September 20, 2011

The Potential to Become a Tyler the Creator Fan?

So I'm about to go to sleep due to having to wake up for work in the morning.

I just downloaded about 30 news songs, ranging from My Morning Jacket to the Need for Speed Most Wanted Soundtrack (I really need to go in on these retro reviews that I've been wanting to do... got like 4 I wanna do... not to mention my Lost Adventures of Mark Wins... there's a new one coming... maybe... if I decide to release the details of said adventure.)

And just before I go to bed, something in my blog reading list comes up about Tyler the Creator.

I also remember hearing something about this Tyler Creator guy during the VMA buzz and how he somehow won some kind of award even though I never heard of the guy (granted, I stopped listening to modern hip hop and radios for some time, so take my inability to know who Tyler is with a grain of salt.)

Whatever the case may be, I decided before going to bed to randomly hear a random song that this guy has done...

And I stumbled across the following...

Something about this song... I like it...

Now, with this song, it might just be bias due to it being relatively kinda sorta similar to a situation that I'm kinda sorta in, but there were things in this song still to be felt regardless... such as the style of the song. And the pure oddness of the video itself.

And thus, I am... intrigued.

I shall look into this Tyler the Creator guy... see if he's worth my time... if the rest of his material is as oddly refreshing as this seems to be, then I just might become a Tyler the Creator fan.

Like, off the bat, he's definitely different from Wayne, Drake, and whomever else is considered "hot" right now, and since what is considered "hot" right now is mostly stuff I loathe, and this is different, and I like exploring that which is different, I might be on to something here...

Welp, that's all. Good night.

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