April 9, 2012

The Weapon

I can make you paranoid without hard reason to believe and I can make you think it's safe while I'm carrying five guns. You see the weapon that I wield hits where it hurts the most, with unlimited ammunition and perfect for many a situation. It works well against numbers and works well against one, and if you know anything about one, then you know it's a number, too. Three seconds to think about it and more for the fifth guess, but for three of your people, it might be too late. Now you're left alone, wondering what happened, as you don't see a threat, but you thought you had it all in the palm of your hand.

But that was the problem. You thought. You shouldn't have thought. For the first thought brings the second thought, and the second thought brings the first loss, and the second place is just the first loser and you waffle between the numbers one and two until you add it up and get to three, thinking, "Where did this all go wrong?"

And you'll never realize that thinking got you fried because you don't get paid to think, so therefore, those who think, get fired. Ask your buddies... oh, that's right... you can't.

You come to me, wondering what's going on, still thinking even though you shouldn't be thinking at all, but that's why you come to me, because at the count of three, you'd be below the sea except for the fact that you were the first to flee. And you get to me, and you ask questions, riddled with fear, needing answers to calm your adrenaline-filled blood, your heart pumping, afraid of hearing the wrong words but needing to hear words regardless because the silence is killing you.

"Don't worry about it," I tell you.
"It'll be okay," I reassure you.
"Everything is going to be fine."

And slowly, your heart rate starts to decelerate as you begin to feel safer within my confidence. But your heart rate continues to decelerate as a sharp pain enters, then leaves your bloodstream. You realize that there is no one to blame but yourself as gravity has its way with you and you begin your final countdown. You get to three and figure out that I was never on your team from the beginning, but by then, it's too late. And then there was one.

With zero opponents left, I proved exactly what I wanted to prove. Perception. It's the best weapon around.

Care for another Game, folks?

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