February 4, 2013

My Ambition Will Kill Me

Bringing the pain because that is the only way we are going to be able to make this work. I need the fire started because where champions are crafted in fire, legends are made in the sun. And The Legend is what I wanna be, so The Sun is where I need to go. Forget this planet. Forget my friends, forget my family, forge loved ones, loved places and loved things... everything. All is irrelevant except one. There is only one thing that matters... the fame... the fortune... the glory... the goal... that's actually four things, but they're all at the same destination.

My ambition will kill me.

But who cares? They do. That's what they insist I do. Fuel up my ship. Get me ready for take off. Prepare me for the atmosphere and beyond. I am willing and ready to become The Legend that I have always wanted to become, that I always knew I could be, that I prided myself on being before I even was. I will burn out. I will overheat. I will cook. I do not care. I am tired of looking up at all of those people above me, wondering how they got there, why they are there, wondering how and why I am not there yet. I am tired of looking at all those losers with thrones. I am tired of seeing myself up at the top with a throne, but only as a mere figment of my imagination. So let's do this. Let's hop in the ship and let's aim for the sun.

My ambition will kill me.

The moon sucks. Forget its pleasant, gentle beauty and its contrast of darkness, providing hope and light to those who need it. No, forget all of that... it is too cold there anywhere, and it holds no weight. Literally. Fuck Venus. Think I care about women and their origins and how they work and how to get one and love and compassion and affection? We need to go beyond that. I can see it now. The sun is coming soon. And look... you'll have to squint your eyes hard, maybe even recover from a bit of retina damage, but there goes Mercury, right now. Right there. That small, red spot amongst the yellow. And wow, what is this thing? Apparently they are more planets chilling, around here though? Amazing... talk about discovering new stuff. More than enough mysteries for the private eye to spy. But I am not here for the discovery. I am not here for the journey. I am here for the destination.

My ambition will kill me.

And there it is. The sun. Now I can be The Legend. I can hardly see it now. No one can hardly see me anymore either. I can feel it though. I can feel everything coming together now, fusing into this one thing that society has held to such high regard... success of its highest, most ominous nature. Yes. Everyone is waaaay down there, and I am waaaaaay up here, but look at that ... no one can see me. It is cool though... actually, it is not cool at all. It is hot up here. And yeah, my skin is cooking. Burning. Overheating. Spontaneously combusting, though it is not all that random... I mean, I am at the sun. Exactly where I wanted to be. Exactly where I needed to be. Becoming the Legend. Absorbing the fire... or maybe the fire is absorbing me. Too bad no one will ever care.

My ambition will kill me.


Once upon a time, there was a guy who insisted that he was the best. And we all wanted him to be the best. We helped keep him afloat when he was drowning in waste, and we supported him when he was flying on cloud bridges. Unfortunately, he wanted to go higher and higher and higher. And he forgot about us. Hell bent on becoming a legend... no, excuse me, The Legend, he took off, but only got but so high. High enough to become delusional, but not high enough to achieve what one would call, "success." And we watched this tragic man fall so deep, crashing through rocks, slamming against walls, and ending in a fiery blaze that he insisted was "The Sun." Sure enough, he became a legend, alright.... the example of the greatest lesson we were ever taught.

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