September 21, 2011

Troy Davis being put to Death

So... is it wrong that I decided to blog about Troy Davis just to get a few cheap hits? Not nearly as wrong as Troy Davis actually dying and Casey Anthony living, no?

Not nearly as wrong as the fact that even though Troy Davis is being put to death despite the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" when there's no evidence to link him to his crime, no?

Not nearly as wrong as the fact that Americans aren't actually going to do anything about this, no?

Not nearly as wrong as the fact that we're himming and hawing over this one black guy that's dying when in reality, blacks are the most un-unified race in America, arguing about whether lightskins or darkskins are sexier, whether Jamaicans, Haitians, or Trinidadians are better, and killing each other over the colors red and blue, no?

Not nearly as wrong as the paradox of having this situation go down while we have a black President, no? (maybe P. Diddy was right for criticizing Obama for not giving black people handouts... can't he do pardons? would this not be a pardon-worthy situation?)

(I love how "coincidentally," I google Presidential Pardon Power and my browser has this difficult time picking it up, but loads with no problem...)

Not nearly as wrong as the millions of intelligent black minds that go to waste each year due to a system that's pretty much all for fucking us in the ass, no?

Nope. I don't think me making this blog for cheap hits is wrong at all.

PS: I could have done that all night.

PPS: So apparently, the President didn't have any power of pardon in this case because it's a state crime. The governor of Georgia, however, could have prevented this. Still, Obama could have put in some kind of intervention, no?


Just something to put out there. Sir Jerry Levine is an intelligent dude.

Government killed one black man in front of a live audience.
Government kills many more under the table.
And yet, we seem to be our own worst enemy...

I really wish we could actually put shit into perspective...

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