February 4, 2013

Choose Your Batles

I don't understand why we have to fight. We can choose the route of peace, but yo consistent pick conflict. And just as much as you want to fight, you want me to fight you, you're conditioned for war, for the war is your life, the fight is your life.

But not me. I don't have to fight. The fight means nothing to me. Surely, for you, the preception is that the fight means everything, but for me... Oh, the fight is no more than a weapon of another and I won't pull the trigger, i'm not shooting myself or yourself. And don't get it twisted, if I wanted to fight, I'd probably tear you a new asshole.

But this fight is meaningless to me, pointless for me, while you live for the victorious moment, the bigger picture is something you refuse to see, so momentarily, I will flee, then maybe, you calm down, stop yelling at me, and instead speak to me.

But alas, you hold grudges, so no matter when, no matter where, you will always find the opportunity to fight. And walk around with that pent up rage, incapable of happiness, unable to find peace, and no matter what day you walk, you lose the war, which is why you must make it up with the fight against me.

No maaan, you have to understand, but in your current state of mind, you will never understand, so go ahead. Punch me, shoot me, spit on my grave, and ignore the knowledge I'm trying to engrave. And with passing brain cells that absorbs nothing, you allow yourself to lose while you claim false victory. Go ahead, take the win, but you can't take my dignity. Go ahead, talk your shit, but your words aint real to me. Go ahead, be a man that isnt really a man. Go ahead, upon the defenseless, lay your hand.

And continue to choose your battles incorrectly. All that rage, that anger, that broken peace inside of you, it will catch up too you on the wrong day. Keep deciding on impulse rather than intelligence, keep fighting the wrong fight, the bad. Keep fighting me and those like me. Keep trying to find fulfillment in meaningless wins...
And maybe one day, you'll see...

As I heal, and Im in peace.

And you rise or fall, depending on your plea, and the evidence against you as you rest in peace,

And you'll see, that maybe, You should have not struck thee.

Choose your battles better man. Listen to my words.... Choose your battles better

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