November 9, 2012


So, I guess there's no need to hold back now...

Look at my scars...

He did this to me.
I don't like these scars.
For every scar on my body,
I shall rip him into that many pieces.

Don't bother resisting.
Join me, you fools.
You come from me,
But he brainwashed you.
Claims to be your leader,
But your emperor will waste you in a moment's notice.

Fine, go on and keep attacking.
I know all your moves.
You are me, you come from me.
Keep proving it.
Keep proving that you are nothing but dogs.
You are nothing but pawns in your emperors grand plans...

Grand plans
That have finally began to see their end.

These scars will have their revenge.
Only when each scar is accounted for
Will each scar heal.

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