August 3, 2012

False Start

So I came up with some rules for the books I'm writing:

1) If good things happen to the good guys for no logical reason, there must be a consequence.
2) If good things happen to the good guys for a logical reason, there can still be a consequence.
3) If good things happen to the bad guy for no logical reason, we call it plot advancement. lol

I was also trying to ensure character development and employ themes and make things interesting and all kinds of funny shit. But in the end, I was forgetting the most important rule to writing, and especially to writing the Marko Man series:


And thus, I had a false start. The start in and of itself was weak, and it was probably due to all the prssure of all the rules that I was coming up with. So no more pressure. I'm gonna start over (I didnt get that deep though, maybe 300 words in) and I'm gonna have fun with it.

I can deal with all the intellecutal depths when I start the rewrites. But for now? I have to remember...

Fun Comes First.

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