March 25, 2011

Logic vs. Risk

So in general, it's always a risk to go against logic.

But have you ever thought that maybe it's a risk to go with logic?

A few days ago, I'm chilling with the boys, and we go to an AppleBees, and we meet this waitress named Mandy. Now I was kinda feeling her, and I think she was kinda feeling me. Unfortunately for me, I'm totally aware that I am in no condition to maintain a healthy relationship, so outside of the minor flirting that seems to naturally be going on, I make no further moves. We leave with smiles on our faces, and that was that.

The rest of the day? Random and Phenomenal.

Two days later, my heart is upset. Mandy is on my mind, regardless of the fact that I'm in no condition to support a relationship. Sure I could have "befriended" her and whatnot, but come on... I'm done with that friend zone shit. Undoubtedly, I'll get over it in some way, shape, or form. Still... maybe I should have made a move...

Moral of this story: Everything is a risk, even the non-risky stuff.

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