August 28, 2012

untitled. *sigh*

Haven't escaped the woods yet,
And now, it grows dark.
Is it the shadows of a bright fire
Started by an invisible volcano?
The path ahead is unsure,
But should not be underestimated.
You may have taken damage,
But lead with your best tool.

The problem with the darkness
Is that you can not see.
The problem with the the woods
Is that you should have left.
Dangers of all kinds
And you know none of them.
You need water.
You need to drink.

But is it the thirst that drive you?
Why do you walk?
The fall would be easier,
But then where would you be?
No one would find you
As you lay there, collapsed.
However, it is not a legacy
That you are looking for.

Dark roads, invisible fires,
Everything escapes what make sense.
Yet you continue with hope.
You lead yourself with your blind eye.
You put everything on the line,
To travel this dark road in the woods,
Hoping for a new kind of light
Because it looked grander than you.

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