July 6, 2011

Song of the Day

Pity is a four letter word...

I like Sevendust. They're a pretty cool band. I discovered them via the game Smackdown vs. RAW 2008... the first time I actually listened to this song, I was hooked.

This song popped up on my mp3 player while I was on the E train, and I had it on repeat for the whole ride. The whole ride. There is something about this song... there's like themes of anger, disappointment, and acceptance within it... definitely a multi-layered lyrical trip. And of course, the guitar solo at 2:13... it makes me feel something special every time. Every. Time.


This song... maaaan... I swear, when I hear it in-game, I hardly ever notice it, hardly pay any attention to it. I'm too busy smashing people.

But this song also popped up on my mp3 player today. Caught me off guard and reminded me how awesome it is.

Because today was just sooooooooooooo victorious. :D

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