March 16, 2011

Video(s) of the Day!

People don't realize how many of the people in the game are about as nice as a bully until a legend dies... RIP Nate Dogg.

Furthermore, deaths of celebrities don't seem to hit me as hard as they seem (or as i perceive them) to hit the rest of the world.

Regardless, I do have a secret passion for music, and this does give me a chance to tell you that I really hate the mainstream music of the day, especially hip hop. More on this in a future post.

Video of the Day: I Got Love by Nate Dogg

Runner Up: Well, I saw this video a few days ago, and it's still pretty awesome. Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.

Also, I don't understand why this video is consistently being removed from the Internet... is this a lesson that someone does not want people to learn?

NOT the Video of the Day

Now right off the bat, you might call me biased for hating on the video simply because it's against Charlie Sheen and it's against the principles of Winning. Stop, don't even bother calling me biased because it's more than that. First off, the video itself is rather bad... you can hardly hear it. Now I've been noticing a smart trend of purposely lowering the volume of videos that are obviously gonna get copyright wrecked, but this is his video... learn to make your video louder when shit like this happens if you're gonna vlog.

He also said that he wants to see Charlie Sheen have sex with a "dirty hood rat." I'm black, and I wouldn't have sex with a dirty hood rat. What is wrong with this guy?

Guy obviously loses for saying that he beats off to Berta, Charlie's mom (I forgot her name), and the little boy... it doesn't matter if he was serious or if he was trying to be funny... he failed.

Most important, he, just like the majority of the world, doesn't get it. How do I know he doesn't get it? Well, Sheen said that he has tiger blood in him. Dude asked why not parrot blood or parakeet blood or turtle blood. lolwut. Didn't realize that if one was to make metaphors about winning that parrot blood would work better than tiger blood... I'm just saying.

He does, however, make a good point about one thing. Now, I don't watch the news (since it's filled with nothing with bad news... I think you can make the inference here), but the fact that Charlie Sheen is getting more coverage than the earthquake in Japan is pretty stupid. But hey, that should be expected of the news, now shouldn't it?

And as for Japan... damn man. 8.9 magnitude. And apparently they're still have after shocks with magnitudes of 4-6. It is definitely crazy over there... hopefully everything returns to normal soon, but that's pretty devastating.

Well, that concludes this post... if you're wondering why I wrote sooooo much on the NOT video of the day... well, it's easier to criticize than it is to praise, especially when that which deserves praise speaks for itself.

Coming soon: My thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS + Super Mario Sports Mix for the Wii.

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