July 19, 2011

Random Talk about Capcom

Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled.

The following might get a lot of heat. Good. I love the heat. (really though, summer is my favorite season.)

I'm glad that Mega Man Legends 3 got cancelled. I never liked Mega Man Legends. I didn't like the look and I didn't like that it was an RPG. Still, I eventually tried it. Still, didn't actually like it.

I didn't like Mega Man Ballnutz. I was overly upset when he made the TvC roster. Sure, I have no problem trying new things, but what the fuck. Shit was terrible.

Seriously, when it comes to Mega Man, they really only need Classic and X. MMZero is okay, but that shit just got overly ridiculous after a while. Fuck NT Warrior. Fuck Ballnutz. Classic and X. That's all you need.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is coming.
It's supposed to have 12 new characters.

But it's still going to have X-Factor, and that's where the game fails for me. X-Factor is such a flawed system... maybe if they nerf it then I'll have less of an issue with it, but then the game's button format is clearly still going to bug the shit out of me. And let me not dare mention the "lol random presses = super" execution requirements.

So yeah. I think it'll be another 3 days of hype, and that's about it. I guess I can see why people still play the game, as it has kinda leveled itself out, but X-Factor is still too very stupid, literally allowing players to make comebacks that they shouldn't have made otherwise. I'm really surprised how all the MvC3 players can sit there and love that game to death, but then have the nerve... the gall... the audacity to call Smash a party game... muthafucka, what you think MvC3 is?

I honestly haven't played much Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. Still too busy playing Tetris Attack, actually. What I am hearing, though, is that the game is relatively balanced without the use of Yun and Yang, and that the only reason Fei Long and Makoto are part of the top 4 is because they do significantly well against Yang and Yun. I don't know how true any of that is, but whatever. They nerfed the shit out of Rose like Rose was goddess-like or something.

I'm still waiting for some Street Fighter X Tekken though. I haven't seen too much of it, but I do like what I'm seeing so far. And I'm definitely gonna attempt to rock the team of Bob Sagat. Like, how can you not play that team at least once?

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  1. I'm still super upset that Rose got nerfed. She was like A tier. Not even top tier. *sigh* AE is far from balanced. Game is trash IMO and even the game makers wanna patch teh game up.