March 21, 2011

Ignorance: The Final Frontier (for some)

Sup peoples! I had a beautiful weekend, nothing special, just simple and beautiful.

And at the very, very end of the weekend, I was showed the following video...

Now at first, I was thinking to myself, "Here we go again." It's a sad day when black people have to act ignorant and prove all the given stereotypes true. However, at the end of the day, the white lady that started this is just as ignorant. I'm not sure why she was upset at them eating... maybe she thinks that eating on a train is illegal or something. Well it isn't.

Nothing there at all about being unable to eat on the subway. So it looks like her ass whooping was... deserved. Still, there's no reason that these adults (the ones involved, not the ones watching and waiting for the fight) couldn't diffuse the situation for it got this way, but nope. Ignorance prevails. The white lady is ignorant for thinking that eating on the train is illegal, and she's ignorant for saying that only animals eat on the train because I've never actually seen an animal swipe a Metro Card to get into a subway. Of course, the two young black ladies are ignorant for the result. There is no reason that this had to be continued the way it was (personally, I would have insulted the lady for the whole ride, I mean between my food and her weight, there's TONS of material, pun intended).

And then, there's little gem of a video.

I lol'd.
This guy... he's so real. I subscribed to him because of his realness.

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