye, but Marko dodged the stab attempt and countered with an uppercut, Mega Kick combo that knocked Decade to the ground. Marko took a step like he wanted to hit him while he was on the ground, but he decided not to. Instead, he allowed Decade to get up on both of his feet and smiled.

"This is very fucking annoying," Decade claimed. "You don't even actually attack me. You just sit there and wait for me to make a move, and the you counter accordingly. What a bitch."

"Well look at that," Marko said in a cocky tone, "seems like you got me all figured out. Now only if you could apply what you learned."

"Oh I'll apply it... I’m not going anywhere."

"Have it your way..." 

Marko charged up and fired a Bazooka Blast at Decade, which was dodged, just as Marko expected. Decade ran towards Marko after avoiding the attack and shot a fire ball at him. Marko dodged the blast and jumped towards him ready for a Mega Kick. Decade dodged the kick and countered with an uppercut that knocked Marko into the air. The uppercut was followed up with a fireball, which connected, and just before he landed, Decade connected a solid kick to knock Marko to the ground hard.

Marko got up after the attack, and Decade stood there looking unimpressed. Marko nodded, then he ran towards Decade. He initiated hand to hand combat, rushing him down with punches and kicks, but Decade maintained his defense, blocking every attack. Marko went for a sweep kick, which Decade managed to jump over, then an uppercut, which Decade managed to avoid. Decade countered with his own punch, but Marko was able to avoid it with a step back. Marko took another step back and launched a Megodoken at Decade. 

Decade avoided the blast, but did not provide a counter attack. This gave Marko room to shoot another Megodoken, which was dodged as well. Still, Decade maintained his position, refusing to attack Marko.

"You have no offense," Decade declared.

"Neither do you," Marko retorted.

"No, your defense is simply stronger than my offense."

"My offense is stronger than your offense as well."

It took Decade a moment to understand what Marko just said.

"Wait, you're implying that you can outfight me blow for blow?"

"Exactly." A small, sly grin grew on Marko's face, then he ran towards Decade. Decade ran back at him, wanting to prove a point, and when they were in striking distance, Decade threw the first punch.

"Gotcha," Marko said, dodging the punch. "Mega Kick!"

Marko connected with the Mega Kick, knocking Decade to the ground. He jumped high into the and followed up with a Megodoken aimed towards Decade, so he rolled to his right and got up, avoiding the blast. Once up, Marko was on his way to the ground, so Decade decided to attack Marko on landing. However, Marko performed a double jump, being able jump once more in mid air, which threw Decade off. Marko launched a Megodoken at Decade while he was still in the air, and it connected, stunning him for a moment. Marko landed and performed a Blaze Dash, but missed on purpose to quickly end up behind Decade just as he tried to turn around. From that position, Marko connected a 15 hit combo that ended in a Bazooka Blast, leaving Decade on the ground, hurt.

"I think you just suck at fighting," Marko taunted. "Yeeeeah, that's what it is."

Decade got up with an angry look on his face. He did not like the fact that he got duped into an attack sequence that was designed for Marko to take advantage of, so he started to rapidly fire energy blasts in Marko's direction. Marko dodged the attacks with relative ease, and soon decided to advance towards Decade as he fired the blasts off. Decade noticed that Marko was moving towards him, so he stopped firing the regular blasts and charged up one extra powerful blast at Marko. He was able to dodge the blast, and avoided taking damage from the resulting explosion, but hitting Marko with the blast wasn't the intent. With Marko preoccupied, Decade ran off to get to his motorcycle.

When the smoke cleared, Marko looked around for Decade. He eventually heard the revving of the motorcycle, finally learning Decade's motives with those attacks.

"Okay Marko Man!" Decade yelled from his motorcycle. "Your end is near!"

"Sure it is," Marko said.

"Oh? You don't believe me? Fine! Allow me to bring you face to face with your end!"

Decade revved up the motorcycle's engine once again, then he started to take off towards Marko, though not as fast this time. Marko prepared himself to fight Decade on the motorcycle, but Decade pressed a button and the motorcycle flew into the air. Once it was in the air, it was transforming into a two armed, two legged mech, with Decade as the head controlling it, and the large contraption was flying directly at Marko. When the machine landed, it tried to punch Marko into the ground, but Marko dodged the huge metal fist. Unfortunately, Marko didn't see the follow up from the huge metal foot coming, as Decade's mech kicked Marko into a building.

Decade walked the mech near the building, and he had it charge up a blast, ready to destroy the building and kill Marko.

"Say hi to the Motor Mech, Marko," Decade said, "and now, say bye... TO EVERYTHING!"

Marko jumped out of the hole quickly just before Decade could finish his statement. He wasn't sure who was in the building, but he knew that he could let that attack hit. When Decade saw that Marko had moved, he called the attack off, but maintained his focus on Marko.

Marko ran down the street, and the Motor Mech put up chase. Decade had it fire powerful blasts at Marko, but each blast was dodged with a change of lane. This went on for a while, frustrating Decade for a bit.

"Come on you fool," Decade said. "Be still!"

Marko came to a stop, only to turn around and take a few steps in the opposite direction, having the Motor Mech run right past him. Marko then stopped and started to charge an attack, and the Motor Mech stopped to turn around as well. 

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko launched the Bazooka Blast at the head of the Motor Mech, not only doing a significant amount of damage to it, but hurting Decade as well.

"Ahhhrg!" Decade yelled. "You bitch!"

"Says the guy running around in a robot," Marko said.

"You know what? Just die already! ERRRRRRAAGGHHHGHH!"

