August 12, 2012

The Internal Conflicts of the First Book

So I'm writing the first book in the Marko Man series, and it's coming along... I'm getting the minimum 200 words a day, and because of work and life and stuff, I'm not exactly finding much time to get that much more than 200 words. The most I've written thus far couldn't have been much more than 1300 words.

But besides life's limitations on this extended project of finishing the series in its entirety lies an internal conflict that I'm having when it comes to writing this first book. You see, I'm having a hard time making this as epic as my usual material while making it a "first book" if you will. Even with the weathered down fighting styles, my recent writings with Marko Man and company have found themselves representing a relatively grand scale. On contrast with what I'm doing now, there isn't much grand at all. Granted, I haven't gotten into some of the grander parts of the story yet (both in this particular book and in this series), but at the same time, first impressions are everything and even though I know where this story is going to go, I'm not 100% impressed with what I've done thus far.

Of course, that's what the rewrites that I will doing after I'm all said and done with this are for, right? That's what I'm thinking, but it still worries me a bit.

I don't want to start over again. This time, I'm in the middle of the fourth chapter, which isn't that deep, but right now it's more than I'm willing to want to rewrite at this time, especially since I'm hardly getting enough writing in to begin with, but I guess I just need to press on. If I know that this is going to get much better, and I know that I will be rewriting this once all ten books are in draft form, then I should have nothing to worry about.

And it is now that I remember my "internal editor" and how you have all the advice that says that I should ignore it when it comes to writing that first draft.

Guess I'm going to ignore it.

But I am going to write that "Chapter Zero" as a placeholder for a more interesting beginning, and then try to fit it in better later... *sigh* I think I'm making this out to be harder than it has to be.

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