March 17, 2011

Future Projects, March Edition

The Future is Never Bleak When You're a Winner...

Seems like I have a barrage of projects about me...

  • I just started this awesome blog that the rest of the world doesn't seem to know about yet.
  • The SCW website is coming rather soon. (and I'm totally integrating this blog with it.)
  • It's getting warm, so that day that I get to go out and clear my mind to start the Marko Man series will come around.
  • I will probably release a Sonic 2 rom hack known as Sonic 2 Turbo, and depending on how life works, there may be room to make additional mods other than speed.
  • I still have a game that I want to work on from scratch, but I swear that won't ever get done cause I still don't have a cause for it.
  • And then of course, there's the god awful job search... only now, with a renewed vision of winning in my eyes.
I still gotta post my thoughts on the 3DS and Mario Sports Mix. I also wanna make a post about FaceBook's biggest flaws. All in due time.


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