August 13, 2012

Villains have Character, Too

My internal editor strikes again.

Like, I was thinking that maybe the villain(s) of the book, and perhaps the villains in general, haven't exactly been fleshed out completely as characters. Like, as they stand, I really have villains, and they have powers and abilities and the drive to either take over or destroy the world, but who exactly are these guys? Why do they do what they do? And what do they do on their spare time? Do they have spare time? Why or why not?

Of course, once again, this is why I'm definitely going to have to rewrite everything, because I do want to implement some kind of depth in the series. The lack of depth is the reason that I'm sure the books wouldn't have been published when everyone was all like "Oh, you should get your books published!" when I was younger. (I could obviously be wrong, but based on how publishing works, I doubt it.)

I guess some day I'll have to lay down the groundwork behind the villains, and maybe lay down some extra groundwork on the heroes and everyone that lays in between as well.

For now, I guess the best approach is to keep it simple and keep it fun and make it as epic as possible. Which is good. I think that even with the over thinking that I've been doing, my writing has been keeping me relatively sane as of late.


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