Decade had the Motor Mech launch a bunch of blasts towards Marko. He used a Blaze Dash to quickly get out of the line of fire, then he continued to run. The Motor Mech followed him, still blasting like a mad machine. Marko came to a stop in the middle of an intersection, and waited. It didn't take the Motor Mech long at all to catch up to Marko when he stopped, but Marko used another Blaze Dash to quickly end up at the corner of the intersection. Once there, he kept running, this time towards the Motor Mech as it readjusted its aim at the mobile Marko. 

Marko dived under the blasts and ended up near the Motor Mech's feet.

"Dumb move!" Decade declared. "Now die for it!"

Decade tried to make the Motor Mech stomp on Marko, but he rolled out of the way of the huge metal foot and ended up behind the Motor Mech. Marko got up on his feet and started to charge a Bazooka Blast. Decade noticed that he didn't stomp Marko into ground meat like he intended, so he turned the Motor Mech around to see where Marko went.

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko launched another Bazooka Blast directly at the head of the Motor Mech once again. It connected, doing more damage to the Motor Mech and hurting Decade as well. At this point, the Motor Mech started to emit smoke from where Decade was sitting. Decade saw the smoke, and this had him enraged.

"No no No!" he yelled. "I will NOT lose!"

"At this rate, that's your only option," Marko taunted.

Decade was about to say something, but he elected to keep his mouth shut at this point. The Motor Mech jumped high into the air, and it launched a huge blast at Marko. Marko dodged the blast and wanted to retaliate with a third Bazooka Blast, but he noticed that Motor Mech seemed to transforming again on its way back down to the ground. Both legs and the left arm sprouted wheels, while the right arm maintained its original blaster but gained additional blasters both under and over the arm.

"Wow," Marko said, nodding his head, "while it looks kinda awkward, it looks like a much more formidable weapon. Clearly that should have been the initial transformation."

Decade's anger grew, but not a word was said. He drove the Motor Mech towards Marko, firing blasts at him. Marko quickly got out of the way of the blasts and the Motor Mech, watching it zoom by as it still tried to shoot Marko. With the new arm, it was definitely able to maintain some kind of aim, keeping Marko on his toes.

The Motor Mech made a quick U-turn and started to head towards Marko again, still firing blasts. He saw the Motor Mech coming, not quite sure how he going to get off an attack as of yet, so he made moves to evade the Motor Mech with a Blaze Dash. 

This time, the Motor Mech slowed down as Marko Blaze Dashed, and it stopped shooting. Decade made the Motor Mech slowly approach Marko, and he made the weapon arm charge up three separate blasts. Marko saw the predicament he was in and knew he had to not get hit, but he realized that the arm had a good lock on him, as when he moved to the left, the arm kept its aim on him, and when he moved back to the right, the arm's aim was still steady on him. He also noticed that the machine was still giving off smoke from where Decade was sitting, so the Motor Mech was still damaged. This gave Marko an idea.

The Motor Mech was still charging up its three blasts as it slowly approached a very still Marko.

"It seems like you understand your end now," Decade spoke. "Good."

"Yeah," Marko mocked, "my life is so over."

"Ugh... you have no idea how tired of your mouth I am. Time to keep it shut permanently."

The Motor Mech fired the triple blast, and the instant those three blasts were fired, Marko jumped into the air, then jumped up in mid air once again.

"Bazooka Blast!"

Marko launched the Bazooka Blast at the top of his second jump, aiming for the Motor Mech's head. The arm was able to get in the way of the Bazooka Blast and block it, then it swiped at Marko on his way down and slammed him into the ground.

With Marko down, the Motor Mech took aim, charging up three blasts once again. A single shot was fired, and Marko quickly rolled out of the way, avoiding the hit. He got up on his feet as a second shot was fired, and he started to run away from the Motor Mech, avoiding that shot as well.

"Oh no you don't Marko Man!" Decade said. "You're not getting away from me like that!"

The Motor Mech accelerated, beginning its pursuit of Marko Man. The third blast of the Motor Mech was still being charged with energy while it was catching up on Marko. He looked back to see how close the Motor Mech was to him and saw that it was definitely getting closer and closer to him much faster than he thought it could.

"Okay Marko!" Decade announced. "Time to die!" 

The Motor Mech fired its powered up blast at Marko. He jumped at just the right moment, avoiding contact with the blast and its resulting explosion. He performed a double jump, this time doing a back flip in the air while he charged up a Bazooka Blast. He landed on the Motor Mech with his feet set sturdy to maintain balance while the Bazooka Blast was charging up, directly behind the head area where Decade was sitting.

"Hi, I have a present for you," Marko said. "BAZOOKA BLAST!"

Marko put a whole lot more power into this Bazooka Blast, and it hit the Motor Mech's head hard enough to cause an immediate explosion that knocked Marko off the Motor Mech. He landed on his back in the street as the Motor Mech started to slow down in a fiery blaze. Suddenly, there was a spectacular multi-tiered explosion from the Motor Mech. The entire thing came to a stop, and there was one last, huge explosion that made sure the Motor Mech was destroyed.

Marko got up and walked towards the ruined machine. There was still fire, but the smoke from the first set of explosions started to clear. He cautious navigated his way around the mess, trying to find Decade, but he was nowhere to be found. He looked around, thinking that maybe he'd see him, but there was no one around.

"Looks like a win to me," Marko said to himself, "but he's alive. That's cool. He's already got a pretty cool name. We'll redesign him, give him some new powers and maybe a purpose, and this guy could prove to be a real bad ass."

With that thought, Marko started to walk away from the scene to go home.

"Till next time Decade. Till next time." 

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