March 30, 2011

The Future of Marko Man

So as you may or may not know, I am going to reboot the entire Marko Man series from beginning to end, completing erasing its original continuity to create a mythology that will be official in every sense of the word. Technically, this would be the fourth time I’ve ever done this, but this time, I’m sure that I have a winning formula. I’ve been writing with these characters and in this style for years, and ultimately, I’m ready to bring Marko Man and company to the big dance.

Unfortunately for some of that company, they won’t make it; many characters have been cut from the final roster. In terms of heroes, most of the big names made it, and those who are missing will likely not surprise you if you even remember them. However, a number of epic villains from both the past and the present have been removed, either because of the nature of the villain or the fact that they don’t fit the mold of how I’m trying to tell the story anymore. Some of the villains may have references to them or may return in a smaller fashion, but there are some interesting foes that are gone, and in some cases, replaced.

The action will be toned down a bit (not decreased, toned down). Early Marko man stories had a heavy DBZ influence, but just like DBZ to DBGT, the more power that was available to the characters, the more ridiculous the action was. Now obviously, I was able to compensate where DBGT didn’t, but still, I’m toning it down, and it’ll be for the better. In the end, you will actually give a damn about the fights because they’ll be more about skills and match ups rather than who’s the most powerful, and that should make the fights much more memorable.

Marko Man  had originally discovered his powers in the 4th grade. In the latest reboot, he will discover them in the 10th grade. I changed this for two reasons: 1) a better chronology between the stories and 2) better writing overall. I was reading 4th grade Marko Man, and I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain that voice without lol’ing at my own writing.

A number of characters can and will be relocated. If you’re a character in the stories and you didn’t live in Rosedale, chances are you might be living in Rosedale. If you went to a high school that wasn’t Edison or Jamaica, you just might be snatching up a diploma from one of those schools. I might even be removing Jamaica High School from the list of schools where the heroes come from! Why? Writer’s convenience, that’s all.

Writer’s convenience is te reason a lot of these changes are being made, actually. When I was writing them before, I made certain things “accurate,” since characters were literally based on friends and what not, but the Marko Man series isn’t a drawn out biography or a memoir. It’s a series of super hero fiction books. The only real “non-convenience” in a sense is limiting power, as it’s easy to just separate warriors via power levels, but I’m amped for the challenge of thinking up the action based on skills and stats, strengths and weaknesses, and I’m sure that it’ll make for a much more interesting story.

Finally, how many books to expect? Well that… I’ll keep to myself. The number that I have in my head is “weird” to say the least, and it’s subject to change anyway, since I am a creative genius and might come up with a phenomenal idea on the fly…

PS: I’m definitely going to start writing the books sometime this year. I just have no idea when they’ll be available for the public.

PPS: I’ll try not to tease about the books via this blog… but I can’t make promises.

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