November 9, 2012

The Inevitable

I started to have nightmares about the dead bodies,
Of the people I sacrifices for the "greater good."
The dead bodies criticized me, complained about my choices.
These dead bodies were of people I loved.
Those nightmares hurt.

I tried to stay awake and stay focused on something else,
But the dead bodies haunted me in my thoughts,
And I even heard their voices while awake.
It hurt just as bad as the nightmares,
Only now I wasn't getting any rest.

I started going to sleep again,
And I had a different type of nightmare,
A nightmare where I saw my death in battle.
How I died, why I died, who killed me.
That one hurt even worse.

No one wants to die.
And you may not know it, but no one wants to foresee their death.
So I trained, hoping to overcome this premonition.
But the more I trained, the clearer the nightmare,
And the more I hurt.

So now I stand before you.
I see the same dark clouds, the same mountains in the back ground,
The evil face of relentless fury.
And I can assure you
The hurt for both of us will end today.

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