September 5, 2011


Some times you gotta grab life by the waist,
Look into her eyes,
And make sweet, sweet love to her.
Look into her eyes,
Peer into the future.
Gather up passion
And let loose... go wild.

Make love to her...
Even after an argument.
Treat her like you want to be treated,
Regardless of how she treated you.
She don't know no better at times.

Take her. Make out with her.
Let her know you love her.
Sweep her off her feet,
But let her know you're not above her.
Respect her, elect her
As the queen to your kingdom.
All them stupid love songs?
Might as well sing them.

Lay her down, lay her out.
Put her to bed.
Acting particularly stubborn?
... give her head.

Because life ain't predictable,
You never know how your chances are gonna rock,
How this or that will work,
What this or that is worth,

But in the end...
You gotta take her...

By the waist...

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