July 14, 2011

Mark Wins Revival

With soooo much to talk about, today is a great day to bring this blog back to life.

Where the fuck has this blog been?

This blog has been sleeping. I could blame the sleep on my job... but I was sick (because of my job) and I was busy (because of SCW... but mostly my job). Actually, on July 1st, I went to see an Impact Wrestling show with Jacko, but like, it just went downhill from there.

But fuck downhill. I blinked, and now I'm getting back on my game, returning to the uphill climb to the top, where I belong.

As seen on CNN...

So I'm at work today, and I see something about CNN reporters getting shot at.

So where are they? Are they in Southside Jamaica, Queens? Bed-Stuy? Killadelphia? (for the uninformed, yeah, it's that's dangerous) The mean streets of MoTown?

No. They're in Libya. In the middle of their civil war, trying to get the latest bit of info...


MYOB never meant so much...

Yeah... ads...

So out Internet is ridiculously fast now compared to whenever most of us first discovered Internet. And yet, for some reason, we have to deal with ads that pretty much give us the same amount of loading time as when we first discovered the Internet. It's times like this that makes me *sigh* at technology... what a waste.

As seen on CNN II...

So once again, at work still, walking by a screen with CNN on it, and I read something about how some pedophile is currently in jail watching child porn.


And how does he get to do that, you ask?

Simple... he's the sole attorney for his own case against possessing child porn and raping children... so he gets to view the evidence, which just so happens to include child porn.

High-tier Bullshit: How is this guy allowed to watch child porn?

Top-Tier Bullshit: Why is child porn made? Like... how is it seriously legal to make this stuff? And why not come down on the source of this shit? Clearly the government keeps maaad stuff from the people... you can't keep child porn from the public either? Really?

So I've touched soooo many hearts in my lifetime...

... that I don't remember them all. Like, people come up to me every so often like, "Yoooo, wassup Mark." And I legit don't remember who they are. Sometimes, my face tells the entire story, as I have this face that's like, "Wait, what? Who the hell are you?" Other times, I just pretend to remember, but I don't actually mention their name (which I don't remember anyway). Whatever the case may be, I'm crazy awesome.

lol @ photoshop...

this portion of my post actually contains relatively sensitive information that, if discovered, could get me fired or, even worse, in jail. Well... the beginning of it had the possibility of me getting fired, and if I would have went on with exactly how illogical shit is, jail time definitely would be possible. So I'm going to just keep my mouth shut.

As I'm walking...

I noticed that the sun was eclipsed by a cloud...

Beautiful sight.

How's SCW?

lol. SCW is an organized mess. But it's fine. I'll edit the videos between now and next week, and after next week's tapings (barring the weather), everything will be up.

Future Posts?

Yeah, there will be future posts...

Like, there will definitely be at least one "Adventures of Mark Wins." And what I plan on doing is an interesting little 5 part "dating tips" set of posts... they all should prove to be relatively interesting.

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