September 25, 2011


Naaaaaaaaah. No shortcuts bro.

These kinds of shortcuts have always existed.
And you kinda sorta almost always took them.
In an attempt to avoid damage,
You only took more damage.

Remember the times when you took the long way out.
Remember the times when you tackled the struggle head on.
When you could anticipate when the problem would attack you,
And thus you could attack it back,
And thus when the battle was over,
A quick recover ensued.

Remember the times when you took the shortcut.
Remember the times you tried to avoid the struggle.
When you thought you had everything figured out,
Only to get hit with the sneak attack from behind,
Laid out and laid down in shock.
Recover took.

Understand the contrast in styles.
The struggle will be there no matter which path you take.
The chances of pass and fail are there regardless.
Your result, in some cases, is already pre-ordained.
The shortcut may look like the easy way.
And in many cases it is.
It is the easy way into the struggle.

But it almost always provides the hardest way out of it.

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