February 4, 2013

Bullet in My Chest

Bullet in my chest, bullet in my pocket.
Bullets that are nameless 'cause the names don't matter. 
The intent is the issue when we invent the villain in which energy is spent to embark on a mission. 
The human heart always find pain in the end of a human life, 
But lacks that sympathy in the end of the human heart.

That's where the problem lies, where we don't recognize, 
Causes may have effects but all effects have a cause. 
We see it how we wanna see it, leave it how we wanna see it, 
And fact mean nothing if we believe what we believe.

So back to the bullets, back to the pocket, and the chest. 
Back to the issues and the intent. 
When one journey ends, another begins, just like one bullet's ending so another can be sent. 
Then another life is spent. 
Then more tears are cried and more cries are heard 
And more blood is spilled because there's the hunt for balance doesn't end. 
The human heart must have peace, and it hunts for it, 
But hunt always involve weapons and bloodshed. 
And just when you find peace, chaos finds you again. 

The order of the world is a lack of order, and the balance is delicate so it will always tilt. 
Sometimes the best route to peace is inaction, 
As you can't accurately measure the blood that was spilled. 
Unfortunately, hearts are known for being misguided, 
But more misguided are hearts that reached their end. 
Which is why I have a bullet in my pocket. 
Which is why I have a bullet in my chest.

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